His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 15

β€œAlright, I need to know when we’ll be coming back because I’ve got—” my words were being suffocated by the toothbrush in my mouth but I completely stopped in my tracks and stopped myself from continuing to talk when I saw who was in our common room. β€œWhy’re they here? Who let them in?”

β€œOi!” George exclaimed. He placed a hand against his heart as he acted like I just hurt him badly. β€œI’m gonna act like you didn’t just say that.”

β€œWell, apparently they’ll be joining us for Hogsmeade.” Seth said with an eye roll.

β€œYou look... charming.” Nate eyed me up and down and I flipped him off before heading back to the bathroom. I flushed and wiped my mouth before joining them in the common room again.

β€œSomeone could’ve warned me.” I said. β€œI’m wearing my pajamas.”

β€œWho’re you trying to impress?” Fred asked, causing my eyes to land on him. His hands were pushed into his pockets and he had a look on his way that I knew too well. He was in a playful mood, though I was not.

β€œNot you. That’s for sure.” I scoffed, eyeing him up and down. He was wearing a pair of black trousers and a blue flowery button-up shirt. β€œWho’re you trying to impress? I’m genuinely asking... both of you.”

I pointed between Fred and George.

β€œCause you’re wearing the same. Just... different colours.”

β€œWell you of course.” George grinned widely. β€œWe have a very important question to ask you and we thought the shirts might help.”

β€œHe thought that.” Fred said, pointing at his younger twin with his thumb, though his tone came off as annoyed, he was still smiling. β€œHe forced me to wear this and it’s his question, not mine.”

β€œWhatever.” George rolled his eyes in the same playful way that Fred did at times. β€œIt’s actually more on behalf of our mum.”

β€œI’m not coming to the Burrow for Christmas.” I said. When he mentioned his mum, it had been pretty obvious what the question was. β€œI’m sorry but it wouldn’t be a very good idea.”

β€œI get it.” George nodded after a moment. β€œI was only passing on a message from my mum.”

I moved the toothbrush around between my fingers before my eyes flickered to Fred. I took a step forward, then another and I didn’t stop until I stood right in front of him, my head tilted back so I could look at his face.

β€œTell your mum that we broke up.” I said. β€œDon’t let her think that I’m the reason for not showing up anymore. Tell her or I will. I just know that she would want to hear it from you.”

Then I turned around and walked down the tunnel to the girls dormitories. A whole day with Fred? Wonder what could go wrong there.

β€œFuck!” Callie cursed when I entered the dorm. The was standing in a skirt and her bra.β€œI thought you were Nate for a second.”

β€œDo I look like Nate?” I laughed while I pushed the door closed behind me and made my way to my dresser while unbuttoning my pajamas shirt.

β€œHe’s been trying to get sex from me.” She explained. β€œHe comes in here every fifteenth minute, tells me how sexy I look and then he scowls when I reject him.”

I glanced at her. I let the shirt fall off my shoulders and I caught it before putting it on top of the dresser. β€œIs that why he’s being annoying?”


She pulled on a plan white t-shirt and then walked towards the door while pulling her blonde curls out from under the shirt. I went through my top drawer for a shirt but then Callie gasped and I looked at her.

Fred stood on the other side of a door, a fist up as if he was about to knock.

β€œFred, what are you doing?”

β€œI uhβ€” wanted to talk to Julie and I didn’t want to just walk in.” He said, his eyes then landing on me. I quickly covered myself up with my pajamas top as I was standing in my bra and a pair of shorts.

β€œMake it short.” Callie told him. β€œI’m still not completely okay with your after you broke her heart.”

She walked past him and he walked in, closing the door silently behind him.

β€œYou do realize my boobs are technically exposed.” I said as I continued to hold the shirt in front of me.

β€œIt’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” He said and that playful look was back on his face. I flipped him off, then turned my back to him again and put my shirt on the dresser as I continued my search for something to wear.

Saturday’s meant no uniform which I absolutely loved. I could wear the clothes I felt the most comfortable in. β€œYou wanted to talk to me?”

β€œYes.” He breathed and I felt him move closer to me. β€œWanted to talk to you without your friends and my brother listening in.”

β€œThen talk.” I turned around and gasped as he was way closer than I had expected. So fucking close.

Like, bodies-touching close. That close.

β€œWhat’re you doing?” I gulped, staring into his chest. His hand came up to pick up the necklace in his hand. It was my initial.

He let the necklace drop back against my skin but his fingers stayed on my skin. He slowly dragged them down over my collarbone and continued down my cleavage, hooking his finger around the small bow on my bra.

β€œI don’t know.” He breathed. I tilted my head back to look up at him. His eyebrows had grown together into a frustrated frown. β€œI miss being close to you.”

I let out a whimper and his eyes flicked up to my face as his finger unhooked from the bow. Instead his hand dropped to my waist which he carefully grabbed. β€œI miss touching you.”

What I did next was definitely not a moment of sanity. Sane Julie had left the building and aroused Julie had entered.

I bucked my hips up against his. A groan came from his lips as he grabbed the edge of the dresser and the sound that came from him only turned me on more.

β€œDo that again.” He whispered. His lips were so close to mine and I could feel his hot breath against my face. I repeated the action and a moan escaped my lips when my centre came in contact with his hard one. ”Jules.”

He softly kissed the corner of my lips and as soon as he did, I ran a hand to the back of his neck and turned my head a little to kiss him properly.

Kissing him like this again felt like feeding your addiction to drugs. Not that I do drugs, because I don’t. Some kind of adrenaline shot through my body as we exchanged body heat. My nails dig into his neck, trying to pull him closer.

I hated myself for doing this but I absolutely loved the feeling of having him this close again. Fred’s tongue ran across my bottom lip and I parted my lips to let his tongue in. His met mine and he groaned against me.

β€œTouch me.” I whispered into his mouth. He broke the kiss to look at me.

β€œAre you sure?”

With a nod, I grabbed onto his right hand which was gripping the edge of the dresser, and slowly guided it down over the skin of my stomach. I looked into his eyes. We were both panting slightly and as I pushed his hand into my pajamas shorts and then my knickers, he took control.

His fingers found my clit and he moved them in circular motions as both my hands grabbed onto the edges of the dresser, eyes rolling back into my skull and my mouth fell open.

β€œFreddie.” I whimpered. He took one step closer to me, parting my legs with his knee. He ran his fingers through my folds and then suddenly inserted two fingers at once. I arched my back off the dresser and buried my face in his shoulder so I could moan without my friends or George hearing it in the common room.

β€œHow does it feel?” He whispered in my ear before he bit onto my earlobe gently. He knew I liked that. β€œTell me how it feels, darling. How it feels in your stomach.”

β€œFuck.” I groaned into his shoulder as my left arm went around his neck. β€œSo good. So fucking good.”

I bucked my hips to meet his hand at the same time as he sucked the skin under my ear. His thrusting became as fast as it could get with the space being restrained from my knickers and my pants.

His fingers kept curling when they thrusted into me and it felt like my knees became jelly when he brushed past my g-spot.

β€œPlease.” I whimpered, throwing my head back. β€œFred, please.”

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