His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 16

β€œI can’t believe we just did that.”

I rubbed my hands over my face as I leaned back against the dresser after he had brought me to an orgasm with his fingers and I had gotten him off with my mouth.

Tell me again why I didn’t stop it? Why I let this happen? I was in too deep now. I was trying to get away from him and get over him but now I had to start over.

β€œFuck.” I whispered. I turned around and pulled my drawer out to find myself something to wear. β€œNeed to change my fucking knickers too.”

A snicker came from Fred and when I looked at him, he was eyeing me with a shit-eating grin on his face.

β€œWhy’re you being so cocky?” I asked. β€œThis will never happen again. You still cheated on me.”

β€œAnd you still came on my fingers.”

β€œAnd you in my mouth.” I shot back. I opened another drawer and grabbed a clean pair of knickers that I didn’t just cum in. β€œAnd you. Either you leave the room or you close your eyes.”

He leaned back on my bed and closed his eyes but the grin never left his face and I let out a sigh.

I raised my middle finger at him while making a face.

β€œI know what you’re doing.”

β€œFuck.” I cursed. I pulled down my pajamas pants along with my knickers, then pulled the clean pair on. I turned around and my eyes landed on Fred whose eyes were opened and focused on me. β€œYou’re a fucking pervert.”

β€œAm I?” He cocked an eyebrow. β€œNineteen months of dating and you figure that out... now?”

β€œI hate you.” I spat before I turned back around and quickly stepped into a pair of baggy black jeans.

β€œNo you don’t.”

He was right. I really didn’t. I decided to ignore him as I found a black t-shirt with some Muggle movie on it and pulled it on. I got in a pair of converse shoes and then brushed my hair before I grabbed my wand and turned towards Fred, pointing it at him.


He swung his legs over the edge of my bed and stood up before he made his way towards me. He grabbed my wand from my hand and reached behind me. I focused on his face as he made eye contact with me and slid my wand into my back pocket.

β€œAfter you, love.” He said and opened the door, waiting for me to walk out. I did and continued down the tunnel to the common room. George and Nick was sitting on a sofa, stuck in some deep conversation with an annoyed Melba sitting between them.

Nate sat in a chair with Callie straddling him as they were making out. Nothing new there.

Then there was Seth. He was standing with his arms folded as he stared at the painting of Helga Hufflepuff. He was frowning and he looked confused.

β€œHeeey Seth.” I approached him, placing an arm on one of his shoulders. β€œWhat’re you doing?”

β€œI’m just wonderingβ€” I mean, I’ve only ever been in the Gryffindor common room but they don’t have a portait of Godric Gryffindor, do they?”

β€œWe do not.” Fred said as he walked over to sit down. β€œAnd Slytherin doesn’t have one of Salazar Slytherin either.”

β€œYou’ve been in the Slytherin common room?” I looked at Fred, then sighed. β€œCourse you have. Tell me again, why did we ever date?”

β€œYou mean, why a goody two-shoes like yourself went out with someone who enjoys breaking the rules?” He raised an eyebrow. β€œWell, you see Jules, I believe in something called opposites attract.”

β€œWhat did you call me?” I turned towards him. β€œA goody two-shoes?”

An amusing smirk spread on his face as he knew he had just pissed me off with calling me that.

β€œYeah. She’s definitely not that.” Melba said. β€œShe’s smoking which I by the way find disgusting. She could get expelled for that.”

β€œAnd she got drunk on school grounds.” Seth added. β€œPlus... the whole sex-on-the-pitch thing. I don’t think that’s legal either.”

β€œYeah well the way that got revealed wasn’t legal either.” Fred spoke. β€œShe got drugged... by my brother.”

β€œHey!” George exclaimed. β€œI did not know that the pitch thing was even a thing.”

A pair of fingers ran across the side of my neck and I flinched before I looked at Seth who looked at my neck with a frown on his face.

β€œWhat’re you doing?”

β€œYou’reβ€” you’ve got a bruise.”

I quickly clasped a hand over my neck as I looked down and remembered how Fred had sucked on my skin right where my soft spot was.

β€œOh c’mon.” Callie groaned. She was no longer making out with Nate, just sitting on him as they both looked towards me and Seth. β€œFred went in there to talk and you come out with a bruise?”

My eyes flicked to Fred in the sofa who had an annoying smirk on his face while trying to hide it with his hand.

β€œWhy—” I made my way towards him, grabbing one of the throw pillows on my way. I started hitting him with it while he shrieked in a high-pitched tone and tried to protect his face. β€œ...do you have to mark everything?!”

β€œShould we stop her?” Nick asked.

β€œNo.” George responded, his grin visible from his tone. β€œLet her continue. I bet she’s been wanting to do that for a while.”

I kept hitting him with the pillow until he suddenly grabbed onto it, stopping my actions and then he pulled himself to his feet, hovering over me due to the height difference.

β€œAre you finished?” Fred asked me as he let go of the pillow. I stared up at him for a moment before I hit him again.

β€œNow I am.”

I threw the pillow on the sofa but I never took my eyes off of his face. β€œI hate you.”

β€œNo you don’t.”

β€œCan we go to Hogsmeade now?” Melba asked. β€œI really want some chocolate frogs.”

β€œYes.” I breathed, then ripped my eyes off of Fred. β€œI just need to go get my money.”

I walked back into my own dorm and got down on the floor to pull my box out from under my bed. That’s where I kept my money.

My friends and I visit Hogsmeade multiple times during a school year but this annual thing was my friends plus Fred and George.

β€œJules? Baby? Love? Darling?”

I looked towards the door where Callie stood with her arms folded and a sweet smile on her lips.

β€œWhat?” I laughed. β€œWhat do you want?”

β€œWho says I want anything?” She scoffed, moving further into the room. β€œCan’t i just come in here and talk to my best friend? My bestie.”

I got up on my knees as I looked at her. β€œYou’re speaking in that high-pitched tone. You want something.”

She bit her lip as she dropped onto my bed, and then she let out a dramatic sigh. β€œFine. I wanted to ask if I could borrow some money.”

β€œHow much?” I asked as I lifted the box onto the bed.

β€œJust like... twenty galleons.”

β€œTwenty galleons?!” I nearly screamed. β€œWhatβ€” what are you trying to buy? A new wand?!”

β€œI was only joking!” She held up her hands in defense. β€œFive galleons?”

I nodded slowly and gave her the money before grabbing some myself, then I closed my box and pulled it back under the bed.

β€œShall we get going?” I asked and pulled myself up. β€œCome. Get your dirty feet off my bed and let’s go.”

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