His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 17

The air surrounding Hogsmeade was chill this time a year. It was late October so of course it wouldn’t be hot outside, plus we were in Scotland, meaning the weather was kinda shitty most of the time. The streets of Hogsmeade were full of mostly students, third year and up. In your first and second year, you aren’t allowed to leave Hogwarts during the weekends. I remember starting my third year. My friends and I were all so excited to finally go shop here. And shop we did. We brought a lot of candy back to our common room.

β€œI want to get a look at some quills.” Nate said. β€œI might or might not have broken mine in History of Magic two days ago.”

β€œHow do you keep breaking your quills?” Callie asked. β€œThey cost money, Nathaniel. You need to be careful.”

β€œWell I don’t know, Calliope. It’s not my fault I’m clumsy and tend to drop them.”

β€œMaybe we should have a talk to Mr and Mrs Twig. Tell them they made a very clumsy and irresponsible young man.” Seth suggested.

β€œMaybe I should talk to Mr and Mrs Doe and tell them they made a very rude and annoying little boy.” Nate shot back as he got up in Seth’s face.

They do this a few times a year. They argue to the point where they sometimes start physically fighting. It’s ridiculous... pathetic.

β€œJules! A little assistance please!” Callie called, causing me to look away from the Tomes and Scrolls. Every time we’re here, that one catches my eye because it’s a bookshop. Callie was trying to hold Nate back as he and Seth were about to start a scene in the streets of Hogsmeade.

Nick and Melba had disappeared to god knows where. With a sigh, I let my bag slide off my shoulder and held it out towards Fred who was right next to me. β€œHold my bag.”

He automatically grabbed my bag from my hand as I made my way towards Seth and Nate. While Callie kept pulling on Nate, I placed my hands against Seth’s chest and pushed him away.

β€œI don’t have bloody time for this.” Callie said. β€œHaving you stop you two from fighting wasn’t on the list over things I wanted to do today... so Nate, back off or we’re through.”

His head immediately snapped to the side to look at her and then he grabbed her hand and led her towards Honeydukes.

β€œHe started it.” Seth told me with his arms crossed over his chest. I frowned at him, shaking my he’d slightly.

β€œNo. You started it.”

β€œWhatever.” he scoffed. β€œI’ll be in the hair salon. I could need a haircut.”

I watched Seth walk away before I turned around to face my ex boyfriend and his brother. Yep. I was stuck with them for probably the rest of the day. It was better than being alone anyway.

β€œOh, I suddenly remembered that I–”

β€œNo, George don’t finish that sentence.” I warned him as I stepped closer.

β€œI have to go buy some potions for Lee.” he said but I could tell by his face that he was lying. That this was an excuse for leaving Fred and I alone. β€œBut you too... you used to love looking at books together. I’m sure it’ll be fun.”

Then he hurried off.

I laughed. Fred looked at me with a raised eyebrow, then I approached him, still laughing softly. I held out my hand and he gave me back my backpack.

If I had to be honest, I wanted to be alone with him but I couldn’t admit it. I didn’t understand how I let him do what he did this morning after he cheated on me in May. How I could let myself love him and want to spend time with him when he broke my heart.

β€œWhy’re you laughing?” Fred asked as I swung my bag over my shoulder. My heart skipped a beat when I looked up and our eyes met. He looked so good and I missed being able to just freely kiss him no matter where we were. Running my hand to the back of his neck, pulling him closer until our lips meet. My other hand pressed to his chest as his arms would be wrapped around my back, holding me against him. β€œJules?”

β€œHow do you do it?” I asked, looking at his chest again. β€œI should hate you but I can’t for some reason. Also, I know my friends sometimes act like they hate you but they don’t.”

β€œWell.” he gently grabbed my chin and lifted my head to look at him. β€œI guess I’m just a very lovable person.”

I scoffed at his comment but I just couldn’t stop smiling and at that moment, I found myself wondering if I should just forgive him and ask him to come back to me but I knew that the possibility of him cheating again would be there and I didn’t want my heart to get broken again.

β€œAnd so are you.” He told me. β€œA very lovable person.”

β€œI’m a Hufflepuff.” I commented. β€œOf course I’m lovable.”

He laughed softly, wrinkles forming by his eyes. I loved that. I had always loved the wrinkles when he laughed.

β€œAlright, I’ll be okay with looking at books if that’s what you want.” He told me and let go of my face. β€œIs that what you want?”

β€œYeah. There’s this book I read in the library, right? And it’s really good and I just have to have a copy of it myself.”

β€œLet’s go then.” he said and held out a hand, then quickly dropped it by his side as his smile fade. β€œSorry. Old habit.”

β€œIt’s fine.” I shrugged. I led the way into Tomes and Scrolls and Fred followed right behind. It was kinda cold in there. Colder than outside and I had been so stupid not to bring a jacket or a coat. I was wearing a t-shirt and that was about it.

β€œWhat’s the book called?” Fred asked. β€œI’ll help you look.”

β€œLolita.” I told him while running my hand over the spines of a row of books on the shelf nearest the door. β€œWritten by Vladimir Nabokov.”

β€œVladimir?” Fred chuckled as he picked up a book and looked at it. β€œSounds like a vampire.”

β€œHe’s not a vampire.” I playfully rolled my eyes. β€œHe was a Russian man. A Muggle. Born in eighteen-ninety-nine and died the year before we were born... eighteen years ago.”

Fred moved past me, having to place his hands on my hips so he could get past without pushing any books to the floor and my body tensed up at the contact.

β€œAnd how do you know that?”

I looked at him, one eyebrow raised. β€œWe literally learned about him and other Muggle authors a week ago in Muggle studies.”

β€œWe did? I don’t remember.”

β€œCourse you don’t.” I breathed. β€œYou never pay attention in class. All you do is stare at my back.”

Fred’s eyes widened as he slowly turned to look at me. He opened his mouth to talk but no works came out and then he closed it again.

β€œYeah, I notice.” I nodded. β€œAnd it’s not appropriate. We’re not together anymore.”

β€œWe’re not.” He agreed. β€œBut you still begged me to let you cum this morning.”

I quickly stepped closer to him as I shushed, pressing a finger to my lips. β€œCould you be a little louder about it.”

β€œI can try—”

I clamped a hand over his mouth when he went to repeat himself louder. I could feel a smile form under my hand as his eyes stared down at mine.

I slowly removed my hand and then noticed that my other hand was gripping onto his shirt.

β€œOh, sorry.” I muttered, letting go of it. I ran my hand down his chest repeatedly to smooth out the fabric. I glanced up at his face again before I turned back to look at the books.

β€œWhat’s the book about?” He asked. He was still turned towards me, his eyes focused on me. β€œThis Lolita book.”

β€œWell, it’s kinda creepy. I mean, you’d think it’s weird if you haven’t read it yourself. It’s a really good book but yeah... creepy.”

β€œAre you gonna tell me the plot or not?” He asked, causing me to chuckle lightly as I glanced at him

β€œIt’s about a literature professor who becomes sexually obsessed with this twelve-year-old girl names Dolores Haze or... Lolita as he calls her. He then married her mother to get closer to Dolores.”

I looked up at him as he didn’t say anything. He stared at me with his eyebrows grown together in confusion.

β€œThe book you want to buy is about a pedophile?”

β€œIt’s a good book!” I argued. β€œYes, it is creepy and he’s a fucking bastard who needs to get Avada Kedaβ€” you know...”

He laughed.

β€œBut it’s very well written and it shows reality.” I said. β€œIt is reality to some people.”

β€œWhat happens next?”

β€œWell, the mother finds out about her husbands obsession with her daughter and as she runs out of the house, she accidentally runs in front of a car and gets herself killed which leaves this guy Herbert alone with Lolita. He takes her with him and they drive through America together which is basically what the book is about. He has sex with her in motels and she doesn’t even know that her mother is dead, though she finds out eventually.”

Fred’s eyes scanned the books before he placed his fingers on top of one of them and pulled it out. He took a look at it before he showed it to me. β€œIs it this one?”


β€œThat’s the one!” I said with a smile as I grabbed him from his hand. β€œThank you!”

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