His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 18

β€œYou look like you’re about to run inside and steal it.” Fred commented as he watched how I looked at the broom through the boutique window. I chuckled, shaking my head.

β€œI’d buy it if I had the money.” I said. β€œIt’s much better than the one I have now and I really want to beat you at Quidditch.”

I glanced up at him as he smiled widely. β€œI don’t think it’s good that I made you this competitive.”

β€œOh please.” I scoffed, turning my body towards him while I folded my arms under my boobs. β€œYou did not make me competitive. You made me confident. Made me believe in myself but I’ve always been competitive with the people I felt comfortable around.”

β€œWell–” he breathed. β€œI’m glad I could offer some help instead of just ruining you.”

My smile faded and I looked at the broomstick again. It was a Firebolt. I really wanted it but you can’t have everything and I’m not exactly rich. My mind wandered back to Fred and what he just said. I mean, he broke my heart but he didn’t ruin me. What he did was terrible and I wanted to slap him for it but I was never going to stop loving him and I just missed our times together. Randomly cuddling in one of our commons rooms even though we weren’t allowed in any other common room than our own. Our make-out sessions behind a shelf in the library. The sex in the prefect bathroom.

β€œWhat are you thinking about?” Fred’s voice pulled me back to reality and I tilted my head back to look at him.



β€œI uh–” I ran a hand to the back of my neck and rubbed it as I watched his face. The way his eyes kept flicking from my eyes to my lips. He always did that when I talked. β€œI need to know the truth.”

β€œWhat truth?” he asked. β€œAbout...”

β€œYes.” I nodded. β€œYou and Angelina. Whatever happened between you. I need all the details.”


β€œBut I don’t know if I would believe you.” I admitted. β€œYou have to understand that because of what you did... I don’t trust you like I used to.”

A silence spread between us as we looked at each other until I broke the eye contact and watched the busy street of Hogsmeade. We had been here for hours and neither of us actually knew where any of the people we came here with were. Maybe they had gone back since I couldn’t see any of them and Hogsmeade isn’t that big.

β€œI know.” Fred finally said. β€œAnd I don’t blame you. I just hate myself for doing that to you... though I have an idea.”

I looked back up at him. β€œAn idea?”

β€œYeah. Come.” he extended his hand, looking at me carefully to know whether or not I wanted to grab it, and when I did, he smiled softly before he started leading me towards J. Pippin’s Potions. I quickly caught on to what his ideas was.

β€œYou don’t have to do this.” I assured him when he held the door open for me. He shrugged as he let go of my hand to let me enter the shop, so I did and he followed, the door sliding closed behind him.

β€œIt’s what you deserve.” he told me. β€œAnd I want you to know that if you do decide to give me a second chance, you can trust me.”

I watched him as he headed straight for the many types of truth serums. While he picked one and went to pay, I looked at some potions myself. Just to see what kinds there were. I had only ever been in here once before and that was with Fred and George.

There was ageing potions, love potions, babbling potions, invisibility potions. There was so many that would be useful and that I would definitely have fun playing with. Not many minutes passed before I felt Fred walk up next to me and I decided to pick up a potion to show him. β€œI could use this.”

I glanced up at him as a smile spread on my face.

β€œWhat do you mean? Your skin’s so clear.”

β€œRight now it is.” I told him and put the potion down. β€œYou know my skin breaks out when I’m menstruating.”

He nodded slowly as he pressed his lips together in a flat line. He always got so awkward when I mentioned my cycle. I mean, he was really sweet when I was on it, got me chocolate and cuddled me for as long as I wanted but talking about it... nope, he did not like that.

β€œDo you wanna get going or do you want to keep looking at potions that cure acne?”

β€œI wasn’t just looking at that.” I said. β€œI was just seeing what kind of potions they have.”

β€œUh-huh.” he nodded, nodding towards the door as he walked over and opened it. β€œYou decide where you wanna do this.”

He had a leg in front of the door, making sure it didn’t slam as I walked out. Then I realised just how long we had spent in Hogsmeade. My friends and I started our day off with sneaking food from the kitchen to our common room where we ate it instead of the Great Hall. Then we got ourselves ready and that’s when I came out from the bathroom to find Fred and George. We left for Hogsmeade at around ten and now the sun was about to go down and it was a lot colder. I hadn’t realised until now when we came out from a shop that was hot and cozy.

β€œAre you freezing?” Fred asked, closing the door to the shop before he stepped down from the stairs and approached me.

β€œA little.” I shrugged. β€œIt’s fine.”

β€œWell why didn’t you wear something other than a damn t-shirt?” he asked and handed me the potion to hold before he started taking off his jacket.

β€œOh, Fred you don’t have to–”

β€œI might not be able to call you my girlfriend anymore but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you and want to see you freeze to death.” he said as he threw the jacket over my shoulders. I smiled faintly but then stuck my arms through the sleeves and mumbled a small thank you.

β€œWhat about you?” I asked. β€œI mean, you’re wearing a thin dress shirt.”

β€œI’ll survive.” he said, his hands finding the zipper of the jacket I was now wearing.

β€œNo, Fred... it’s not fair that I get to have your jacket and let you freeze.” I said and went to unzip the jacket again when he grabbed my hand and forced it away. β€œFred–”

β€œCan you just shut up and keep it on?” he laughed. β€œWe can head back to the castle and get into the room of requirement so you can get those answers you wanted.”

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