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His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 2

Do you remember that one silent kid in your class? The one you never heard say more than three words in a sentence. The one everyone saw as weird.

That was me. I was this shy innocent Hufflepuff girl who was scared of the attention. Sure, I was in a friend group with five other Hufflepuff kids that were all very loud and I did play on the Quidditch team but I wasn’t very confident, only when he played on the other team. He always found a way to make me loosen up, make me feel more confident. He brought out the competitive side in me and when we started dating officially, I slowly gained more and more confidence.

Eventually, I could sit in front of class, I could raise my hand to answer a question and I could even help prank some teachers without being scared of getting caught. I had more fun that way.

I loved him. Bloody hell, I still do. He cheated on me at the end of our sixth year. He slept with this girl from his own house. Fucking Angelina Johnson. She’s also on the quidditch team so they play together. He fucking slept with her and I found out after I had caught them kiss in an empty corridor. He and I got into a fight, I yelled, he yelled and I asked if they slept together... he said yes.

My name is Julie Evangeline Pegas. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland to my parents Ted Pegas and Annie Rivers. My mum’s a Muggle and she took off a few weeks after my birth. She hadn’t known about magic, hadn’t known about my fathers status as a Pureblood wizard. When she found out, she first thought he was crazy, then when he proved it, she ran. Left me behind because I was going to be a witch so dad raised me on his own while having his career as an Auror.

When I turned eleven, I got my letter and I was so excited. A few days before September first, dad and I visited Diagon Alley to buy the stuff I needed.

I met Nick Jesus Crane and Seth Ackley Doe on the Hogwarts Express. We sat together and became really close friends. We all came from families that were mostly Hufflepuff and when we got to Hogwarts that night, all three of us got sorted into Hufflepuff.

When we sat down and everyone had been sorted and the feast began, we met Nathaniel Alastair Twig, Callie Cheyenne Dendron and Melba Eversteen Striker, the other part of our group.

We’re a group of six which means chaos but I love every single one of them. They’re so supportive, though Nate and Callie are a bit high on PDA. They just randomly start snogging each other in the hallways. They started dating in our fifth year, around the same time that I started dating Fred.

He asked me out after Hufflepuff had just won a game against Gryffindor. He congratulated me and then he just blurted out the words. He asked if I wanted to go on a date with him to Hogsmeade.

I never thought he would cheat on me. Ruin everything he had. Though I should probably have seen it coming. I’m a Hufflepuff. Most people hate us, think we’re softies. Nothing but softies. Of course he chose a fellow Gryffindor over me. Of course he chose to cheat on me with Angelina fucking Johnson.

β€œJules?” Seth’s voice pulled me from my trance, making me look up at him. He extended his arm, offering to take my bag and I handed it to him before he pushed it up onto the luggage rack. β€œAre you okay?”

He looked at me and I simply nodded, offering a faint smile as I sat down on the opposite seat from where Nate and Callie sat.

β€œNate!” Callie groaned as she tried pushing him away by his shoulder. β€œYou are taking up all the space!”

β€œI’m sorry that my legs are so long!” He argued in a dramatic way. β€œStop pushing me!”

β€œOh my fucking god!” She yelled but shortly after she shrieked as Nate stood up and pulled her with him. He then sat down where she had been sitting. β€œSeriously? Now you take my spot?”

He smirked as he leaned back against the wall and pulled a leg up, lying it down along the seat. β€œI’m not taking anybody’s spot.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her down to lie against him, between his legs and with her back against his front, then he closed his arms around her stomach. β€œBetter?”

β€œMuch.” She said with a smile, leaning her head back against her chest.

That used to be Fred and I. That used to be us cuddling, kissing, hugging. Being all affectionate.

β€œStop sulking.” Seth told me as he let himself drop down next to me. He wrapped an arm around my neck as he poked my cheek. β€œHe doesn’t deserve you. Never did and he’s definitely not worth sulking over.”

β€œShut up.” I muttered, throwing my head back before turning it to look at him. I pouted. β€œI’m heartbroken, Seth. My hearts broken in like... six pieces.”

He laughed before he pressed a kiss to my forehead.

β€œMarry me if we’re both thirty and single?” I asked, holding up my pinky finger. He watched me for a short moment, then hummed and wrapped his pinky around mine.

β€œAwh look at the beautiful couple!” A voice sang and all four heads turned to watch Nick and Melba enter the compartment at the same time. β€œYou two should totally date.”

β€œFuck off.” Seth and I said in unison while I flipped him off.

β€œOi! Don’t be rude!” He exclaimed while Melba threw her bag up on the rack, then sat down next to Seth. β€œDudes. Move? You two are taking up the entire seat.”

β€œSit over there.” Callie pointed at us.

β€œThere’s not room for four!” Nick objected. β€œI am not sitting that close to those three for six fucking hours. Now, move!”

Nate and Callie groaned as they made a little room for Nick, though they stayed in position.

β€œWhat’s got your knickers in a twist?” Seth asked Melba who hadn’t said a word.

We all looked at her as she sat there with her arms folded over her chest, staring right ahead.

β€œFucking Marino.” She scoffed. β€œI swear to Merlin. I know people say they hate their brothers but I hate him.”

β€œWhat did he do now?” Callie asked with a chuckle escaping her lips.

β€œHe stole my pancake.”


Then laughter. We all started laughing. Well, except from Melba who apparently thought it was the most serious thing that her older brother stole her pancake.

β€œWhat?!” She yelled. β€œYou know how much I love pancakes and that was mine and he just stole it! I’m never eating breakfast with him anymore!”

Melba grew up with four brothers. Her parents are Barrow and Dixie Striker and they had Melba’s oldest brother Billy in 1974. Then they had Juniper in 1975, Marino in 1977, Melba in 1978 and Brighton in 1980.

Callie has two brothers. Lorenzo who was born in 1978 which is the same as her. They are twins and then they have a younger brother named Kale who was born in 1981. They’re parents are Barney and Olivia Dendron.

Then there’s Nate. Son of Christopher and Fairy Twig. Nate has one sister. Cordelia. She was born in November of 1983.

Nick is the son of Myron and Danika Crane. They had two sons. The oldest is Ember who was born in 1970 and the second is obviously Nick who was born eight years later.

The youngest in our group is Seth. Though he’s technically only a day younger than me, we still love to tease him about it. His dad is Lucian Doe and his mum is Olevia Doe. Seth has two younger sisters. All three were born a year a part. Seth is the oldest, born on June thirteenth of 1978, then there’s Cassia, born on August second of 1979 and lastly there is Lucille who was born on May eleventh of 1980.

β€œIt’s just a bloody pancake!” Nick laughed.

β€œNo no no.” I hurried to say. β€œDon’t you remember three years ago at the welcome feast? Nate took the last bite of her pancake and she went absolutely crazy and got herself a week of detention for making his nose bleed.”

β€œOhhh that hurt like a bitch.” Nate spoke, remembering that day in our fourth year. β€œYou do throw a great right hook, Mel. I gotta give you that.”

β€œThank you.” Melba now smiled as she sat up straight. β€œBut seriously. Does anyone want to kill him with me?”

β€œNo thanks.” Seth hurried to say. β€œHe scares me. All your older brothers does. They’re all so fucking tall and muscular. They could poke me in the shoulder and I’d tip over.”

β€œStop being so dramatic.” Callie frowned, sticking out her leg to push his knee with her foot. β€œI could totally bang Billy if I have to be honest.”

"Excuse me?” Nate asked and she turned her head to look at him.

β€œNo no. I mean, I totally would if we weren’t together.” She said and kissed him. β€œI’d never cheat on you, baby.”


Ouch. I felt a sting in my chest and as the train started moving, I looked out of the window. She probably would never cheat on Nate... but my boyfriend had no issues cheating on me.

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