His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 20

The heavy bathroom door closed behind me as I paced towards the sinks. I let my backpack drop to the floor as I watched myself in the mirror. I was panting... panicking.

My day had started off with my friends and I eating breakfast like usual while laughing about some random topic. Then we had potions and I was forced to sit with Fred like usual. We had to focus on love potions which only made it that more awkward.

Then we had Defence Against the Dark Arts and I tried so hard to listen to Professor Lupin but I couldn’t because Fred was right there and the cologne he was wearing was so strong. He and George had been standing a few feet behind my friends and I but I could smell it and it drove me insane.

That brings me to where I am now. After class, I told my friends I’d have to use the restroom but I just needed to get a break and be alone.

Then it happened. The thing I tried holding back. The tears came streaming down my cheeks and when I exhaled a heavy breath, the sobs started coming as well, filling the four walls of the bathroom.

I wanted to scream. To let all the pain I was holding, out. Before him I never knew I could depend so much on a person. He made me a better person and he made me love myself. Now I didn’t have him and it hurt more than anything.

My throat felt like it was tightening. Like I was choking. As quickly as possibly, I moved my hand up and undid my tie, pulling it up as the bathroom door opened.

β€œOh...” a familiar voice came from it, causing me to turn my head and look at Hermione who stood there. β€œJulie... are you alright?”

β€œYes.” I breathed. I looked into the mirror again and quickly wiped my eyes as I took a deep breath.

β€œAre you sure? You look like... well. You know what you look like.” she said. β€œDo I need to get Fred?”

β€œWhat?” I turned to look at her again. β€œWhy would youβ€” Fred and I broke up back in May.”

β€œOh, yeah but I thoughtβ€” I saw you two in Hogsmeade so I just assumed you wereβ€” never mind then.”

She stepped inside and closed the door behind her. I let my tie fall to the floor before I turned on the water and splashed some in my face to calm myself down.

β€œNo. We’re still broken up.” I told her after letting out another heavy breath. β€œI’ll leave. The bathroom is all yours.”

I picked up both my tie and my bag before hurrying past her and out into the half-empty corridor. I didn’t care that I looked like absolute shit.

Again I let my bag drop to the floor so I could redo my tie and not get any points taken from not wearing my full uniform. It’s not like we’ll win the house cup anyway when we’ve got Harry Potter as a student. No other house stands a change against Gryffindor when he’s a student.

β€œAre you okay?” A voice came from next to me, startling me. I turned and sighed when I saw Harry and Ron lean against the wall, obviously waiting for Hermione.

β€œWhy wouldn’t I be?” I asked, pushing the knot of my tie up before tucking it into my jumper. Then I picked up my bag and swung it over my shoulder.

β€œWell... you... your eyes are red.” Ron said as he nervously scratched the back of his neck.

β€œKinda looks like you’ve been crying.” Harry added. I shrugged, tightening my grip on my backpack.

β€œIt’s allergies.”

β€œYou don’t have any—” Ron started but I interrupted him.

β€œIt’s allergies, Ron.”

I hurried past the two fifth-year boys and towards the stairs that led down to the ground floor. When I got downstairs, I continued down to the dungeons before entering the Hufflepuff basement.

Melba and Nick was sitting at one of the tables. It looked like they were studying so I didn’t want to bother them and just hurried to my dormitory. I closed the door behind me and my eyes landed on Callie’s bed. Her and Nate had been making out but it looked like they were going to have sex, though I just completely ruined that. They looked at me and Callie quickly got off of Nate who then sat up and ran a hand through his blonde hair.

β€œYou’re a cock block, Julie.” he commented, earning a slap from Callie whose eyes stayed on me.

β€œYou’ve been crying.”

She walked closer to me and wrapped her arms around me before leading me over to her bed, signalling for Nate to scoot over which he did. He leaned back against the headboard and while I got down next to him, Callie joined us on my other side, sandwiching me between the two.

β€œDo you want to talk about it?” Callie asked as she grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze.

β€œDo I need to beat up Fred?” Nate offered. I let out a small scoff as I shook my head. β€œCause I can do that. You saw the punch I gave Pucey.”

β€œNate.” Callie sighed. β€œStop threatening to punch people. It’s not healthy.”

I sunk down, lying between them with my head on the pillow and my arms folded over my chest.

β€œHe took Veritaserum.” I spoke. β€œSo that I could ask him everything and know that he spoke the truth no matter what questions I had.”

β€œFred?” Nate asked.

β€œNo. Dumbledore.” Callie scoffed. β€œOf course she’s talking about Fred. Go on Jules. What happened?”

β€œIt was on Saturday.” I explained. β€œWe talked in Hogsmeade and he insisted on doing it so I knew I could trust whatever came out of his mouth. He bought the potion and we went back to the castle to get it done in the room of requirement. I found out that he didn’t sleep with her. He’s never slept with Johnson, I just assumed that he did because he didn’t deny it. I also found out that he enjoyed kissing her and then he told me he’s got no idea why he stayed with her.”

Callie wrapped her arm around me as she laid down as well, cuddling me. Nate did the same but from the other side. They didn’t say anything. They were just there for me and I was really grateful for that. I wanted to thank them later. I knew that if I opened my mouth again now, I would just start crying again and I didn’t like crying.

That afternoon, Callie and I were the ones who ended up falling asleep and when Melba woke us up later when we had to leave for dinner, we noticed that Nate was gone but he had put a blanket over us so we wouldn’t freeze.

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