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Chapter 21

β€œWhat’re we looking for?” I asked as Nick and I walked through the forest. Yes, the forbidden forrest but Nick told me it would be okay since it wasn’t dark outside. He told me he wanted to show me something that could cheer me up with everything going on with Fred.

β€œJust wait.” he told me. β€œWe’re almost there.”

I was holding onto his hand, refusing to let go. I had only been in this forest once before when Fred dragged me out here so he and George could prank me. I didn’t talk to them for a week because they had scared the absolute shit out of me.

β€œIf we die, it’ll be your fault.”

β€œDon’t worry.” Nick laughed. β€œI’ll take the blame if that’s the case.”

β€œYou do realise that it doesn’t matter whether it’s night or day?” I asked. β€œThe same creatures are here. Giant spiders, werewolves.. fucking centaurs.”

Nick looked back at me with a grin plastered on his face. β€œI come out here every night and I’m not dead yet, am I?”

β€œWell... depends if you mean literally dead or dead on the inside.”

He frowned.

β€œOuch.” he laughed. β€œNothing is going to happen, Jules. Even if something does attack us, we’ve had Defence Against the Dark Arts for six years, going on seven.”

Alright. Point proven. Though if anyone found out we were here, we could get in serious trouble for walking into the forbidden forest. As a head girl, I couldn’t get caught because that meant I could risk losing this position.

β€œWait.” I spoke when I realised what he just said seconds before. β€œYou come out here every night?”

β€œYeah.” he nodded. β€œAnd you’ll see why in just a moment.”

We kept walking among the trees until we came to an opening. The ground was covered in grass and there was some kind of cave build with branches. I looked at Nick who was standing there with a smile on his face and then I let go of his hand.

What in the world is this?

β€œPepperoni!” he called and in response to that, my eyebrows knitted into a frown. A dog came running out of the cave, looking happier than ever. Nick crouched down as the dog reached us and jumped up on him while he petted it and said hi as if they hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

The dog was a Crup. I could tell by the forked tail. A Crup is a wizarding breed. They are very loyal to witches an wizards but also very aggressive towards muggles and squibs. They look like Jack Russell Terriers apart from the forked tail. This one was white with light brown spots that almost looked orange.

β€œThat’s a dog.”

Nick looked up at me with a smile as he continued to scratch the dogs bag with both hands. β€œNice observation. This is Pepperoni.”

Of course he named it Pepperoni.

β€œWhy is there a dog in the forbidden forest?”

β€œI found him here last year.” he told me. β€œWas in detention with Nate over that stupid fight with Malfoy. Nate and I have been looking after him since. Nate gives him food in the morning and I in the evening.”

β€œAnd you named him I suppose?”

β€œAfter my favourite pizza.” he nodded as he motioned for me to join him. β€œHe’s not dangerous.”

I took a step towards him and as soon as I crouched, Pepperoni jumped towards me and with a shriek I fell to my bum. Nick laughed and I couldn’t help but do the same as I was strangled with the love from a dog.

β€œIsn’t he adorable?” Nick asked when Pepperoni ran back to his cave. I stretched out my legs and nodded as I dusted the dirt off my trousers.

β€œBut why are you keeping him in the forbidden forest? It’s a dangerous place for a dog.”

β€œI’ve got the area secured.” he told me. β€œOnly humans can go through here. No creatures. I’d never risk him getting hurt.”

I opened my mouth to speak but at the same time, the sound of Hagrid and a bunch of students came from not too far away. Nick quickly got up, a scared expression on his face and then Pepperoni came running back with a branch in his mouth, placing it in front of Nick.

β€œI completely forgot.” Nick told me and looked at me as I listened to Hagrid’s class with wide eyes. We had both forgotten that the fifth year students had Care of Magical Creatures right now. I watched as Nick crouched in front of Pepperoni. β€œI’m sorry buddy. It seems like we can’t stay and play. You know what to do. Hide.”

Pepperoni picked up the branch again before he ran back into the cave and Nick straightened up, extending his hand to me which I quickly grabbed before we hurried back the same way where we came from.

β€œI can’t believe I forgot about that. Should’ve been more careful.” Nick mumbled, probably to himself but he was talking loud enough for me to hear. I let go of his hand and he glanced at me to see why, then looked away when he saw that I was trying to fish my wand out of my back pocket. It was starting to get dark so I thought a little light–

Suddenly it was like the ground caved in under me and with a scream, I fell through and into a hole. My body landed harshly on the ground and another scream left my mouth when I felt a sharp pain shoot through my ankle.

I pulled myself up to sit against the wall of dirt and my eyes widened when I looked at my ankle. The bone was sticking out.

β€œJulie!” I heard Nick call. β€œJules. Are you alright? What the hell happened?!”

I looked up to see him on all fours, looking down at me from over the edge of the hole. I was panting and also sweating. It hurt so much and I had no idea how I was supposed to get out of the hole with a broken ankle.

β€œWell, the ground disappeared under me.” I laughed out of pain. β€œAnd my bone is sticking out of my ankle.”

β€œFuck.” he cursed and looked around before he jumped down here himself, landing roughly next to me. Though he quickly got up and pulled his wand out of his pocket, approaching me before he got on his knees by my side. β€œMerlin that’s disgusting!”

He looked at the bone that was sticking out of my ankle and then he fainted. He landed right next to me, blacked out. I sighed. What to do now? I couldn’t use his wand. It was made of Hornbeam which meant it got so attached to it’s owner that others wouldn’t be able to even do the simplest spell with it because it’s that loyal.

β€œMiss Pegas?”

I looked up at the voice and bit my lip out of fear when I saw Hagrid along with loads of five year students. A few Gryffindors, Slytherins, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. Ron was there with Hermione and Harry. Draco Malfoy was there with his... peasants. Melba’s younger brother Brighton was there and so was Seth’s younger sister Lucille.

β€œHi.” I offered a small smile. β€œSo... we had a small accident.”

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