His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 22

Right... so Hagrid helped me out of the hole, then carried Nick out. He was passed out for a few minutes before waking up, then passed out again when he looked at the bone again. Explaining why we were in the forbidden forests was difficult. When Nick woke up for the second time, he let me come up with an excuse and I simply stated that we wanted to study the creatures on our own for class.

Nick carried me back to the castle to the hospital wing and Madam Pomfrey used the Brackium Emendo charm which healed my bone immediately.

Here we were, sitting in Professor Sprouts office as she is our head of house and the one to determine our punishment. She wasn’t here right now so we were just waiting.

β€œI’m sorry.” Nick spoke softly as he nervously ran his nails along the armrest of the chair. β€œIt’s my fault if she takes your badge.”

β€œI’m the one who fell into a hole.” I laughed. β€œAnd to be honest... wouldn’t be the end of the world if I suddenly wasn’t a head girl. Sure, it would suck but I have something much better. Five amazing friends, including you.”

He smiled at me and took my hand in his, giving it a squeeze.

β€œThank you for showing Pepperoni to me.” I said. β€œIt’s nice of you to want to cheer me up.”

β€œWell of course.” he shrugged. β€œI don’t exactly know what it’s like to be cheated on or have a relationship end but I can’t imagine it’s a great feeling.”

β€œOh, it definitely isn’t.” I shook my head. β€œHave you ever had a dream where you’re falling and you so desperately want to wake up?”

He nodded.

β€œIt feels like that. I’m falling and I just want to wake up before I hit the ground but it’s out of my control. I can’t trusts him the same anymore. I can’t trust anyone in that way again. My heart broke when I saw them and I know that no one can ever hurt me that bad again because now I’m prepared and I wasn’t before.”

β€œI’m sorry.” he gave my hand another squeeze. β€œHe’s a jerk and he doesn’t deserve you. He missed out big time on many more moment with the best thing that happened to him.”

I chuckled softly. How was I so lucky to have such amazing friends? We always supported each other no matter what and that made me so happy. They made me so happy.

My eyes started tearing up at the sight in front of me. I couldn’t believe it. He was standing right there, a hand next to her head as she leaned against the wall and their lips were moved in sync. I couldn’t move. It was like a ton of rocks were weighting me down. All I could do was stare as my boyfriend had his tongue down Johnson’s throat.

As a bird flew into the window by accident, the two quickly pulled apart to look towards the sound. Fred laughed at it and turned back to look at her but instead his eyes landed on mine and his smile dropped.


Johnson turned her face to look at me and she pressed her lips together in a flat line, quickly looking away again.

β€œNo, no.” I said. β€œGo on. Don’t let me ruin the fun.”

I turned away and hurried back out of the door. I didn’t know where to go so I just automatically headed for the Hufflepuff basement which was the only way to escape him.

β€œJulie!” his voice shouted from behind me. A hand then grabbed around my wrist and as I spun around, my hand came in contact with his cheek.

β€œI don’t want to hear it!” I yelled. β€œFuck you!”

β€œPlease. That wasn’t... I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

β€œYou weren’t thinking clearly.” I laughed and stepped closer to him, looking up at his face. β€œTell me, Fred. Did you fuck her?”

His eyes widened.


β€œDid you two fuck?”


β€œIt’s a simple yes or no question!” I yelled as I pushed him in the chest. β€œDid you fuck her or not?!”

He didn’t answer.

β€œThat’s what I thought.” I spoke before I stepped back and let the tears take control. β€œHow could you do that? What kind of boyfriend does that?”

He started tearing up as well but I didn’t care. I did not feel pity for him. He was the one who were just making out with Johnson.

β€œI’m sorry.” he frowned in frustration. β€œPlease forgive me. Don’t–”

β€œDon’t what?!” I snapped. β€œDon’t leave you? Do you seriously think I’m staying with you after this? Fuck you and fuck her! We’re done! I’m done with you!”

β€œAhh, Mr Crane and Miss Pegas.” Professor Sprout said as she entered the office. I quickly wiped the one tear that had rolled down my cheek at the memory of the day I saw Fred with Angelina. I didn’t have the time to explain my crying too. β€œI must admit I was a tad disappointed when Professor Hagrid told me my two top students were waiting in my office.”

She sat down behind her desk and looked from Nick to me, then back to Nick. β€œNow, would one of you care to tell me what you were doing in the forbidden forest when it is very well known to be off limits for students who have no reason to be there.”

β€œWere very worry Professor.” I led the conversation. β€œIt was my idea. Stupid really. I wanted to get a better look at some of the creatures we are learning about in class. I thought it would help with my grades and I convinced Nick to come with me.”

Nick quickly looked at me, not expecting that I was taking the fall for his idea. He might’ve been the one to drag me into the forest but I didn’t want him to get in trouble.

β€œYou’re a head girl, Miss Pegas.” Professor Sprout stated. β€œYou are expected to follow the rules, to be a role model to the younger students. If they see their head girl break the rules, they’ll do the same.”

I nodded and looked down at my hands as I couldn’t find anything further to say.

β€œWhen that’s said. I know this won’t repeat itself though I still have to punish you. George Weasley will need a partner to clean our Mr Filch’s old files tonight at seven. I will let Mr Filch know that you Mr Crane, will be helping with that.”

Oh no.

If George had been given detention, then so had Fred and if he wasn’t with George... that meant–

β€œAnd Miss Pegas. I will let Professor Snape know that you’ll be helping Fred Weasley sort out the ingredients, also at seven o’clock tonight.”


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