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Chapter 24

β€œNo, no, no!” Nate objected as he jumped onto the bench, making hand gestures as he looked at Seth. β€œBecause she has to go through the loop, then under, then through again and up.”

What are they talking about?

β€œYou’ve got it all wrong mate!” Seth argued. β€œIt’s around the loop, then through, up, under and through from behind.”

I am seriously so lost.

β€œOi are you fucking stupid?!” Nate yelled. β€œIt’s like I said. Through, under, through, up.”

β€œYou need to seriously shut your eating hole, Stephen.”

β€œDon’t you dare call me that!” Seth pointed a finger at Nate who proceeded to hold up his hands in surrender. β€œIt’s better to go around, through, up, under and then through from behind.”

β€œWhat are they talking about?” I whispered as I leaned in to Callie. She shrugged. She was standing right next to me with an amused grin on her face while she had her arms folded over her chest.

β€œDunno, but I’m enjoying it.”

β€œRight.” I chuckled. β€œWe gotta get the two with us so we won’t be late for transfiguration.”

β€œReckon Nick and Melba are there already.” Callie nodded before she walked closer to the boys. She grabbed onto the knot of Nate’s tie and he shrieked when she pulled him down from the bench. He almost fell to the ground but she supported him and made sure she didn’t. β€œOff we go! Now c’mon babe.”

She laced her fingers with his and he quickly grabbed his bag from the bench before she led him away towards the middle courtyard.

β€œOi!” Seth called out, pulling my attention onto him which forced me to look away from Nate and Callie. β€œThey’re cute, aren’t they?”

β€œThe ultimate couple.” I smiled and pointed towards his bag. β€œNow grab that. I don’t want to be in later. Already had one detention this week.”

β€œWe can’t have that repeated.” He grinned. He grabbed his bag and then caught up to me as I followed our friends towards the middle courtyard. β€œWhat’re you gonna get dressed up as for Halloween?”

β€œI dunno—”

β€œOh c’mon J. It’s next week. You gotta have something.”

Every year on Halloween, the students get dressed up. It’s not mandatory and not everyone does it but only a few decide not to. It’s fun. Especially because the castle will be decorated and then at night it’s all creepy and stuff like that. Seth and Nate loves scaring the younger students, especially the first years. Nick isn’t too fond of the night of Halloween in the castle. He gets scared easily.

β€œOf course I’ve got something.” I told Seth as I intertwined my arm with his. β€œI’m either going for the zombie healer or a zombie school girl.”

He glanced at me as he nodded slowly. His eyes were narrowed and his lips pressed together. He was thinking about my options.

β€œI think the zombie healer would be hot.” He told me. β€œYou’re already a school girl so yeah, definitely a zombie healer.”

β€œGood! That was my favorite!” I smiled. β€œHow about you? Please don’t tell me you’re gonna be a clown again this year.”

β€œNo.” He laughed. β€œMine will be a surprise. You’ll see when it’s time.”

β€œWhat? That’s not fair. You made me say mine!”

He winked at me, his smile turning into an amused one. β€œWhat did I tell you in our third year? You can’t trust me.”

I rolled my eyes and shoved him in the shoulder as we walked outside. The only way to access the Transfiguration classroom was through the middle courtyard which sucks in the winter but right now it was fine. It was only October so it would be cold as hell if I only wore a t-shirt like the day in Hogsmeade.

β€œAlright.” Seth laughed, catching up with me again. β€œOn another note, you and Fred had already talked about your costumes for Halloween. I’m kinda bummed that I don’t get to see you as ghost bride and him as ghost groom.”

I shrugged and glanced at him before staring ahead of me. β€œWe gave that idea to Callie and Nate when we broke up.”

β€œOh you did?”

β€œYeah.” I nodded. β€œAnd I think Fred and George will be dressing up as something together. Everything worked out. Callie and Nate get to be a ghost couple that just got married, I’ll be a zombie healer, you’ll be Merlin knows what and I’m sure what Melba and Nick has in store isn’t bad either.”

He hummed softly.

β€œI swear if Nick dresses up as a puppy again, I’ll personally murder him.”

β€œOh? Well then you don’t have to worry about a costume.” I smirked.

β€œWhy?” He frowned. β€œI don’t... understand that.”

β€œIf you killed Nick, you’d be a murderer and therefore not need a costume.” I laughed as we reached the entrance to the part of castle that had the transfiguration classroom. β€œDead from the neck up you are.”

β€œOi!” He playfully shoved me as we walked through the doors to the classroom. β€œDon’t be bloody mean!”

We sent each other a playful glare as he moved across the room to slide into the seat next to Nick.

With a laugh, I made my way over to the table where Nate and Callie sat. I leaned on the table with my arms and looked at Nate with a smile as he was the one sitting by the aisle.

β€œNate?” I sung, stretching his name on my tongue as I sent him a cheeky smile.

β€œMerlin.” He sighed. β€œI’m not giving it to you. You can’t use that... stuff to forget. That’s what’s gonna get you addicted.”

β€œAnd you won’t end up an addict.” Callie whispered so no one could hear. I groaned and my smile turned into a pout.

Nate is brilliant when it comes to getting Muggle stuff. He gets a hold on Muggle alcohol and Muggle drugs. He smokes weed now and then and then there’s this thing called coke that he does occasionally that I really need right now because Fred is all that’s on my mind and I need to put him out for a moment.

β€œForget about it Jules.” Nate told me. β€œGo sit before McGonagall shows up.”

β€œWhaβ€” c’mon. It’s not a big deal. I’ve done lines before.”

β€œYou’ve done one line.” He said. β€œAnd you couldn’t handle that, remember? Plus, that was different. That was for fun and this—”

β€œIs also for fun.”

β€œNo.” He shook his head. β€œThis is a way of coping with your breakup and it’s not healthy. It’s just like with the alcohol. You’re trying to numb the pain.”

I scoffed.

β€œSince when did you become a bloody therapist.”

I turned to walk away but my eyes met Fred’s. He and George had been sitting right behind Nate and Callie this whole time and while George was occupied, Fred was staring right at me, emotionless.

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