His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 25


I sighed and stopped in my tracks when I heard his voice. I motioned for my friends to go ahead and continue. I didn’t turn around. I stayed right this and waited for him to tell me whatever he had to say.

β€œCan I talk to you for a second?”

β€œYou’re welcome to talk.” I said with a small shrug. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I let out another sigh as he gently turned me around.

β€œIn here.” He said and reached over to open the door to the broom closet next to where we were standing.

I looked at the door as it opened and then looked up at him. β€œI’m not gonna make out with you.”

β€œThat’s notβ€” what?” He laughed but quickly stopped again. β€œJust get in there, Jules. We have to talk.”

I walked into the closet and leaned back against the wall while letting my bag fall to the floor.

Fred followed me in and closed the door behind him. He searched for the light switch and when the light turned on, I squinted my eyes, trying to get used to it.

β€œFred. What do you—”

β€œI heard you talk to Nate and Callie.” He told me. I frowned but then realized what he talked about. I shook my head, grabbed my bag and hurried for the door but Fred blocked it and I almost walked straight into him.

β€œNo, Fred. Let me out.”

β€œYou need to listen to me.” He said and cupped my face to force me to listen to him. β€œCallie mentioned addiction. Are you addicted to something?”

I huffed.

β€œI’m addicted to chocolate... and ice-cream. Now let me out.”

I tried pushing him away but instead he grabbed onto my wrists and kept me in place.

β€œYou know what I mean.”

β€œDo I?”

β€œWhat were you trying to get from Nate?” He asked. β€œWas it drugs? Are you trying to get yourself high?”

β€œMerlin’s beard, Fred.” I sighed. He backed me up against the wall before he placed a hand next to my head. β€œIt’s none of your business.”

β€œIt is my business.” He argued. β€œWhen you’re trying to get drugs because of me, it is my business.”

I moved my head to look away but he kept meeting my gaze.

β€œWhat kind of drugs, Jules?” He asked. β€œHave you taken anything before?”

β€œFred!” I yelled. β€œStop! I’m not...”

I sighed. β€œI don’t do drugs. I’ve tried it once, didn’t like it.”

β€œThen why were you trying to—”

β€œBecause you are all I can think about!” I yelled. β€œAnd I need that to stop! I need to get you out of my head and you standing here right now isn’t helping anything!”

I leaned my head back against the wall as I closed my eyes.

β€œYou know what I hated the most by seeing you with Johnson?” I asked as I after a moment opened my eyes again to look up at his. β€œEvery time I heard her call you baby. You hate that and she didn’t know that while I did. I know you better than she does.”

β€œYou do.” He nodded. β€œYou know me as well as my family.”

β€œThen why—” I frowned as my lips started to quiver. β€œWhy would you throw that away? Throw us away?”

β€œI don’t know.” He whispered. β€œBut I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had never kissed her. I wish I had stayed after our fight and solved it with you instead of cheating. I’m so sorry my love. I’m so sorry.”

I reached forwards and hooked my fingers into the waistband of his trousers, pulling him closer to me.

β€œJules.” He breathed when his hips came in contact with mine. β€œDon’t do anything you’ll regret.”

I tilted my head back to look up at his face. I could feel the warmth from his body and I loved it. I wanted to kiss him, to be back with him. It was times like these that I almost convinced myself to just ignore the feelings I have towards what he did and just get him back.

I tucked at his dress shirt, pulling it out of his trousers while keeping eye contact with him.

β€œThis isn’t a good idea.” He told me. β€œIf this happens... you’ll go straight back to hating me after.”

I let go of his shirt and let my body relax with a sigh leaving my mouth.

β€œI’m sorry.” I said. β€œI don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

I closed my eyes when I felt the stinging in my eyes and a few tears managed to press through my eyelashes.

β€œDarling.” Fred whispered and ran a finger along my jaw. β€œDon’t cry please.”

β€œI don’t know why I am.” I sobbed and clamped a hand over my mouth. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. Then I let my hand drop and I looked at Fred as he cupped my jaw with his right hand. β€œI should probably go.”

β€œOkay.” He breathed and let go of me. He stepped away he tucked his dress shirt back into his trousers. β€œJustβ€” don’t do any drugs, okay? I don’t want you to end up like that.”

β€œIt’s not like Nate would give me anything.” I shrugged, wiping my cheeks. β€œHe’s too good of a friend.”

I swallowed harshly as I glanced at him.

β€œI’m sorry.” I told him. He didn’t get to respond before I grabbed my bag and hurried out of the broom closet.

I rushed through the courtyard and down the stairs to the dungeon.

β€œWhen do we have quidditch practice again?” I questioned when I entered the common room and approached the sofa area where my friends sat.

β€œWe just talked about it this morning.” Melba told me. β€œCedric has the pitch booked for tonight.”

β€œAlright.” I nodded. β€œWake me up for dinner?”

β€œYou’re going to bed?” Nick questioned as I made my way towards the dormitory.

β€œYes.” I turned around to see everyone of my friends already looking at me. β€œI cried in front of Fred... again. I need some sleep so I can wake up and be over the humiliation of it.”

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