His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 26

β€œHow do I look?” I asked with a smile playing on my lips as I left the girls dormitory to join my friends in the common room. My smile dropped though as soon as I saw their costumes. They looked scary. Well, Nate and Callie did.

They were dressed as ghost/zombie bride and groom and it looked so real. Melba was dressed as a sexy devil in a body tight suit and Nick was dressed as a gorilla holding a banana while he held the head of the costume under his head.

β€œHoly shit.” I cursed before I let out a laugh. β€œImpressive makeup skills. I used magic on mine.”

β€œI did all of this with my hands.” Callie said and gestured to her and Nate’s costumes. β€œPretty great, eh?”

β€œWhere the fuck is Seth?” Melba cursed. β€œHe’s supposed to be here so we can make that great entrance.”

β€œI am right here!” it came from the tunnel that connected the boys dormitory to the common room. We all turned to see a figure in some kind of black cloak with a hood and nothing but darkness where there was supposed to be a face. β€œSo? Is this my greatest costume so far or is it my greatest costume so far?”

β€œStop being so full of yourself and come on!” Melba waved him over. β€œThe feast is on a couple minutes.”

Our group made our way out of the common room and I realised how cold the air felt around my bare thighs. Melba intertwined her arm with mine as she grabbed the fake knife from my other hand.

β€œFred is going to absolutely drool over you.” she said. β€œThere’s nothing hotter than a girl in a thigh-short costume.”

β€œMaybe.” I chuckled. β€œBut you do realise I’ve got fake blood on both my torso and my face? This mask thingy... there’s nothing hot over that and tonight isn’t about being hot.”

β€œNope. It’s about scaring the kids.” Callie let out a creepy laugh and Nate joined her, making the rest of us laugh... apart from Nick who looked scared.

β€œI don’t like this.” he said and stopped walking until Melba and I reached him, then he started walking again. β€œI hate halloween.”

β€œShut up and put on your gorilla head.” Melba said and he stuck out his tongue at her before putting on the head.

β€œDo you know what Fred and George are dressed as this year?” I asked Melba. She wiggled her eyebrows at me in response, causing me to frown.

β€œNo, I’m joking.” she laughed. β€œUh– I heard that Fred didn’t want to get all dressed up this year so he and George just went as conjoined twins.”

β€œIs that right?” I chuckled. β€œWell that’s convenient.”

We all made our way up the stairs to the ground floor. Melba, Nick and I walked in the back while Seth walked besides Callie and Nate who were holding hands while Callie carried a bouquet in her other hand.

β€œCan I have my knife back now?” I asked Melba. β€œI’m scared you’re gonna try and use it to cut somebody’s throat.”

β€œI will cut somebody’s throat.” she assured me as she handed it back to me. β€œIf they get on my nerve.”

β€œExactly why I don’t want you carrying any weapon of any kind.”

β€œReckon my big fork will do the work, eh?” she smirked. β€œIf I stab them in the right place. Right in the throat.”

I sent her an awkward smile to show I didn’t condone that. Melbourne Striker was possible the most violent Hufflepuff out there. She definitely set an example that Hufflepuffs aren’t just nice and innocent. They can rip your throat out if they want to and sometimes... they want exactly that.

Just ask Melba.

β€œOh look, there he–”

As Melba’s voice died, I looked at her and frowned at her expression. Suddenly everyone got the same expression and I followed their eyes to Fred in the other end of the hallway. He wasn’t in costume. He was sitting in his regular uniform in the arched windows to the courtyard. His legs were spread and between them and in his arms was Angelina Johnson. She wasn’t in costume either. They were both laughing and he looked so happy. Way too happy. Next to them stood George in what looked like he and Fred’s costume. It was two jumpers sown into one and it was obvious by his face that Fred had abandoned the idea.

β€œJules?” Callie asked.

β€œYou okay?” Nate added and I looked at them, forcing a smile that wasn’t visible under my facemark. I nodded.

β€œYeah. Why wouldn’t I be?” I forced a chuckle. β€œI don’t care if he’s back together with her. It’s not like he’s my boyfriend anymore. Let’s just get to the great hall before all the good seats are taken.”

I made my way through the small crowd of my five friends and hurried my way down the hallway. It started to get extremely hot. My body heated up with jealousy and sadness. I ripped the mask off of my face so that I could breathe and my friends quickly caught up with me.

β€œJust ignore them.” Callie instructed. β€œThey’re being annoying asses.”

β€œI don’t care, Callie.” I snapped but I immediately sighed and shook my head. β€œI’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

β€œIt’s alright.” she shrugged. β€œLet’s just go have some fun. Enjoy the night. It’s halloween for fuck sake. Our favourite holiday apart from Christmas.”

β€œYou’re all still coming home with me for Christmas, right?” Callie asked. β€œMy parents have been talking about it all year. They’re so excited to finally get to host a big Christmas party with all my friends included.”

β€œOh you can count on it alright.” Seth laughed. β€œYour dad makes the best food in the entire Wizarding world.”

β€œWill there be pizza?” Nick asked, causing us all to laugh, me included. He was too obsessed with pizza that I sometimes worried for him.

β€œThere’ll be pizza.” Callie confirmed.


We passed my Fred, George and Angelina in the hallway and I made eye contact with Fred but instead of glaring at him like I’d normally do, I simply smiled, showing him that him being with Angelina didn’t affect it. Though it did affect me and my heart was hurting. I thought he was over her but nope. He was right back with the person he chose to cheat on me with.

When we got to our table in the Great Hall, I put the fake knife and the mask next to me on the bench while Seth sat on the other side of it. Nate sat next to me on the left side and on the other side sat Callie across from Nate, Melba in front of me and Nick in front of Seth.

When all the students were seated, including Fred, Angelina and George at their table, Dumbledore gave a quick speech like always but I wasn’t listening. My eyes were focused on Fred’s back, watching his movements and seeing the smile on his face when he turned his head to look at Angelina.

Then the feast started and Nick was the first to gather a big amount of food on his plate before starting to swallow it as soon as he put it in his mouth.

β€œSlow down.” Seth laughed. β€œNo one’s going to take the food away from you.”

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