His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 27

β€œBoo!” Nate came up from behind of a few first year students. They screamed with fright, then screamed louder when they saw his face and then they ran away, leaving Nate and Seth to laughing their asses off. Seth turned to me and though I couldn’t see his face, I knew he had a shit eating grin on his face. I shoved him in the shoulder, rolling my eyes.

β€œDon’t be mean.” I told him, then my eyes flicked to Nate. β€œThey’re kids. They’re probably gonna have a nightmare from that.”

β€œProbably gonna wet the bed.” Seth laughed as he and Nate’s hands met midair. I rolled my eyes again, shaking my head.

β€œJules! Come dance with me!” Callie sang as she danced around in the courtyard, enjoying the fact that she was wearing a gown that could flow in the air. β€œIt’s fun!”

β€œIs she drunk?” I asked and looked at Nate who shrugged as he watched his girlfriend. β€œNate!”

β€œShe may have found my bottle of vodka.”

β€œRight.” I nodded slowly before turning back to look at Callie. Her eyes were closed and the bouquet was thrown in the grass. Her hands were holding the gown up, showing her feet as she danced around. She looked like she thought she was in some movie. β€œCal. Callie baby–”

I approached her and when I wrapped an arm around her, she let herself fall against me, mumbling something I couldn’t quite catch.

β€œLet’s get you to bed.” I told her before I started guiding her past our friends and towards the dungeon. When I reached the stairs, I noticed Fred standing alone. His eyes landed on us and he rushed over, helping me with Callie from the other side of her. β€œWe don’t need your help. I’ve got it.”

β€œI’m sure you do.” he mumbled quietly. β€œBut you can’t both hold her and open the door to your common room.”

Alright, valid point.

He held Callie for me as I tapped the brick wall until the door opened. I glanced at Fred before I wrapped my arm around Callie again. Fred helped me get her to the common room. I honestly didn’t know why he was helping. Didn’t he have somewhere to be? Or someone to be with?

β€œLet’s sit her here.” I said, nodding towards the sofa. We got her down on it and I sighed, standing up straight with my hands on my hips as I watched her. I needed to get the halloween makeup off of her before tucking her into bed. I leaned down and started peeling the fake wounds off of her skin ever so gently and placing it down on the side table next to the sofa. β€œCan you go get me some makeup remover?”

I glanced up at Fred.

β€œMakeup remover?”

β€œIt’s like wipes.” I told them. β€œThere should be a pack of them in the drawer of my nightstand.”

He nodded slowly before he made his way towards the girls dormitories. As he looked for the wipes, I continued to peel the fake wounds off of Callie who was now completely passed out. When Fred came back, he handed me the wipes before he sat on one of the other sofas.

I pulled a wipe out of the pack and wiped the remaining makeup off of Callie’s face, along with the fake blood.

β€œJulie.” Fred called softly. β€œAbout what you saw earlier–”

β€œStop.” I told him, sending him a glare. β€œI don’t really care.”


β€œDo you think you and Angelina are one of my worries?” I asked. β€œThe only thing on my mind right now is getting my best friend to bed and be there for her in the morning when she feels like throwing everything she ate tonight up.”

I turned back to Callie and wiped the rest of the makeup off of her face, then pulled the veil off of her head and let it fall to the sofa.

β€œCan you help me get her to our room?” I asked and I looked at Fred who had already stood up. He walked over and wrapped an arm around her back before hooking his other arm under her knees. He lifted her from the sofa and walked down the tunnel, followed by me. β€œJust lay her on her bed. Thank you.”

He did and then turned to me. β€œI’ll wait outside.”

I nodded slowly before he walked out and closed the door behind him. With a sigh I approached Callie on her bed. I got her out of the bloody wedding dress, leaving it on the floor before I also cleaned her neck from the makeup. She could take a shower in the morning to get the rest off, but for now I needed to get her dressed in her pyjamas.

Once I did, I tucked her in under the duvet and pecked her forehead, then left the room to meet Fred in the common room.

β€œI don’t need to talk to you.” I told him. He followed me to the sofa area as I peeled the fake wounds off of my own skin, dropping them to the pile of the ones that had been on Callie. I looked at Fred, waiting for him to reply but no words left his mouth. β€œIt’s none of my business if you’re back with her.”

I heard him sigh but he still didn’t say anything as I wiped the makeup off my face. When I was done, I took out the contact lenses which felt uncomfortable but it was nice when they were finally gone. Then the wig which had the hat attached to it.

I pulled my hair out from the bun it had been sitting in all day and ran my hands through it to get it sit around my face without looking like a mess.

β€œI mean–” I heard him sigh again. β€œIt’s not like you were ever going to forgive me, right?”

I rolled my eyes as I unbuttoned a few buttons on my costume, showing off my cleavage, though that wasn’t the purpose. Fred’s eyes never left mine. I knew he wanted to look but he forced himself to be respectful.

β€œThat’s your argument?” I asked as I peeled the fake cut off of my neck before also removing the makeup that sat there. β€œThat I can’t forgive you so you go back to the one you cheated on me with?”

He stayed quiet and just watched me as I got myself out of the uniform, now standing in only my bra and my knickers in front of him. I didn’t care right now. He had seen me like this before and we were the only ones in the common room. I walked past him and down towards the dorm. I got dressed into my pyjamas, then joined him again.

β€œIt seems like a pathetic try to hurt me.” I told him. He turned around and looked at me, shaking his head.

β€œI swear that’s not why–”

β€œNo?” I questioned. β€œYou know what I should’ve asked you when you were on truth serum?”


β€œShould’ve asked if you love her.” I said with a slight shrug as i got rid of the fake bruises and cuts on the table.

β€œI can give you that answer right now.” he told me. β€œI don’t.”

As I threw the stuff out in the bin, I looked at him. β€œSee, I don’t believe you.”

β€œYou should.”

β€œNo.” I shook my head. β€œI shouldn’t. And you see, there’s two problems here. One, you love her which means you’re lying to me right now and two, if you aren’t lying, then why the fuck are you with her? She might be a bitch but it’s not fair on her. I thought that was why you dumbed her in the first place. Now... get the fuck out of my common room and leave me alone so I can go to sleep.”

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