His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 28


Didn’t start great if I have to be honest. I woke up to the sound of Callie puking into the bin that normally stood between the door and Hannah Abbott’s dresser.

I was up in an instant to be there for her, to pull her curls back so that puke didn’t get in her hair. To rub her back and listen to her when she blathered about never wanting to drink again.

I knew that wasn’t true. I say the same thing when I’m hungover after getting drunk. Everyone says that. That they’re never gonna drink again but that promise never holds up.

β€œAre you finished?” I asked Callie but just as the question left my mouth, another round of puke came from her. I scrunched up my face in disgust as a laugh left my lips. I looked around the room and my eyes landed on Melba who was seaming to wake up.

β€œWhat’s going on?” she muttered as she sat up and ran a hand into her hair. β€œIs Callie alright?”

β€œShe’s hungover.” I explained. β€œThat’s what happens when you find your boyfriend alcohol stash.”

β€œOh shut up.” Callie muttered. β€œSpare me the lecture.”

A smile grew on my lip and Melba and I exchanged a glance before she got up and took over for me. Callie threw up again and I walked to my dresser so I could get dressed while Melba now rubbed Callie’s back and gave her some encouraging speech.

β€œI swear–” Callie got interrupted as she threw up again. β€œI swear on my grandfathers grave that I won’t ever drink again.”

I got changed out of my pyjamas before taking on my dress-shirt, buttoning it all the way up. Then I did my tie and after folding the collar down over it, I pulled on my skirt and tucked my dress shirt in. I heard Callie throw up for the tenth time or something while I pulled on my jumper and made sure that my tie wasn’t twisted around under it.

β€œMaybe you should stay in bed today.” I told Callie as I looked at her while brushing my hair. β€œWe can tell Sprout that you’re sick so you don’t get in trouble.”

β€œThank you.” she mumbled. We helped Callie back to bed and said our goodbyes when both of us had gotten fully ready. Then we left the dormitory while Hannah and Susan were still sound asleep.

The boys were waiting in the common room like usual.

β€œWhere’s Cal?” Nate asked with a small frown. β€œNot feeling well?”

β€œShe’s hungover.” Melba said. β€œShe’s staying in bed and we’re telling Professor Sprout that she’s sick.”

β€œOh.” Nate muttered. β€œWell.. you go ahead to breakfast. I’ll just say hi to her.”

β€œHow cute.” Nick pouted ass Nate made his way down to the girls dormitory. β€œI really want a girlfriend.”

β€œI know you do mate.” Seth patted his shoulder. β€œBut some guys just aren’t cut out for the life in a relationship.”

I bit back a laugh as Nick turned his head to frown at Seth.

β€œYou’re a fucking dickhead.” he told him before he made his way out of the common room. Seth laughed and looked at Melba and I but his laugh died when he saw Melba’s face.

β€œWas that really necessary?” she rolled her eyes before following Nick. Seth looked at me again with a shrug.

β€œIt’s not my bloody fault that he’s sensitive.”

β€œC’mon.” I chuckled. β€œBy age you may be the baby of the group but Nick is our actual baby. We can walk around hurting his feelings.”

Seth rolled his eyes and held out his arm for me to intertwine mine with his and then we followed out friends out of the common room.

β€œOh.” Seth suddenly spoke as he pushed into his trousers. β€œI left to take a shower this morning and stumbled across Fred.”

He handed me a folded piece of paper and as I held it in my hand, I frowned. I stopped walking and untangled my arm from his.

β€œI don’t know what it says.” he informed me. β€œHe told me to just give it to you.”

I nodded slowly as I unfolded it, seeing his handwriting across the middle of the paper. Then I sighed and looked at Seth.

β€œI forgot something in the dorm.” I told him. β€œGo ahead. I’ll be there for breakfast in a moment.”

β€œBut what does the paper say?”

β€œHe’s just apologising.” I shrugged before I turned around and made my way towards the dungeons. Though when I reached the stairs, I looked back to see Seth with his back to me, following after Nick and Melba towards the Great Hall.

I unfolded the paper again to read his message for the second time.

Meet me in the prefect bathroom before breakfast

I knew I should’ve never given him the password. He had been using it as if he had the right to it and now he wanted me to meet him there. I just needed to get this over with, know what he wanted and then get to the great hall so I could get some breakfast before my two free lessons that I was gonna spend in the library, studying.

As I saw Nate turn the corner at the end of the stairs, I started sprinting towards the stairs before he saw me. When I got to the first floor, I slowed down and walked the rest of the way up the fifth floor. I moved down the empty hallway to the door that led to the prefect’s bathroom.

β€œPine-fresh.” I muttered, the door clicking open as the words left my mouth. I entered and let it shut behind me before I took in the room. Everything seemed normal apart from the three towels that was folded neatly next to the sink. β€œFred?”

A gasp then left my mouth when I felt a hand brush against mine from behind. My heart had skipped a beat at the sudden contact.

β€œYou scared me.” I breathed. I didn’t dare to turn around. I knew it was him and I didn’t want to look at him. I just needed to know what he wanted to tell me.

β€œSorry.” he muttered, hand brushing past mine once again but then he ran two fingers down mine and lonely laced his fingers with mine, his palm facing the back of my own hand. His other hand went around and undid my robes.

β€œFred–” my voice came out as a whisper but I didn’t say anything else than just his name. His fingers left mine and he helped the robes slide down my arms until they landed on the floor. His hands went to the hem of my jumper but stayed there.

β€œCan I?”

I inhaled sharply as I closed my eyes for just a moment. Then I lifted my arms to give him access to pull it off of me. He threw the jumper on the floor and as I lowered my arms again, his fingers found mine again while his other hand faintly ran up my arm. A few of his fingers forced under the material of the collar of my shirt and the tie that sat tightly around it and I felt his fingers right against my pulse.

β€œFred.” I whispered again. β€œWhat are you doing?”

His fingers loosened my tie before I felt his hand gently wrap around my throat, pulling me closer until my back collided with his chest. I leaned my head back against his shoulder and his lips found my ear, grazing my earlobe so faintly that I felt the goosebumps on the skin of my arms and thighs.

β€œI promise you–” his breath hit the skin of both my ear and my neck and the goosebumps came back immediately while my own breathing fastened a bit. β€œ... I am not back with her.”

β€œYou seemed awfully comfy with her last night both before and during the feast.” I said. His grip on my throat tightened a bit but only in a good way and neither of us could ignore the moan that slipped past my lips.

β€œYou’re the only one I want.” he whispered in my ear. His voice was raspy and not in a morning voice type of way. His voice was raspy as in the way he sounds when he’s horny. I dated him for nineteen months. I know him better than he knows his own back pocket. Just like he knows me better than I know mine. β€œAnd I will fucking kill myself before hurting you like that ever again.”

I moved my hand up to undo my tie and then pulled it off before letting it fall to the ground at the same time ass Fred let go of my throat. Instead he pulled the hair tie out of my hairs so that it fell down around my face. He brushed it to one side and then I felt his nose brush past the skin of my neck.

β€œYou smell so good.” he whispered, his hands finding the buttons of my dress-shirt. β€œCan I take this off, please?”

β€œYes.” I breathed, once again throwing my head back as he sucked gently on my skin while starting to undo the buttons one by one until it was completely open, exposing my bra. He pulled it off and let it fall down my arms before his mouth attacked the spot on my neck that had been covered by the material. I moaned in response, screwing my eyes shut as my hand found his hair.

β€œCan I touch you?” He whispered against my skin. Hearing him ask that almost made my knees give in. I hummed in response, waiting for his touch. β€œI need you to tell me, Jules.”

β€œFuck.” I cursed, feeling his tongue come in contact with my pulse point. ”Yes.”

His hand dragged up my thigh, pushing up my skirt as he moved towards my knickers. I held onto his wrist as he slid his hand in and ran his fingers through my wet folds. The moan that left my mouth filled the room and slowly I could feel his erection grow behind me.

I dug my fingers further into his hair as I felt his fingers collect my wetness to use as he started moving them around my clit in circular motions.

β€œFuck.” I hissed, arching my back. I then proceeded to whimper and when my back fell back against his front again, he planted a kiss on the side of my neck.

β€œHow am I making you feel, love?” His voice hit my ear as a whisper. He went to wrap an arm around my stomach, keeping me locked against his front with his hand working in my knickers. He slid two fingers into me and I grasped onto the back of his neck to keep myself steady.

The pleasure was so overwhelming that I felt like my knees would give in at any moment.

β€œJules.” He whispered. β€œYou better answer me love if you want me to move them.”

β€œDon’t fucking start with me.” I hissed. He laughed against my skin and when he moved his fingers out and then roughly back in, I whimpered into the room, my eyes closing again. He pumped them in and out of me, listening to the whimpers and the moans leaving my mouth.

Why was I doing this? I couldn’t answer it. All I knew was that there was something about Fred that made me feel these things. Love... lust.

I needed him and I didn’t know if I only needed him sexually or if I needed him back in my life in the same way as before.

β€œYou’re so wet.” He whispered into my neck as he licked my pulse point, making my entire body shudder. β€œTell me, darling. Would you like me to make love to you or do you want me to fuck you?”

β€œWhatβ€” What do you think?” I breathed as he slipped out his fingers and forced them into my mouth.

β€œSuck.” He ordered me and after doing what he told me to, he spun me around. He ran a hand up to wrap around my throat for a moment before he ran it to the side of my neck, his dark eyes meeting mine. β€œHmm, I don’t know, Jules. That’s why I’m asking.”

Instead of responding, I took in his presence. He was only wearing a pair of trousers and the dress shirt. The tie was hanging on a hook on a wall along with his jumper and his robes.

My eyes flicked up his for a quick moment before I started quickly undoing the buttons on his shirt. He watched me while doing so, the hint of a smirk on his face.

β€œYou’re annoying.” I told him and slid the shirt off his shoulders. I looked at him while I hooked my fingers into the waistband of his trousers. I pulled them down to his ankles but my eyes never left his as I stood up again. β€œSo fucking annoying.”

His hand moved from my neck to my jaw and he leaned down to kiss me. Electricity immediately ran through my lips and spread out throughout the rest of my body. I moaned into his mouth and when he placed a hand on my waist, I felt like I was melting under his touch. I pressed a hand to his chest and as quickly as our lips had met, as quickly they pulled apart when he pushed my skirt and my knickers down at the same time.

He proceeded to pull his own underwear down while I pushed off my shoes, then pulled off my socks and lastly unclasped my bra, throwing it on the floor. We took one look at each other and then we connected like we hadn’t done anything for years. My arms went around his neck, our lips reconnecting and his hands cupped my butt cheeks, lifting me up which made me automatically wrap my legs around his waist.

Fred turned us around and walked into the shower, my back connecting the wall and when the stream of water hit us, I knew he had accidentally turned it on. We both laughed into the kiss and I felt him take the opportunity to slide his tongue past my lips to meet mine.

I didn’t know if it was the water temperature or our body heat but the room got damp pretty quickly. We were eager. We were eating each other up, trying to get as much contact as possible while also coming up for air.

Teeth clashing, wet kisses, water. That was the sound that filled the bathroom and at that moment I forgot about all the problems we’d experienced over the past six months. I had him right here and I never wanted to let him go. I needed him back in my arms, not only physically. I just needed him. All of him. His body, his mind, his love. I didn’t care anymore. About the kiss he shared with Angelina. I knew he didn’t sleep with her, I knew he wasn’t with her.

Would he say yes if I asked him to be my everything again?

β€œDo you—” we both panted heavily as he broke the kiss, leaning his forehead against my shoulder. β€œAre you still on the—”

β€œYes.” I panted, running my fingers through his wet hair. β€œFuck me, Freddie. Fucking fuck me. Please.”

He lifted his head to look at me and his right hand went down to guide his member to my entrance. My eyes closed and I threw my head back as he bucked his hips forwards, filling me up. One hand stayed on the back of his neck while my other arm moved around his shoulders. My nails dug into his skin and we exchanged a moan when he slowly pulled out, then thrusted into me again.

β€œFuck.” Fred cursed, his thrusting getting faster to the point that it could be heard throughout the room, the sound of our skin slapping against each other, mixing with the sound of the water, our panting and morning. The hand that wasn’t wrapped around his shoulders made its way into my wet hair, tucking at it as I screwed my eyes shut to the point where I for a moment thought I was gonna be blind when I opened them again. β€œWhy do you have to feel soβ€” fuck! Fucking good.”

I clamped a hand over my mouth to try and suffocate the moans that I knew were only getting louder and louder, through Fred quickly grabbed my hand and pinned it against the wall while his other hand held me up.

β€œDon’t—” he panted. β€œ...they won’t be able to hear you. They’re all in the great hall.”

I looked at him and my hand went back to his neck as I placed my lips on his, kissing him passionately this time. I let out a breath against him, licking his bottom lip between mine. My teeth gently bit into it and when I felt his cock hit my g-spot, I was forced to break the kiss, my forehead resting against his as my eyebrows formed a frown, my eyes squeezed shut and my mouth felt open. The moan that came from me met his panting and it felt like I was in heaven.

The sensations that filled my entire body... it felt so good and I never wanted it to end. I wanted him to fuck me into tomorrow, into next week if that was even possible.

β€œPlease don’t stop.” I whispered when I could feel a knot starting to form in my lower abdomen. β€œDon’t ever stop.”

He leaned his head against my shoulder again and kissed my skin before he sucked it in between his lips, making my moans louder because it only added to the pleasure. His lips traveled from my shoulder to the crook of my neck and when he bit my skin, I felt my legs starting to shake around him.

His thrusting slowed down. He slowly pulled out, then thrusted hard back into me while my walls clenched around him. I knew the signs and I knew that while I was just about to orgasm, he was about to cum inside of me.

β€œJules.” He whimpered against my skin while my nails ran down his back. I threw my head back against the wall and my legs started shaking even more as my orgasm ripped right through me, making me let out a series of moans and whispered while my eyes rolled back into my skull.

β€œFuck.” I whispered. β€œFuck, fuck, fuck.”

Fred placed a hand flat against the wall, head hanging low, touching my shoulder as he too came hard. He groaned and turned his head to hide his face in my neck. His thrusting was now very slow as he rode out his orgasm with help from me as I had my legs wrapped around him tightly to keep him deep inside of me.

β€œThat’s it my love.” I whispered, still panting from my own orgasm. One last thrust and the last of his semen shot into me. He stilled inside of me for a moment, letting the both of us get a chance to relax before pulling out.

My legs unhooked from his waist and when they fell to the ground, my knees gave in. Fred was quick to hook an arm around me to keep me up and against the wall. I chuckled as I looked up at him, his eyes studying my face while the water continuing to pour down over us.

β€œThat was nice.” I said in a whisper while I placed my finger between his collarbones, running it down the middle of his torso.

"Nice?” He chuckled, my cheeks heating up with embarrassment.

β€œStop.” I laughed, hiding my face with a hand. β€œYou know I’m terrible with this.”

He gently wrapped his hand around my wrist to remove my hand from my face and he tilted his head while his eyes kept studying me.

β€œAt what? At what to say after sex?”

β€œYeah.” I smiled. β€œI’m terrible at that.”

He ran his fingers into my wet hair and I closed my eyes at the sensation, smiling faintly to myself. After a moment of standing like this, both being quiet with nothing but the sound of the water filling the room, I looked up at him and then turned my head, my eyes landing on the towels.

β€œYou prepared for this, didn’t you?”

He chuckled deeply, his index finger moving around in circles on my lower abdomen.

β€œYou make it sound like I lured you into a trap.” He said, causing me to look back up at him. β€œI knew what I wanted but I would never have done anything of you said no or pushed me away but I did bring towels just in case. One for me and two for you.”

He smiled softly at me and I repaid the smile, loving something as simple as him remembering that I couldn’t shower without two towels. I had to have one for my body and one for my hair.

β€œFred—” I spoke lightly, my eyes flicking down to his chest. β€œWe need to talk about this.”

A sigh escaped his lips and I quickly looked up at him. He was hovering over me, a hand pressed flat to the wall behind me and his eyes closed.

β€œPlease don’t do this.” He breathed. β€œYou’re gonna say that this was a mistake. You wish it hadn’t happened and that you don’t want me. You agreed to this. I asked for your consent and you gave it to me. You can’t just—”

I shut him up by placing a hand on the back of his neck and tiptoeing for my lips to meet his. His own hand grabbed onto my waist, his nails digging into my first as he breathed heavily against me.

When I pulled back, he opened his eyes to watch me, my hand still behind his neck.

β€œThat wasn’t what I was going to say.” I shook my head. β€œYou just need to know that I can’t just forget what happened and I certainly can’t forgive it.”

He bit down on his lip, watching me nervously while waiting for my point.

β€œI love you and it’s quite obvious that being broken up doesn’t work for us so I am willing to try this again. Start over... reset this relationship.”

β€œReally?” The corners of his lips turned upwards into a smile as his arm wrapped around my waist while he stepped closer to me.

β€œYou just have to be patient with me.” I said as he placed his forehead against mine. β€œIt’s going to take me a while to learn how to fully trust you again and you need to give me some time to inform my friends about this before we can even be seen in public again.”

He pressed his tongue to the back of his teeth as he smiled cheekily, his other hand going down to my waist as well.

β€œOh stop that.” I mumbled, causing him to laugh. He slid his arms around my lower back and leaned down to hide his face in the crook of my neck as he hugged me tightly. β€œI love you and I really want us to be able to work again but that means no secrets at all. We tell each other everything.”

β€œOf course.” He whispered against my skin. β€œAnything to have you back.”

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