His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 29

β€œThat took longer than expected.” Seth said when I joined my friends at the table.

β€œIt did?” I asked with a shrug. β€œHmm, weird.”

β€œWeird?” Melba scoffed. β€œYou were gone for thirty-five fucking minutes.”

β€œWhat were you even going back to get?” Seth asked. I frowned at him. β€œYou said you forgot something and that’s why you needed to go back.”

β€œBack to the common room?” Nate questioned, eyes landing on me. β€œI didn’t see you when I left.”

β€œWell that’s because—”


I had nothing. I didn’t know how to excuse where I had gone. I had to tell them that I was giving Fred a new chance but I didn’t know when or how.

β€œFine.” Nick scoffed, acting offended. β€œDon’t tell us. Just don’t tell your best friends where you magically disappeared off to.”

β€œWhy’s your hair wet?” Nate reached over and touched the tip of my hair which was the only part that hadn’t dried properly from the spell. His eyes drifted to the entrance to the Great Hall where Fred entered while tightening his tie. Then he gasped. β€œJules!”

I bit my lip, nervously looking down to avoid their eyes.

β€œOh my god!” Melba exclaimed when her own eyes had drifted off to where Fred was. β€œJulie you dirty whore.”

β€œWhat?” I frowned. β€œHand me the plate of pancakes please?”

Nick picked up the plate and after I grabbed a pancake and placed it on my own plate, he put them back down.

β€œYou and Fred had sex, didn’t you?” Melba asked. β€œWhere? In the fucking lake?”

β€œNo.” I muttered. β€œIn the prefect bathroom.”

β€œWait one second!” Seth held up a hand. β€œThat sheet of paper he wanted me to give you. The note. Please don’t tell me that was an invitation to sex because that means I gave you that message and basically sent you up there to get laid.”

I rolled my eyes at the dramatic tone in his voice and cut into my bare pancake.

β€œNo comment.” I said, guiding a piece of pancake into my mouth.

β€œThat’s why you look so different.” Seth said. β€œYou haven’t stopped smiling since you sat down. Must’ve been some great sex.”

I rolled my eyes and put down my fork to drink some juice instead.

β€œDid you at least remember to use protection?” Nick asked. β€œWrap it before you tap it.”

β€œDon’t be silly, wrap your willy.” Melba joined with a small smile.

β€œAvoid the dread, cover your head.” Seth laughed.

β€œCover your stump before you hump.” Nick said and I let out a sigh, shaking my head.

β€œI hate you all.” I told them. β€œAnd I’m still on the pill so we didn’t need a condom. Now can we stop talking about sex? I want to finish breakfast so I can get to the library.”

Nate and Seth exchanged one glance and then all hell broke lose when they started singing individually on turn.

β€œDon’t be a loner, cover your boner—”

β€œIf you’re not going to sack it, go home and whack it—” Nate took over from Seth before Seth took over again.

β€œIf you go into heat, package your meat—”

I looked at Melba and she grinned at me. She wiggled her eyebrows at me and I rolled my eyes dramatically before looking at Nick who was just as embarrassed.

β€œEspecially in December, wrap up your member—”

β€œSex is cleaner with a packaged wiener—”

β€œDon’t make a mistake, cover your snake—”

β€œCan you stop now?” I asked but they ignored me and continued to sing, loud enough for students to look and teachers to stop eating.

β€œDrawer your pip, then split her lips—”

β€œStop the stream before you cream—” I immediately clamped a hand over each of their mouths.

β€œI think we get it!” I told them. β€œSo please shut up.”

β€œYou’re a buzzkill.” Nate pouted, removing my hand as Seth removed the one over his own mount and Nate and nudged me with his shoulder. β€œWe’re having some fun.”

β€œYeah. Nothing wrong with that.” Seth agreed. β€œSo what? Let me ask you something... you and Fred are having sex now? He cheated on you. Don’t you think it’s wise to be sleeping with him?”

My jaw tensed as my throat tightened. If he reacted like that to me sleeping with him, how would he react to know I had taken him back and that we were going to try again?

β€œIt’s just sex.” I muttered. β€œAnd it’s none of your business, Seth. Just leave me alone. I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Melba snickered and I when I looked at her with a raised eyebrow, she simply shook her head.

β€œI’m sorry but the way you said that... you sounded really Scottish.”

β€œI am Scottish.” I told her with a small chuckle.

β€œYeah I know.” She rolled her eyes playfully. β€œIt just came off a lot stronger and it was funny.”

I inhaled sharply.

β€œRight. Does anyone care to study with me during the free lessons?”

β€œI’ve got some Herbology homework.” Melba nodded before she looked at Nick and Nate. β€œYou two are coming as well. Otherwise you’ll never finish it.”

β€œWhatβ€” I’m almost finished.” Nate said with a certain look on his face that showed he was lying. β€œAlright. I haven’t even started yet but I promise I was going to!”

β€œSure.” Melba nodded. β€œYou were planning on doing your homework and guess what... I’m straight.”

She gasped dramatically and I grinned as Nate rolled his eyes at her before stealing her pancake. Melba’s eyes immediately went wide as she looked at him.

β€œHave you got a fucking death wish?” She asked. β€œYou can’t just steal my pancake. Especially when it was on my plate!”

β€œWatch me.” He cut into the pancake and guided a piece of it into his mouth while keeping eye contact with her. She put down her fork and knife, then stood up on the bench, earning attention from the different tables.

β€œMiss Striker.” Professor Sprout’s voice sounded through the room but Melba ignored her as she suddenly in one swift movement stepped over the table and attacked Nate with a scream leaving her mouth.

β€œOh dear Merlin.” I sighed. She always had to make such a fuss about a stupid pancake. Nate shrieked in a high-pitched tone and shielded his face from the punches he received to his shoulders and chest. β€œMelba—”

β€œNo no—” Seth gently grabbed my arm when I went to stand. β€œThis is fun. Let’s just watch.”

β€œMiss Striker!” It now came from Professor McGonagall who made her way down to our table. β€œGet off of Mr Twig this instant!”

Melba sighed but then stood up, leaving a laughing Nate on the ground.

β€œI’m sorry Professor.” Melba smoothed out her uniform. β€œHe stole my pancake.”

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