His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 3

β€œI’m just saying that I wanna get drunk!” Nate explained as we were walking towards the carriages. He had his arm thrown around Callie’s neck and my arm was intertwined with Melbas. β€œIs that too much to ask?”

β€œYou better now have any alcohol hidden in that bag of yours.” Callie said. β€œIf you get caught with it on school grounds, you’ll get expelled.”

β€œSo I’ll get expelled.” He joked but his smile faded as soon as Callie glared up at him. β€œI’m joking, I’m joking! Don’t worry babe, I’ve got no alcohol with me. I’ll just have to brew some myself to get drunk.”

β€œDon’t you dare.” Nick told him. β€œIf you get expelled, we lose our keeper.”

"That’s what you’re worried about?” Nate argued. β€œThat you’ll lose your keeper?”

I think one of the reasons the six of us are bonded so well, was probably our love for quidditch. We’re all on the Hufflepuff quidditch team.

Nick and I both tried out for the team at the start of our second year and we got the positions as chasers.

In our third year, Melba decided to tryout and got the position as one of the beaters. Year later Callie got the position as the second beater.

At the start of our fourth year, Nate and Seth both tried out. Nate became the new keeper and Seth became the third chaser.

Now, we’re all seventh years on the team. Our seeker and team captain is Cedric Diggory. He usually gets tired of us. I mean, he is the captain of an entire team of best friends who act like fucking donkeys sometimes.

β€œOh look. The carriage is about to leave!” Nick spoke as he rushed over to hold it so we could get on. Melba let go of me and got on it first, followed by Seth and when I stepped up, he grabbed my arm, pulling me the rest of the way. I shrieked as I almost tripped but Seth got a hold of me and we laughed together as we sat down.

Though my laugh quickly died when I saw who was across from me. Oh crap. Fred sat right in front of me, staring back at me with his twin brother on one side and Angelina on the other.

Nick sat down on the other side of her while Nate sat beside me with Callie on his lap.

The carriage started moving.

β€œYou’ve got to be kidding me.” I blurted, not taking my eyes off of him and neither did he.

β€œWell this just became a whole lot awkward.” Nick said, earning a kick from Melba which made him yelp in pain.

β€œJulie, right?” Angelina asked with a smile as she extended her hand. β€œIt’s nice to officially meet you.”

I didn’t answer and I didn’t shake her hand. She knew what she was doing. She knew she had been the home wrecker. The person who ruined my relationship to Fred.

β€œAngie, don’t.” Fred whispered but loud enough for me to hear.

β€œWhat? I’m trying to be polite.”

"Were you trying to be polite when you fucked my boyfriend?” I asked and finally ripped my eyes away from Fred to look at her.

Seth clamped a hand over his mouth to not laugh and Nick did too right after he actually did let out a laugh.

β€œI like this.” George spoke with a smirk on his face. When Fred cheated, he was one of the first people to come see if I was okay. Told me he had spend hours yelling at his brother for behaving in such a disgusting way.

β€œI don’t.” I spoke and looked at Fred again. The only reason I acted like this. Acted tough, was so that I didn’t break into tears. β€œOi! Callie. Watch out. Johnson may try to fuck your boyfriend.”

Then I looked at Angelina. β€œOr maybe you should watch out. Once a cheater, always a cheater, right?”

β€œQuit it, Jules!” Fred snapped, causing me to look at him again. β€œWhat are you doing?”

β€œI’m not doing anything.” I shrugged and leaned forwards, placing my elbows on my knees and resting my chin in my hands. β€œThe worst thing, Fred... was that you told me you loved me.”

He sighed, closed his eyes for a minute before he opened them again to see the tears starting to form in mine. β€œCan we not do this here?”

β€œIf you love someone—” I said. β€œYou don’t cheat on them. If you want to cheat, you set them free. You should’ve set me free. Dumped me. That would’ve been so much better.”

β€œYou know, she’s not wrong.” George said, agreeing with me. β€œThat was a real dick move.”

β€œGeorge... mind your own business.” Fred told him but his eyes never left mine.

I hate him.

I hate him.

I hate him.

Though I tried convincing myself that I did, I really didn’t. I loved him so much but he hurt me and I wasn’t going to forgive him. Not that I’d ever get him back even if I chose to forgiven him. He’s with Angelina and he chose that. He wants to be with her.

Why did we have to get on this carriage? Couldn’t Nick fucking have seen that he was sitting there?

No... couldn’t I have seen it? Couldn’t I just have looked up from the ground for once and paid attention to my surroundings?

β€œYou look like you could use a cigarette.” Seth said as he handed me one he had just lit. I happily grabbed it and made eye contact with Fred again as I placed the cigarette between my lips and inhaled.

β€œYou’re smoking now?” He asked with a tone of disbelief as he walked out into the courtyard to see me hide behind a wall. β€œSince when do you smoke?”

β€œShit.” I cursed, the smoke leaving my mouth before I crouched down and put it out on the ground, then put the remaining of the cigarette back into te pack. I looked up at Fred as I stood. His arms were crossed over his chest and he didn’t look impressed.

β€œYou do realize how bad that is for your health, right?”

I sighed. β€œI’m sorry you don’t like it.”

He laughed and stepped closer as he shook his head at me.

β€œIt’s not that I don’t like it. It’s that I hate it. Hate cigarettes, tobacco. It kills you.”

β€œEverything can kill you, Freddie.” I smiled. I then took a step towards him and leaned up to wrap my arms around his neck after having pushed my cigarettes into the pocket of my trousers. β€œKiss me?”

β€œNo.” He smiled faintly. β€œNot when you’ve just been smoking.”

I exhaled the smoke and it went straight into Fred’s face but he kept a straight face. He hated when I smoked but now we weren’t together anymore so he didn’t have a say.

β€œVery mature.” He said and in response I simply shrugged before inhaling again. I wanted to hate him. I wanted to hate him so bad but I just couldn’t. I loved him more than anything and I hated myself even more for it.

β€œC’mon, baby.” Angelina intertwined her arm with his but he didn’t take his eyes off of me. β€œJust ignore her.”


Fred hated being called that. I could even see it on his face. That little nose scrunch he automatically did when he found something repulsing. He hated that she called him baby. He hated being called baby.

I used to call him that just to tease him because I knew how much he hated it. Then we’d laugh together. I’d laugh because I loved teasing him and he’d laugh because even though he wouldn’t admit it, he loved that I did tease him.

As soon as we reached the castle, I was the first one to get out of the carriage and I walked as fast as I could towards the entrance closest to the Great Hall. My friends quickly caught up with me.

β€œHe’s just being a dick.” Callie told me. β€œDon’t let him get to you.”

β€œI’m much more annoyed by fucking Johnson.” I said. β€œWho the fuck does she think she is? He doesn’t even like to be called baby. He hates it more than he hates losing to Slytherin, and he really hates losing to Slytherin.”

β€œJust forget about him.” Seth said. β€œForget about Fred and forget about Angelina. They deserve each other, really. For now, let’s just go get something to eat and let’s get our last year started.”

β€œWe need to enjoy it.” Nate then said. β€œOur last year. Can you believe it, guys? One more year and then we move on to our career choices. That’s crazy to even think about.”

β€œI’m going to be the best Auror out there.” Melba explained. β€œI’m going to beat up all the bad guys and be so famous. More famous than Harry Potter himself.”

β€œNo one’s more famous than Harry Potter.” Nick replied. β€œAnd you have to get accepted into the program before you know whether or not you can be an Auror.”

β€œOh shut up, Jesus.”

β€œDon’t call me Jesus! You know I hate that!” He argued. Melba started walking faster up the stairs while Nick followed as the two argued about his name.

Nick is actually his middle name. His parents names him Jesus and it’s not pronounced as β€˜Hesus’, his name is actually Jesus. Though he hates it more than anything so everyone calls him Nick. When he introduces himself, he uses Nick and if anyone for some odd reason asks for his middle name, he uses Jesus.

So his actual name is Jesus Nick Crane. We all love teasing him about it, through we also use it against him in an argument like Melba just did.

β€œI know you probably hate Fred.” Callie said as I now walked closer to her and Nate with Seth on my other side.

β€œProbably? That bastard fucked Johnson and didn’t even explain himself. All I got was a sorry.”

β€œRight.” She nodded. β€œYou still love him, don’t you?”

I looked at her and narrowed my eyes at her. β€œOf course I do. We dated for nineteen months. That’s not something I can just move on from.”

β€œOf course not.” She said with a little smile. β€œJust so you know. He loves you too. Never stopped.”

β€œDon’t be bloody ridiculous.” I laughed. β€œHe chose Johnson over me.”

β€œNo, I think she’s right.” Nate said as he nodded.

β€œI could sense it too.” Seth explained. β€œThere was so much sexual tension between you and the way he looked at you... he still loves you, Jules. Whether you want him to or not.”

I sighed.

β€œI don’t care.” I said, holding up my hands in surrender. β€œHe made his decision to cheat and he stayed with her. His choice, not mine. Even if we did get back together, I wouldn’t be able to trust him the same.”

Seth threw an arm around my shoulder as we tried catching up with Melba and Nick. β€œDon’t worry, Jules. We’ll stop mentioning him. Even though we’re speaking the truth.”

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