His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 31

β€œGryffindor versus Slytherin. Who’ll win?!” Seth stood on one of the benches in the hallways, shouting as if he was a paperboy in the streets. β€œTen galleons on Gryffindor! Anyone care to contribute?!”

Callie and I watched his β€œperformance” as he was trying to squeeze money out of people.

β€œHe’s going to have to pay all of that back if he loses.” Callie said as a line of students formed in front of Seth. β€œWho do you think’ll win?”

β€œWell, Gryffindor won the last time but then again... Slytherin might cheat to have their way.”

β€œTrue.” She shrugged. β€œYou know what? I’m gonna get in line. Ten galleons in Slytherin’s victory. Let’s see how cocky he is when he has to pay that back.”

My eyes followed her as she walked to the line and with a small sigh, I stepped back, leaning against the arch that separated the hallway to the courtyard.

Then the twins showed up in either side of me, crawling in from the courtyard to sit in the ached windows.

β€œHi Julie.” They said in unison. I mumbled a quiet β€˜hi’ back, eyes concentrated and focused on the crowd of people.

β€œFreddie told me you were back together.” George’s voice sounded to the left of me. I slowly turned my head to look at me before I turned it the other way and looked at Fred.

β€œHi.” I breathed as I now fully noticed him. He laughed softly, his eyes leaving mine to look at the crowd.

β€œWhat’s going on here?”

β€œOh—” I muttered, going back to watching them as well. β€œSeth is making bets on who will win today’s game. He thinks Gryffindor.”

β€œDoes that mean Callie thinks Slytherin?” George asked and I nodded slightly. β€œHow insulting!”

β€œHow about you, babe?” Fred asked. I felt his fingers brush against the skin of my neck, gently caressing it.

β€œI’m rooting for you.” I said. β€œCause I’m not playing.”

β€œWhat are you hinting at?” Fred asked, biting back a chuckle.

β€œ... that we wouldn’t be able to lose if you were playing?” George asked, causing me to look at him with a cocky smile, my tongue pressing to the back of my front teeth.


β€œOw.” Fred took his turn to talk and once again I turned my head so I could look at him. β€œYou are wounding us, Pegas.”

I rolled my eyes and patted his knees. β€œI’m sure you can handle it. You’re both big boys, right?”

Fred grinned while George snickered loudly. β€œDon’t bring me into whatever sexual games you’ve got going on.”

Fred discreetly wrapped his pinky around mine by my side before leaning closer while looking around. β€œYou’ll be there to watch us win, right?”

β€œOf course.” I smiled. β€œWouldn’t miss it.”

He hummed and winked at me before his pinky left mine and he and George disappeared out into the courtyard again. I looked after them for a moment, grinning. Then my eyes connected with Melba’s from across the hallway and I straightened up while my grin dropped.

She shook her head at me and I silently cursed under my breath before she turned around and walked back towards the Hufflepuff basement.

I decided to follow her so I could give her an explanation. Her steps were fast but I followed her. When we reached the common room, she went directly to the sofas and threw her bag next to where Nick and Nate sat.

β€œSo what?” Melba turned towards me. β€œWe know you and Fred fucked but now you’re whatβ€” back with him? What was that in the hallway?!”

β€œWhat was what in the hallway?”

β€œDon’t play dumb.” She scoffed. β€œAre you back together?”

I sighed.


β€œThe guy who cheated on you?” She laughed. β€œYou’re back with him? So... everything is completely forgiven? He just sat and basically cuddled her in the hallway on Tuesday!”

β€œThey’re not together.” I shrugged. β€œHe told me that.”

β€œAnd you believe that?!” She laughed again. β€œOf course he’d say that.”

"Yes, I do believe him.” I told her. β€œI also believe how sorry he is that it happened. How regretful he is—”

β€œOh he’s regretful?!” Her voice raised even more and at this point, Nate and Nick watched us. β€œIf he was regretful he wouldn’t have cuddled her in the hallway only four days ago!”

β€œThat was nothing!” I groaned. β€œHe explained it to me yesterday. They’re just friends now. Just like Seth and I are just friends when we cuddle. Just like you and I are just friends.”

Melba placed her hands on her hips, shaking her head at me. β€œHe’s gonna hurt you again.”

β€œAnd if he do, it’s over for good.” I shrugged. β€œBut right now we’re taking it one day at a time. He knows I don’t fully trust him right now, knows he has to earn that and be patient.”

β€œWhat kind of relationship is that?!” She yelled. β€œYou shouldn’t be with someone you obviously can’t trust! You don’t get back with your ex. You never do because it never ends well!”

β€œWell being broken up obviously didn’t work!” I yelled back. β€œYou heard what Nick said. I was never gonna stop loving him!”

β€œYeah—” Nick spoke and sat up straight. β€œBut I never said get back with the guy who cheated on you and made you feel worthless.”

β€œHe didn’t make me feel worthless.” I sighed. β€œI made myself feel worthless because I compared myself to her.”

β€œAnd that was his fault!” Melba yelled. β€œYou wouldn’t have made yourself feel like that if he hadn’t cheated!”

I knew this was going to be difficult. That’s why I was so terrified of telling my friends, especially Melba and Seth.

β€œI love him.” I told her. β€œAnd yes, he cheated which I have neither forgotten or forgiven. We’ll work to get back to where we were before it happened but I also know that Fred made me really happy and he’s the reason I’m who I am. Before him I didn’t live my life and you know that. I was a closed book, no fun.”

β€œOh c’mon.” She laughed, shaking her head. β€œYou were perfect then, just like you’re perfect now.”

Nate stood up, placing himself next to Melba with his eyes focused on me as well.

β€œYou may have been quiet but you were the same person behind closed door. He did help you be more outgoing though and that was nice. Just be careful you don’t get hurt again, alright? We all saw how broken you were when you saw them together back in May.”

β€œYou’re actually condoning this?” Melba looked at him and he shrugged.

β€œIt’s her decision.” He said. β€œAnd if he makes her happy, that’s all I want.

Then he came towards me and opened his arms, meeting me in a hug.

β€œThis is unbelievable.” Melba said in an I-give-up tone. β€œWait ’till Seth hears. He’ll think the same as I.”

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