His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 32

β€œThis isn’t your decision!” I yelled at Melba. β€œIt isn’t up to you.”

β€œI’m just trying to look out for you!” She gestured a hand towards me. β€œYou’re like a fucking sister to me and I hated seeing how hurt you were after he stuck his tongue down Angelina’s throat! Getting back together with him is the stupidest thing you can do!”

I let my body drop down into the sofa next to where Nick said. I crossed my arms over my chest, my eyes drifting up to the Helga Hufflepuff portrait.

β€œJulie for fuck sake.” Melba sighed.

β€œWhat’s going on?” Seth’s voice sounded from the entrance as he and Callie walked in. β€œWhy’re you upset?”

β€œBecause of Julie.” Melba scoffed. β€œApparently she’s back with Fred like... officially or some shit like that.”

β€œWhat?” Seth let out a laugh as Callie slipped over to wrap her arms around Nate in what looked like a warm hug. Seth’s face dropped as he shook his head. β€œShe wouldn’t do that.”

His eyes flicked to me. β€œYou wouldn’t do that.”

β€œWhat exactly does that mean?” I scoffed and leaned forwards with my elbows on my knees. β€œI wouldn’t do that? He deserves a second chance.”

β€œNo he fucking doesn’t!” Melba snapped. β€œHe does not deserve a second chance and he does not deserve you!”

β€œYeah.” Seth frowned. β€œHe doesn’t.”

I stood up.

β€œAlright so you are all okay with me sleeping with him but when I decided to give him a second chance and be his girlfriend again, that’s where you draw the line.”

β€œBecause sex can be just sex!” Seth raised his voice. β€œBut involving emotion—”

β€œSex would always have emotion between him and I!” I yelled. β€œI love him and that’ll never stop! I don’t care if you like or not but when he’s around, you will respect him.”

β€œLike he respected you?” Seth raised his eyebrows at me. β€œYou’re making a mistake.”

I shrugged.

β€œMelba already told me that.” I said. β€œAnd maybe I am but then I’ll figure it out and take it from there. Right now I just want to be happy with him again.”

I ran a hand through my hair before rubbing my eyes.

β€œYou can’t be back with him, J.” Seth said, his voice softer. I removed my hands from my face to look at him with a tired look. ”Jules.”

β€œI’m leaving.” I announced but as I headed towards the door, Seth grabbed onto my wrist and forced me to stay.

β€œDon’t you remember—” He started speaking as we looked at each other. β€œHow you cried yourself to sleep for the first many weeks. How we all cuddled you to sleep on different nights even though boys aren’t allowed in the girls dormitories? How we were there for you and held you up, helped you through your day when all you wanted to do was curl into a ball and suffocate yourself because of the pain he caused you? And now you voluntarily go back to him when you could have something better. You deserve someone who would never hurt you.”

I ripped my arm from his grip, my eyes moving around to the rest of my friends.

β€œI love you all.” I breathed. β€œYou know I do and you know I respect your opinions but I really want to see if there is a possibility of our relationship working again.”

β€œIt never worked!” Seth suddenly yelled, startling me to the point I automatically stepped back. β€œYou and Fred never fucking worked! You were fighting all the time and in the end he went and kissed someone who wasn’t you! Now you’ll have a relationship with him where there is absolutely no trust. That is toxic and I am telling you that it will not work!”

β€œYeah?” I asked. β€œAnd what would you know?”

His face softened but then turned into confusion. β€œWhat’s that supposed to mean?”

β€œThat you are the homewrecker in a relationship, Seth.” I told him. β€œYou are fucking Cho while she’s with Cedric and Ced is not only our team captain, but he’s also a friend. Don’t come here and give me a lesson about toxic relationship when you are doing the exact same thing to a relationship that Angelina did to mine.”

β€œSeriously?” He laughed. β€œYou don’t know shit about that. I’m fucking Cho because I can’t—”

He stopped himself and I raised my eyebrows, waiting for him to continue.

β€œGo on. What were you going to say?” I asked. β€œWhat is it that you can’t?”

He snorted.

β€œYou’re so fucking annoying.” He mumbled as he stormed off towards the boys dormitories.

β€œRight back at you!” I yelled. I turned around quickly and did the same as he, stormed out of here but I just left the common room instead of walking to my dorm.

Why was he reacting like that? I get being confused and pissed, not understanding why I would go back to Fred but he took that argument one step further.

I marched down the hallways of the castle. I wanted to cry but I didn’t let myself do so. I was so sensitive when it came to Seth and fighting with him. I had always looked up to him since we were kids and starting Hogwarts so upsetting him was something I really hated and it almost always made me cry.

β€œHey, Jules! Julie!”

I turned around and my eyes landed on George who ran up next to me with a small smile on his face.

β€œHi.” I responded lowly. He threw an arm over my shoulders, pulling me into a sideways hug.

β€œI just talked to talk to Fred.” He told me. β€œWell I always talk to Fred but we were preparing for the match and you came up.”

I hummed.

β€œI wanted to thank you for giving him a second chance.” He said. β€œI know what he did was hard on you and he completely ruined the trust you had for towards him. He’s going to have to rebuild that which he knows but I see how happy he is that he has the chance to make things right.”

β€œI believe people deserve second chances.” I shrugged. β€œI just uhβ€” I had to get to the point where I was ready to give that to him.”

George let go of me to instead place his hand on my shoulder and stop me from walking. I looked up at him, seeing a slight frown on his face.

β€œAre you alright?” He asked. β€œYou seem a little... distant.”

β€œI—” I sighed, biting my lip. β€œI told my friends about Fred and I and they...”

I shrugged, my eye drifting down the hallway where a group of Ravenclaws stood and talked about something.

β€œThey didn’t take it well, I suppose?”

β€œIt was horrible.” I said and ran a hand over my face. β€œEspecially Seth. He acted odd and we were both yelling. Right now I just need a hug. Will you hug me?”

George chuckled softly.

β€œOf course.” He said and wrapped his arms around me as I slid mine around his back. I rested my head against his chest, closing my eyes while I enjoyed the comfort. β€œYou know, I’m sure they’re just worried. I’ll be watching over the two of you simply because I don’t want to see my brother make the same mistake.”

β€œI’m scared that he will.” I told him. β€œBut I’m trying to convince myself that he won’t.”

β€œI’m sure he won’t. He loves you and he realized how stupid he was to risk what you two had.” He said and rested his head on mine. β€œBut I understand why you worry. Take your time. You’ll trust him again when you trust him again. It’s that simple.”

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