His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 33

Gryffindor won against Slytherin and Callie was pissed because she didn’t get her money back from Seth. I went down to congratulate Fred, throwing my arms around his neck while he happily hugged me back.

β€œThank you.” He whispered into my ear. β€œFor being here and watching me play.”

β€œYou were amazing.” I told him. β€œOf course not better than me.”

He scoffed playfully and pulled back so he could look at me. β€œYou’re better at me, eh?”

β€œAt quidditch.” I nodded. ”Much better.”

β€œOh, you’re a cocky little thing.” He raised his eyebrows, then quickly dropped them. β€œCan I kiss you?”

In response I grabbed into the hair on his neck and pulled him down to connect our lips. He placed one hand on my hip, the other wrapping around my back to pull me closer and my free hand rested against his chest.

His tongue swiped over my bottom lip and I hummed lightly as we pulled away. He smiled at me and I noticed his eyes flickered to somewhere else, then back to me repeatedly.

β€œYou told your friends, didn’t you?” He asked. I looked over my shoulder to see Seth and Melba with George. Melba and him were talking but Seth stared straight at us, his jaw tense and eyes angry.

β€œI did.” I informed him. I ran my hand along the side of his neck to make him look at me. β€œThey didn’t react well. I actually meant to talk to you about it.”

β€œYeah?” He tucked a lock of my hair behind my ear. β€œLet’s go talk then. Somewhere quiet.”

β€œNo—” I tucked on his arm when he had grabbed my hand and moved to pull me with him. β€œIt can wait for later. You should celebrate with your team.”

β€œThey’ll be partying for a while anyway.” He shrugged. β€œI told you I’d make it up to you and the first step is being there for you, putting you before anyone. Especially myself.”

I nodded slowly and he offered a soft smile before leading me out from the tent and back towards the castle, lacing his fingers with mine.

β€œWhat did they say?”

I shrugged.

β€œWell, Nate was being supportive. I don’t really know what Nick or Callie thinks but Melba and Seth were both yelling at me.” I said. β€œSeth was acting really weird and I justβ€” I don’t like fighting with them.”

β€œI know you don’t.” He let out a heavy breath as he gave my hand a squeeze. β€œCan I ask how Seth was acting weird?”

β€œHe was just getting over-the-top pissed and talked to me in nearly a pleading tone as if he was begging me to not be with—” my eyes widened at the realization.

β€œI’ve known that for a while.” Fred said and looked at my face.

β€œBut he can’t—” I didn’t know how to react to the thought of that. β€œHe’s like a brother to me.”

Fred chuckled.

β€œDo you always kiss your brothers?”

β€œEw.” I shoved him in the shoulder and his chuckle turned into a laugh. β€œI just meanβ€” I could never see him that way. I only asked him to kiss you to make you jealous because I wanted to fucking torture you. He can’t like me.”

β€œHe does.” He nodded. β€œYou haven’t noticed the way he looks at you? I personally think he has felt about you like that since fifth year.”

"Fifth?! I—”

I took a deep breath, shaking my head. β€œI kissed him, Fred.”

β€œYep. I was there.” He breathed. β€œCan you not keep mentioning it?”

β€œNo it’s notβ€” what I’m trying to say is that if he likes me and I kissed him. Merlin, what that didn’t do to him emotionally. Now I feel so bad.”

β€œYou’re a great kisser.” He nodded. β€œJust sucks that he got to figure that out.”


β€œI’m sorry.” He hurried to say. He let go of my hands to put his up in the air in surrender. β€œI just don’t like to be reminded that he had his tongue in your mouth.”

β€œOh—” I raised my eyebrows and looked at him. ”You don’t like to be reminded of his tongue in my mouth?”

I had stopped walking and he stopped ahead of me, turning around to look at me.

β€œBecause as far as I know, I had to watch you with your tongue in Angelina’s mouth.” I said. β€œAnd that’s while we were together.”

He didn’t say anything so we just stood there and looked at each other before I sighed.

β€œI’m sorry.”

β€œWhy’re you sorry?”

β€œI shouldn’t have brought it up.” I said. β€œWe’ll never move on if I keep bringing it up.”

Fred reached out both of his hands and when I placed mine in his, he pulled me close. Our hands dangled between us as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to my forehead.

β€œI don’t expect you stopped hurting from what I did just because you decided to give me another chance.” He told me. β€œYou’re still angry. You’re still hurt and we still have a long way to go.”

He once again laced our fingers, his hazel eyes staring down at mine. He moved our hands out to the sides and let go of mine to wrap his arms around my back. I ran one hand up to his shoulder while the other rested on his arm.

β€œWhat do you wanna do now?” He asked. β€œI don’t want to attend the Gryffindor party. I want to spend some time with you.”

β€œYou sure?” I tilted my head. β€œYou just won the first match of the year.”

β€œAnd I want to celebrate that with you.” He told me. β€œNo fighting. No arguing. Just the two of us having a nice time together like we used to.”

β€œWhat do you suggest?” I smiled sweetly, then my eyes widened when I got an idea and I placed both hands on his shoulders as I did a little jump. β€œWe can sneak off to Hogsmeade and get ice cream!”

Fred laughed and his hands went from behind my back to hold my waist.

β€œJulie Pegas, head girl and prefect of Hufflepuff house wants to sneak off to Hogsmeade because of ice cream?”

β€œYou know how much I love ice cream.” I pouted. β€œPlease, Freddie. We won’t be caught.”

β€œOh I’m not worrying about getting caught.” He laughed. β€œI know the secret passageways that lead to Hogsmeade. I’m just wondering if you really wanna break the rules. I know you and—”

β€œFred.” I groaned, throwing my head against his chest. β€œI want ice cream.”

β€œOkay.” He breathed. β€œWaitβ€” don’t you have a prefect meeting later?”

I nodded.

β€œYes but that’s not until tonight after dinner.”

β€œOkay.” He smiled and leaned down to peck my lips. β€œLet’s go to Hogsmeade and get you some ice cream.”

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