His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 34

Fred’s fingers drew circles on my knee as we sat against the brick wall that separated Hogsmeade from the train station. I got my strawberry ice cream. It was my favorite flavor. Fred had insisted on paying for it and ended up just giving the cashier the money before I could protest anymore.

I watched the people in the small village while I ate my ice cream. We were both pretty quiet but I felt Fred’s eyes on me.

β€œStaring isn’t nice.”

He laughed softly while he leaned his head back against the brick wall. Then I felt his fingers drag up my inner thigh, making me choke on the ice cream in my mouth.

β€œSomething wrong?” Fred asked when I turned to look at him. He cocked an eyebrow, a smirk playing on his lips.

β€œHere.” I extended my hand, trying to ignore his attempt to turn me on. β€œHave some ice cream.”

He leaned forwards, his eyes focused on me as he bit into the ice cream, causing me to make a face.

β€œYou’re a psychopath.” I said. β€œNo one bites ice cream. It’s cold. Doesn’t your teeth hurt because of that?”

A smile spread on his face and he gently grabbed my wrist to move the hand with the ice cream away before he leaned in. He placed one kiss on the corner of my lips, then kissed me, opening his mouth to slide his tongue into mine for a moment, then pulling back.

I watched him slump back against the brick wall, looking away as if he didn’t just kiss me like that.

β€œFucking bastard.” I breathed. β€œKiss me again.”

He slowly turned his head and his eyes met mine again. The he grabbed the ice cream from my hand and licked it.

β€œTastes good.” He said. β€œThough I prefer vanilla.”

β€œI said; kiss me.” I said. He raised his eyebrows at me before he threw the ice cream in the grass, though I didn’t care. I crawled onto his lap, straddling him and he let out a breathy moan when I clenched my thighs around his hips. My hand went to the back of his head, pulling on his hair to get him to raise his chin and looked at me.

He whimpered at the feeling, his eyes closing for a minute before they opened again, his hazel eyes staring up into mine with his pupils dilated a lot more now than before and the growing bulge underneath me told me he was getting turned on.

β€œFreddie, Freddie, Freddie.” I tutted, shaking my head as I ran a few fingers down the side of his face until I got to his neck. β€œWe’re in public. Don’t you think your lower area is being a tad inappropriate?”

A smile spread on his face as his hands went down to grasp my thighs while he leaned forwards so that his face was inches from mine.

β€œI love how you’re trying to act all tough.” He whispered, his minty breath hitting my face, my lips. β€œYet you can’t get yourself to say cock. I guess there’s still some innocence hidden inside of you.”

His hands rose higher on my thighs until his thumbs were touching my inner thighs... just below my heat.

β€œI thought you loved getting naughty in public.” He whispered, kissing my jawline softly. β€œI thought it got you off.”

β€œIt sure gets you off.” I breathed, rubbing myself against him until his hands went to my waist instead to keep me steady. ”What? You started this. Scared you won’t be able to finish?”

Suddenly and I have no idea how, he stood up, me still straddling his hips and I shrieked with surprises while quickly wrapping my arms around his neck to not fall.

β€œLet’s go somewhere more private.” Fred whispered and kissed me softly. ”Shall we?”

He ran a hand down my back until it rested on the back of my right thigh and his other arm stayed around my back as he started walking along the brick wall and behind one of the shops.

I smiled as he pressed my back against the brick wall, thrusting his hips against mine. My smile dropped and a moan escaped my mouth.

β€œFuck.” I cursed, digging my nails into his shoulders. I unhooked my legs from around him and let my feet fall onto the ground. Fred placed a hand on the brick wall next to my hand and as we looked at each other, I grabbed his other hand and guided it down between my legs so he could feel the heat. I continued to watch his face as a small frown appeared and his lips parted, the sound of a small gasp escaping.

I let go of his hand and immediately he ran a finger up through my slit outside of my knickers, then ran the finger over my clit, making my legs give out and if it hadn’t been for his knee that was pressed in between my thighs, I would probably have fallen to the ground.

β€œYou like that?” He asked lowly. I hummed in response and bit onto my lip. β€œNo, no don’t do that. Let me hear you.”

He brought his free and up and tucked on my bottom lip to get it out from under my teeth. I let out a breathy moan, arching my back of the wall when his hand suddenly pushed my knickers aside and thrusted a finger inside of me.

β€œYou—” I let out another moan and grasped onto the back of his neck. β€œ... never k-kissed me.”

A smirk spread on his face before he leaned in and pressed his kiss to mine just as he slid another finger in. I moaned into his mouth, my nails digging into the back of his neck, though he didn’t seem to care. He just grunted in response, kissing me with more passion and more aggression than before.

I felt his tongue against mine. I felt his teeth clash with mine. I felt his breath and he felt mine. It was such a aggressive yet passionate kiss full of love.. as if we couldn’t get enough of one another.

That was until Fred tangled his hand in my hair and pulled my hair back, a loud moan erupting from deep down my throat while he attached his lips to my exposed neck.

A third finger slipped into me and the thrusting only got faster. My moans were mixed with begging and cursing at the same time as my nails only dug deeper into his skin to the point I actually thought I was going to make him bleed.

β€œI want you to cum on my fingers.” He whispered against my neck. β€œCan you do that for me, love?”

I bucked my hips against his hand in response and let out a cry of pleasure when he curled his fingers deep inside of me, brushing right past my g-spot.

β€œOhh.” He cooed at me. β€œLooked like that hurt you.”

β€œShut up.” I muttered, making him laugh. I let go of his neck and ran the hand to his shoulder instead. His tongue came out to pass over my pulse point and at the same time he hit my g-spot again, making my entire body jolt from pleasure. At the same time his thumb rubbed circles on my clit repeatedly, casing my legs to soon shake as I slowly reached my orgasm.

It came sooner than expected. It ripped right through me and my eyes rolled back into my skull as I leaned on Fred for support while he continued to finger me through the orgasm. I bit onto his shoulder, moaning against his skin.

Afterwards I was panting heavily against him. I tilted my head back watching him as he pulled his fingers out and stuck them into his own mouth while keeping eye contact with me.

β€œYou’re so–” I couldn’t even describe it. He made me go crazy with the way he was looking at me after what he just did.

β€œI’m what?” he cocked an eyebrow, a smirk spreading across his face. I frowned at him and softly shook my head as I grabbed onto his shirt, turning us around and pushing him up against the wall as I sunk to me knees. β€œOh?”

I smiled innocently up at him, seeing his shocked face while I reached up to undo his trousers. Fred reached down and pushed some hair out of my face before moving his fingers to under my chin so he could tilt my head back, my eyes meeting his.

β€œThere’s something I forgot to ask you earlier.”

I cocked an eyebrow.

β€œWhat is it?”

β€œYour dad– how’s it going between the two of you?”

I simply looked at him for a moment before letting out a laugh and throwing my forehead against his thigh. β€œYou did not just bring my dad into the conversation when I was about to suck you off.”

β€œAlright.” he laughed softly. β€œI guess that was bad timing. Does that mean you’re not gonna suck me off?”

I zipped his trousers and then stood up, patting his cheek. β€œNot now. You just put my dad in my head so... no.”

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