His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 36

β€œPsst, Jules.”

I groaned in response to whomever was trying to wake me up while waving them off.

β€œWake up, love.”

I was so tired and so sleepy that I didn’t even process who was talking or what was happening so instead of answering, I rolled onto my other side and pulled the duvet up and over my head.

Though it was quickly pulled down, making me groan again. I felt a hot breath against my shoulder before I felt a pair of lips against my skin.

A small smile spread on my lips and when the lips kissed my collarbone, I turned onto my back, tilting my head back into the pillow in hope that the person would kiss my neck.

It was an automatic reaction. I enjoyed it and my mind was on Fred as I felt the person now plant a kiss on the side of my neck.

I was sure I was dreaming. I was sleeping in my dorm in the Hufflepuff basement and I was dreaming about being kissed.


My eyes opened when a hand snuck under my shirt and rested against my stomach. I looked straight into Fred’s hazel eyes as he stared down at me with a smile.

β€œTook you a while.”

β€œWhat the hell are you doing in here?” I asked and propped myself up on my elbows. β€œHow’d you get in?”

"Please.” He grinned. β€œI’ve watched you and your friends do the rhythm so many times that I’ve memorized it. It’s not that hard to get in once you’ve done that.”

I rolled my eyes and sat up before playfully shoving him in the stomach, seeing as he stood up. He grabbed onto my wrist and I let my hand run down his chest, resting with my finger hooked into the waistband of his pyjamas pants.

My eyes flicked up to his and I smiled softly.

β€œYou shouldn’t be in here. I was sleeping.”

β€œI saw.” He smiled, bringing my hand up to peck it. β€œLet’s go.”

β€œWhere’re we going?” I asked and threw my duvet aside before getting out of bed, my head reaching just above his shoulders.

β€œNowhere in particular.” He shrugged and leaned down to kiss me when I pressed a hand over his mouth.

β€œMorning breath.” I told him, shaking my head. He removed my hand and kissed my palm while keeping eye contact.


β€œLet me just go brush my teeth, then you can kiss me all you want.” I grinned and he laughed silently before sitting down on my bed to wait for me to brush my teeth.

β€œJules—” a weak voice came from Melba’s bed, making me freeze before slowly turning around. β€œ... are you up?”

β€œShh, go back to sleep. I am just going out to pee.” I said, biting my lip in hope that she believed me.

β€œHuh? Then why’s there a giant on your bed?” She asked. β€œIs that Fred? Fred... you there?”

"Hi... Melba.” Fred breathed and she immediately sat up.

β€œWhat the fuck are you doing here?”

β€œJust go back to sleep, love.” I told her. β€œI’ll inform you in the morning.”

She let out a scoff before she laid back down and turned her back to us. Fred and I looked at each other and with a grin, he wiggled his eyebrows at me.

After I brushed my teeth out by the sink in a small bathroom that was located off of the dormitory, I got back to Fred and straddled his lap to kiss him while he placed his hands on my hips.

Fred hummed against me before we pulled apart and I got off of him. He grinned widely and stood up. ”Minty.”

I playfully rolled my eyes as I let him lead me out of the dorm and down through the tunnel to the common room that was dark during this time of the night. The hallways of Hogwarts were chilly and quiet, the only sound were the whispers of Fred and I and my giggles when he held onto my hand and spun me around.

As he led me up to the astronomy tower, his hands went down to my hips, his chin resting on my shoulder. The way he eagerly pushed me up towards the tower made me giggle and I felt him smile when he kissed my shoulder.

β€œWhy do you seem so excited?” I asked, placing a hand in his hair. β€œWhat’ve you got planned.”

β€œNothing.” he cooed. He moved to my side, his arm resting around my waist and he sent me a playful glance that told me he was lying.

What’ve you got planned Freddie?

β€œIt’s quite chilly up here.” he said when he pushed open the door and held it for me. β€œTell me if you’re freezing and we can go back down.”

I stepped inside, feeling a chill breeze hit me, though it wasn’t bad. It was actually quite nice.

β€œIt’s okay.” I smiled back at him as he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pressed a kiss to my cheek and then I moved my head more to kiss his lips while placing a hand on the back of his neck.

One of his hands went up to cup the side of my head and I shuddered at the feeling of metal against my skin. I broke the kiss and turned around, taking his hand in mine.

β€œWhat’s this?” I asked, eyes studying the black hammered metal ring that sat around his middle finger.

β€œGeorge helped me make it.”

I shortly glanced up at his face.

β€œI like it.”

β€œYeah?” he chuckled nervously. I looked up at him again, smiling. I nodded at him and he pressed his hand to my jaw as he kissed me again. β€œGood, ’cause I have a similar one for you.”

A frown spread across my face as he laced his fingers with mine and guided me over to sit against the railing. While I sat, he pulled something out of his pocket, then joined me

β€œIt’s a promise ring.” he told me and showed it to me. β€œLook at the inside.”

J + F

β€œI’ve been a shit boyfriend once before.” his voice came out gentle and soft and I looked at him to study his face as he spoke. β€œI don’t want to repeat that. I don’t want to fuck you over again. Losing you was the hardest thing I’ve had to go through and I don’t know what the future brings but I promise you that I will improve. I promise you that I will never cheat on you again and I will treat you like you deserve to be treated. Like a bloody queen because that’s what you are. You’re my queen.”

His eyes flicked up to meet mine and he chuckled when he saw the tears in my eyes. He grabbed my hand, caressing my skin. β€œDo you want to wear it? You don’t have to if you think it’s weird or–”

β€œFred.” I interrupted him, offering a small smile. β€œThank you. It’s really beautiful and I would love to wear it.”

After he pushed the ring onto my finger, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in to meet my lips. His hand pushed some hair away from my shoulder so it could rest right under my jaw and as I deepened the kiss, I crawled into his lap, straddling him.

β€œThank you.” I repeated, breaking the kiss so I could look at him. We were both panting from kissing hungrily even though it was for a short time. β€œYou’re pretty great.”

Fred shook his head slightly, grinning before he pecked my lips, then pressed a kiss to my shoulder. I ran my hands into his hair, feeling him nuzzle his face against my neck.

I loved this man. I knew what he did was wrong but I also knew that he highly regretted it and I was almost sure now that he would never do it again.

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