His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 39

Through charms class, I ignored Fred. When he tried approaching me, I turned my back to him. I just didn’t want to face it right now. The feelings I had about him being close to Angelina. It surely didn’t help when he sat with her and the rest of their group on the other side of the room.

I tried to focus the best I could on the things Processor Flitwick were saying, thought I kept glancing towards Fred and more than once I caught him already staring with a certain look. When I looked at him, he’d raise an eyebrow and shake his head softly in a way to ask what was going on with me.

When my friends and I left the classroom after the two lessons, I felt a hand grab around my wrist and I knew who it was before even looking and that I didn’t bother to do.


I gulped and my eyes followed the people that walked past. George, Lee, Angelina and Alicia. My friends had stopped a few feet ahead, waiting for me but I gestured for him to continue before I finally turned around to look at Fred.

β€œHi.” I forced a smile which caused him to look more confused than during class. β€œDid you feel like you were learning anything because I certainly didn’t understand a word Flitwick were babbling about.”

The only reason I didn’t understand Flitwick was because I was distracted but I wasn’t gonna let Fred know that.

β€œAre you okay?” He asked, running a hand down my arm to find my hand but I moved it behind my back, keeping my eyes on his face. β€œWhat did I do?”

β€œYou didn’t do anything.” I shrugged. β€œI justβ€” I’m tired, Freddie. Maybe I should use my free lesson on catching up with the sleep I didn’t get last night.”

β€œIs this about Angie?”


β€œNo.” I breathed heavily, taking a step back. β€œThis isn’t about Angie.”

β€œMerlin, Julie.” He laughed, shaking his head. β€œAre you jealous? That’s—”

β€œWhat? That’s what?”

β€œWell if you would let me speak instead of cutting me off, I’d tell you.” He raised his eyebrows at me and took one step forward while I stepped back again. β€œThat’s ridiculous.”

β€œOh ridiculous? It’s ridiculous?”

β€œYes!” He exclaimed. β€œIt is!”

β€œYou’re so—” I placed my hands on top of my head, laughing so that I wouldn’t start crying.

Somehow he made me extra sensitive. Before him I wouldn’t cry that easily but now every time we argued, I just felt like breaking down.

β€œI’m so what?”

β€œObnoxious.” I told him. β€œYou’re obnoxious. Stop acting like I have no reason to feel like this. Only six months ago you had your fucking tongue down her throat and now when we’re back together, she calls you Freddie and you call her Angie while she laughs at basically everything that comes out of your mouth!”

He looked taken back. His eyes roamed my face for a moment before he looked away with a scoff.

β€œSo you can suck me off in the middle of the night but because I call a girl by her nickname, I’m obnoxious.”

β€œNot just any girl you prick!” I hissed. β€œThe same one you cheated on me with. The same one who treats me like absolute shit for no particular reason and... don’t you dare bring the blowjob up like that.”

I turned my back to him to walk away but his hand grabbed onto my wrist again and when I turned back around to look at him, his other hand grabbed onto the back of my neck as he attached his lips to mine.

Unable to resist him, I kissed him back, letting myself melt under his fingertips. One hand grabbed onto the arm of the hand that held my neck and my other hand went around his back.

He deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding past my lips to meet mine. I groaned into the kiss, my hand sliding up his arm to his wrist. I forced his hand away from my neck and placed it on my waist before wrapping my own arm around his neck and pulling him closer.

He tasted like strawberry which probably came from the gum he had been chewing during class.

As he started to pull away, he bit down on my lip and then I felt his lips leave mine. I opened my eyes to look up at us, the both of us panting from not getting enough oxygen in the kiss.

β€œI love you.” He whispered, resting his forehead against mine. β€œOnly you.”

He cupped my cheek and ran his thumb across my bottom lip before looking into my eyes.

β€œDo you believe me?”

Did I?

β€œOf course I do.” I whispered, wrapping my arms around his waist to his I’ll him closer to me. β€œAnd I love you.”

His right arm went around my shoulders and he pulled me up against his chest before planting a kiss on my head.

β€œI know it’s going to take a while but you need to at least try and trust me.” He said. β€œI’m never gonna make that mistake again. I can’t lose you for the second time.”

β€œFreddie!” Angelina’s voice echoed through the corridor. We didn’t pull apart but we both looked towards the staircase where she stood. β€œAre you coming? You promised we could play a game of chess.”


I ripped my eyes away from her and turned my head the other way but my head stayed against his chest and his arms around me.

β€œAsk George!” Fred called back. β€œI’m gonna spend the free lesson with my girlfriend.”

A smile spread on my lips. I hadn’t expected him to choose me over her. Not after all the times he’s come running like a lost puppy when she called.

β€œSeriously?” Angelina asked. β€œFreddie, c’mon. You’d rather spend an hour with thatβ€” that slag instead of me?”

β€œHey!” Fred shouted at her while I let go of him and stepped back. I kept my eyes on a window in the opposite side of the corridor than where Angelina was. β€œWhat did I tell you, Angie? Stop talking about her like that. I don’t want to hear it and especially not when she’s here to hear it.”

β€œYeah yeah, whatever.” Angelina said with a scoff and when I turned to look at her, she gave me a dirty look, then made her way down the stairs.

β€œI’m sorry you had to hear that.” Fred said, lacing his fingers with mine.

β€œI don’t care.” I shrugged. β€œI’m used to her insults. Did she stand there the whole time?”

β€œI don’t think so.” He chuckled. β€œShe must’ve come back to see where I was.”

I hummed as I looked up at him, giving his hand a squeeze. He smiled at me and seeing his smile automatically made me smile.

β€œThank you for defending me.”

β€œOf course.” He frowned slightly as he brought my hand up to his lips. β€œI wouldn’t just sit around and listen to her talk like that about my girlfriend.”

β€œOh so she talks about me like that often?” I chuckled, shaking my head. β€œDoesn’t surprise me, really. She’s likes you.”

β€œLike Seth likes you?”

β€œYeah, but I never—” I inhaled sharply, looking up at him. β€œLet’s just go before our free lesson ends.”

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