His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 40

β€œFred, I swear to Merlin if you don’t back down right now, I will break up with you.”

He cocked an eyebrow which was his way of challenging me and I shrieked when he suddenly ran around the table. I ran to the opposite side to stay as far as way as possible.

Never start a play fight with Fred Weasley. It’s not going to end well for you.

β€œYou’ll break up with me, aye?”

β€œIf you come any closer, I will.” I warned him, grabbing onto the table as we both kept moving around it. We were in the courtyard and some students had stopped to see what the hell we were doing but I didn’t really care.

Fred had made some sassy comment which caused me to shove him and he fell into the snow, then got up and threw snow at me and now I was trying to keep him at a distance because I didn’t know what he was going to do.

Once he accidentally punched me in the nose during a play fight and for a whole month he kept apologizing and wanting me to hit him back but I refused because it had been an accident.

β€œSay you’re sorry.”

I shook my head.


He narrowed his eyes at me and I smirked, running my tongue along my top teeth. He lunged forward, making me flinch but he stayed in place and smirked when he saw that his attempt at scaring me had worked.

β€œI’ll write your mother!” I warned him. β€œStay on that side of the table and you won’t get in trouble with her!”

β€œOh, you gonna snitch on me to my mother?” He mocked with a playful grin and suddenly he took one large step onto the table and another one down. My eyes widened and I didn’t get to react before he had pulled me over his shoulder. I screamed with laughter, punching his back and yelling for him to put me down as he walked with fast and steady steps.

β€œAlright.” I breathed, calming down a bit. β€œFreddie, babe. Love. My darling. Put me down, please?”

β€œDon’t worry. I’ll put you down in a moment.” He told me and I shrieked when he patted my bum.


A laugh erupted from his throat but he kept on walking with me hanging over his shoulder.

β€œGonna apologize?” He asked. β€œFor pushing me to the ground?”

β€œNo!” I groaned. β€œThere’s nothing to apologize for. I told you not to get sassy with me.”

He continued walking, though his steps slowed down. People who walked by, looking at us from over their shoulders. After all I was hanging from over Fred Weasleys shoulder.

β€œBabe you are really stupid.” He laughed, making me scoff and roll my eyes in response. β€œYou fought back in the first minute or so and then you relaxed. You won’t be any good if someone kidnaps you one day.”

β€œOh shut up!” I exclaimed, hitting his back again. β€œWhere’re we going you big dump?”

β€œWhere do you think we’re going?”

β€œI don’t know—” I muttered. β€œThe library?”

β€œThe library?” He laughed. β€œYou think I’m taking you to the library? No... I’m taking your somewhere private.”

Somewhere private.


Suddenly he put me down in front of him after walking up a lot of stairs. I fixed my hair, then looked up at his smirking face. I took a deep breath before folding my arms over my chest.

β€œNot like that.” He laughed. β€œYou’re a little pervert.”

β€œAm not!” I argued and went to shove him in the chest when he grabbed my wrists and turned me around, pulling my back against his front, my eyes landing on the wall in front of us. β€œWait... the room of requirement, am I right?”

Fred leaned down, his lips gracing my ear and a hum leaving his mouth.

β€œDo you want to learn how to enter?” He whispered and I nodded. β€œIs there anything you need right now?”

β€œYour cock would be nice.” I blurted and we both laughed. Me into the air and he against my neck. β€œNo uhβ€” my mum’s bedroom.”

β€œYour mum’s bedroom?”

β€œYeah. Her and my dad had a different room before she left. He couldn’t stay in it after she abandoned us so he moved rooms.” I said. β€œSome of my mum’s stuff are still there but the doors been locked ever since and I’m not allowed in there. I’ve been in there once and it was only for a short moment before my dad dragged me out.”

Fred let go of my wrists which he had pinned against my chest, then brushed my hair back.

β€œCome.” He whispered in my ear, his hand finding mine. He laced his fingers with mine as he led me towards the brick wall. β€œThis is it. You have to walk by the room three times while thinking about the room clearly. Then a door will appear and we can enter.”

β€œThat’s it?” I asked. β€œSeem easy.”

Fred let go of my hand, chuckling as he let me summon the room. Alright, walk past the room three times and think about it clearly.

Three white walls.

One yellow with white flowers.

Queen-sized bed with white sheets and yellow throw pillows.

White ottoman.

Big window, covering the middle of the outer wall.

Yellow flowery curtains.

Once I walked past the third time, my eyes focused on Fred, he pushed himself away from the wall and nodded behind me. When I turned around, I saw the brown wooden door. The same wooden door that led to the bedroom home in my dads house.

β€œIt worked.”

β€œOf Cause it worked.” Fred’s voice came from behind me. I looked at him and extended my hand, waiting for him to grab it before we walked to the door. I pushed open the door and walked through with him following me.

My eyes scanned the room. It was exactly like I remembered it and I couldn’t help but smile. There even was a view on the other side of the window. The same view of our garden at home.

β€œThe colorsβ€” are they because of Hufflepuff?” Fred asked. I turned to look at him and he then shook his right. β€œNo wait... your mum was a muggle. Never mind.”

I chuckled, biting down on my lip as I made my way to the desk that stood opposite of the bed. Fred sat down on the ottoman, watching me.

β€œWhat’re you looking for?”

I glanced back at him as I pulled open a drawer and went through it.

β€œWell. I’ve always wanted to know a little more about my mum, why she left.” I let out a breath. β€œDad says it’s because she found out of his status and that I was going to be a witch butβ€” she should’ve loved me no matter what so I don’tβ€” I don’t see howβ€” maybe there’s another reason. A reason I don’t know.”

I heard Fred get up before he walked over to stand next to me, leaning against the desk.

β€œYou think you’ll find anything?” He asked and I shrugged before my hand hit something that felt like a book at the back of the drawer. I froze, my eyes on Fred as I pulled it out.

We both looked at it and I turned it around a few times to look at it.

β€œA journal?” I questioned. β€œDiary perhaps.”

β€œYour mothers?” He asked and I shrugged slightly before opening it.

β€˜Property of Annie Rivers’

β€œIt’s hers.” I breathed. β€œMy mum’s diary.”

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