His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 42

I have brothers? I have brothers. Brothers. Boys that share the same parents as I do. The thought just... wow. I’d always wanted siblings and I was robbed of getting the chance. I didn’t know much about them. The diary told me their names which were Matteo and Ezra. I didn’t know if they had my dads surname or my mum’s. Pegas or Rivers. According to the diary, Matteo was the oldest. If my math was correct, he would either be 22 or 23 and Ezra would either be 19 or 20.

I felt so odd. So confused. Almost as if I was in shock. I knew me and my dads relationship weren’t the best but thisβ€” he had kept such big details from me my entire life and I felt like I didn’t know him or even myself.

He was violent towards my mum. What if he hit me when I asked about it? I knew I had to ask about it.

Dear Diary,

Julie is such a cute little baby. She was born a few days ago and she’s beautiful. She looks like me a lot but mostly she looks like Matteo.

He chose her name. He’s only four but he wanted her to be named Julie after a girl he plays with in nursery school. Matteo loves her so much already but I think Ezra is a bit jealous because he won’t be the youngest anymore.

He’ll get around.

My little girl. I love my boys, I really do but ever since I myself was a little girl, I dreamt of being a mother to a daughter so I could get to do her makeup and have the talk to her when she was old enough. Give her fashion advice, makeup advice and answer all the questions she has when she starts menstruating and her body starts to change. When she gets her first crush, her first boyfriend. Or girlfriend! I don’t care. As long as she’s happy.


β€œHey.” A voice spoke. I quickly shut the diary closed and looked up as Callie approached me with a smile. I softly smiled back and made room for her on the sofa so she could say by the end of my feet. β€œWhat’re you reading?”


I shrugged and bit onto my lip. Maybe I should tell her. It’s Callie. I trust her and she’s one of my best friends.

β€œFred took me to the room of requirement.”

Callie’s eyes widened.

β€œWait really?” A grin spread on her face. β€œIt showed to you?”

β€œIt did.” I breathed. β€œI made it show the bedroom my parents slept in when they were together. I found this diary andβ€” apparently I have two brothers.”

β€œWhat?” She laughed. β€œNo you don’t! You’re taking the piss! Surely your dad would’ve told you if you had brothers.”

I shrugged, looking down at the diary.

β€œMy mum wrote that he hit her.” I told her, lowering my voice as I played with a hem on my trousers. β€œShe was a witch, Callie. She wasn’t a Muggle at all and the reason she left was because she had to get away from my dad. Wrote that she couldn’t take me with because I was too young but that she knew my dad would give me a good life.”

A frown was plastered into Callie’s face which was totally understandable. I didn’t get this either.

β€œOh shit.” She cursed. β€œWell what’re you gonna do? If it was me, I’d want answers.”

β€œI do want answers but I’m not seeing him until Easter.”

Callie sighed and shook her head.

β€œYes you are. Go home for Christmas, Jules. The rest of us will manage to have a fun Christmas without you and if you and your dad end up fighting again, you know you’re always welcome at the house.”

After looking at her for a while, I smiled and placed the diary down beside me before leaning in and wrapping my arms around her.

She hugged me back, resting her head on my shoulder while I rested mine on hers.

β€œAww.” It came from someone as a figure approached the sofa, resting his arms on the back of it. Callie and I pulled apart to look at her twin brother Lorenzo who watched us with a grin. β€œHow cute. Two best friends hugging it out over something. What’s up? Did one steal the others boyfriend?”

Then he gasped and looked at me. β€œDon’t tell me you slept with Callie’s Nate!”

β€œAre you—” Callie scoffed. β€œ... fucking stupid?”

β€œWhat?” Lorenzo frowned and looked at his younger twin sister.

β€œI’m in a relationship.” I rolled my eyes. β€œAnd Nate isn’t my type. Plus, I’d never do that to Callie.”

β€œIn a relationship you say?” Lorenzo now looked at me. β€œDon’t tell me you’re back with that fool. I’m so much better than him. You should totally dumb him and be with me instead.”

Enzo and his jokes.

β€œGet lost you git.” Callie said as she shoved him in the shoulder. β€œStop bothering us!”

β€œI was joking!” He exclaimed as he held up his hands in surrender. β€œKinda—”

Callie threw one of the throw pillows at him and he shrieked before dodging it.

β€œAlright, I am joking!” He assured us. β€œI’ll see you later. Don’t have too much sex with Fred and Nate in the meantime!”

Callie looked back at me and we both rolled our eyes as he left the common room.

β€œIt’s embarrassing to be related to him.” She sighed. β€œAnd he’s so annoying.”

β€œYou only say that because he gets everything.” I laughed.

β€œWell he does! And that’s not fair either! How’d he make prefect when I didn’t? And mum and dad fucking spoil the boy while I exist too!”

"You shatter their plates while he cleans the house.” I argued and she let out a breath before nodding.

β€œYeah alright.” She muttered. β€œI get your point. Now back to what we were talking about. Are you gonna tell everyone else about this?”

β€œI don’t know.” I sighed. β€œMaybe not everything until I know more about it. I’m not really sure I’ll tell Fred either. I just need those answers from my dad and the I’ll see what happens next.”

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