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Chapter 43

The rest of the week I tried to mainly keep my focus on my studies and getting ready for the Hufflepuff against Ravenclaw match on Saturday.

I didn’t spend much time with Fred but he had tried pressing on about what happened in the room of requirement, though I shot him a simple lie about finding out my mother had an affair. I mean, that’s not what I read at all and it’s not true but I needed him at a distance until I knew enough and felt ready to tell him.

It was the same with the rest of my four friends. Callie knew the truth but I had to give the others a lie. I told them my dad wants me home for the holidays for some β€˜bonding’ and hopefully it didn’t seem too suspicious, due to our tense relationship.

Saturday came quickly and Cedric was very anxious about us winning. Said he was gonna pull an β€²Oliver Wood’ if we didn’t win.

Once when Gryffindor lost to Hufflepuff, it was rumored that Wood went out and tried to drown himself in the prefect bathroom.

We can’t have Cedric try to drown himself as well so winning is not a choice. We have to win. Also because we really love winning. My friends and I can get pretty competitive.

Fred and George were going to be at the match. They had promised to cheer on as loud as they possibly could. I overheard Angelina try to talk both of them out of it which didn’t work at all. They wanted to be there and watch Hufflepuff beat Ravenclaw so they weren’t gonna let her persuade them.

β€œI could be taking a bath right now.” Melba complained as we made our way down to the pitch, following Cedric who wanted to do a last minute practice. β€œA fucking bath. In the prefect bathroom.”

β€œYou’re not supposed to be using the prefect bathroom, Striker.” Cedric’s voice came from about a feet ahead of us. He glanced back at me and I quickly held up my hands in surrender, forgetting about my broom that then fell too the ground.

β€œI promise I didn’t give her the password!” I lied before picking up my broom and catching up to them. Cedric eyed me but turned back to look where he was going.

He was always so grumpy when it came to my friends and I.

β€œThe plan for tonight is to distract the Racenclaws as much and as good as possible.” He started to explain. β€œThey’re smart but what are we? Hardworking. Chasers, you’ll keep your focus on the quaffle and score us some points. Beaters, be as violent as you will with the bludgers. Just don’t aim for body. We don’t want to be the cause of anyone getting hurt.”

β€œSeriously?” Melba groaned. β€œHow boring.”

β€œStriker.” Cedric warned her. β€œI’m being serious. If I see you aim a bludger at the Ravenclaws bodies, I will go to Sprout and suggest that your position as beater is to be replaced.”

Melba rolled her eyes and her and Callie exchanged looks before shutting up.

β€œTwig, do your job as a keeper and stop eyeing Dendron during the entire match. It distracts you and that’s why you suck at protecting the hoops.”

β€œWell I’m sorry but it’s not my fault my girlfriend is so bloody gorgeous.” Nate said and threw his free arm around Callie’s neck. β€œHeard that, babe? I called you gorgeous. Now can you please forgive me for calling you ugly this morning?”

β€œShut up you idiot!” Callie rolled her eyes and pushed him away before moving to the other side of me, trapping me between their argument.

β€œAnd I.” Cedric continued. β€œI will keep my main focus on the golden snitch and make sure to bring us that extra one-hundred and fifty points and bring us to a victory.”

β€œHe’s sure cocky.” Seth whispered in my ear, making me snicker in response.

β€œWonder how he’ll react when he finds out I’ve given the password to ten or more people.” I whispered back. He laughed, causing Cedric to look back at us but we both gave him a shrug in response.

β€œYou’re not a very good head girl.” Nick whispered from beside Seth as they were walking right behind us.

β€œNo I’m not.” I chuckled. β€œI’m probably the worst.”

β€œYeah.” Callie agreed. β€œSneaking into the forbidden forest, sneaking off to the astronomy tower to suck your boyfriend off—”


β€œ... giving the password to the prefect bathroom to a whole lot of different people just because they ask and you hate saying no. Teaching your boyfriend and his twin how to enter the Hufflepuff basement. Do I need to keep going?”

β€œShut it!” I playfully shoved her in the shoulder and she laughed, nudging me with her elbow.

All throughout practice, Cedric was being really tough on the six of us. Almost acted like he was the parent and we were the children. When practice then finally finished, we had a few hours before the match started and when we left the pitch, Ravenclaw walked down to have their own practice.

I got myself some fresh clothes from my dormitory along with some towels before I took a bath in the prefect bathroom and once I was finished and dropped my things off back in the dormitory, I made my way up through the castle to see Fred whom I knew was in his common room.

I said the password which had changed like it did sometimes, though I’d always be informed by either Fred or George much to everyone else’s dismay. Both of the twin boys were sitting on one of the sofas, deep in conversation about something. It seemed to be quite secretive so I figured it probably had something to do with one of their pranks.

With a smile plastered on my face, I approached the sofa where they sat and both of them jumped a little when I ran my hands over Fred’s shoulders and down his chest while hugging him from behind.

β€œMerlin’s beard, where’d you come from?” George panted slightly, placing a hand over his heart while Fred turned to look at me with a slight smile. I smiled back, then placed a soft kiss on his lips.

β€œFrom my mother’s uterus.” I told his brother and looked at him. β€œBut you’re not ready for that conversation yet.”

My mother.

Fred laughed at my comment, seeing his brothers offended face before he grabbed my hand and guided me around the sofa, pulling me down to sit on his lap.

β€œWhat were you gossiping about?” I asked them as I wrapped an arm around Fred’s neck, my knees in the direction of George so I was facing him and not facing away. Fred had an arm over my legs, holding the side of my thigh to hold me against him while his head was slightly leaned back, eyes focused on my face.

β€œNothing.” he smiled smugly, causing me to look at him. I studied his face, from his eyes that glistened in the light from the ceiling, to the way the corner of his lips were turned slightly upwards. β€œJust discussing some plans for Christmas. Nothing more.”

β€œAhh.” I nodded.

β€œYou’re spending Christmas with your friends at Callie’s, right?” George asked and I shrugged in response, my fingers fidgeting with the collar of Fred’s shirt.

β€œI’m actually going home instead.” I said, biting my lip. β€œYeah, my dad wants to spend Christmas together and try and safe the remaining of our relationship.”

β€œOh?” Fred raised his eyebrows. β€œYou didn’t tell me that.”

β€œNo, well I just found out this morning.” I lied and smiled softly at him. β€œIt’ll be okay. Maybe we won’t be fighting as much.”

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