His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 44

Playing our first match of the season felt fucking amazing. I could feel the adrenaline spread throughout my body as I rushed through the air on my broomstick. I managed to score a whole lot of points and so did Seth while Nick got hit by a bludger and ended up in the hospital wing. On that part it didn’t go well.

At the start of the match, Nate was distracted by Callie like usual but after he failed to block a quaffle and Cedric yelled at him, he got his shit together and blocked a whole lot of others. Callie and Melba also did really good. They were being really violent with the bludgers but instead of hitting anyone, they used them to distract them by throwing it right in front of their faces.

When Nick got his by the bludger it was straight to the head and I had rushed to get him when I saw him fall down towards the ground. The game had been paused and luckily I managed to catch him before he hit the ground with his head first. He still had a confusion but he was going to be alright.

β€œWould you stop laughing?!” Callie exclaimed and hit Nate in the chest for the third time. Every time he looked at Nate who was still out and laying in the hospital bed, he’d laugh until he couldn’t breathe. He thought Nick had looked funny when he got hit in the head and Seth tried to hold back his own laugh because he didn’t want Callie to hit him too. β€œHe could’ve been seriously hurt you absolute fool!”

Once Nate’s laughter died down again, the room went pretty quiet. I was fixing the duvet that was covering Nick, making sure he was warm and cozy and Melba who sat up next to him in the bed, brushing her fingers through his hair.

β€œYou do baby him a lot, don’t you?” it came from one of my favourite ginger boys as they entered the hospital wing and approached us by the bed. George placed himself at the end of the bed, placing his hands on the footboard while Fred stood next to me, his arms folded over his chest.

β€œWe do.” Melba explained, keeping her eyes on Nick. β€œHe’s like a little brother to all of us.”

β€œYeah.” I agreed, nodding slowly before I looked at George who had asked the question. β€œHe needed us a lot back in year three when his father grew sick. He was extra vulnerable so ever since we’d all been very protective of him.”

β€œIs his dad alright?” Fred asked and looked down at me.

I opened my mouth to respond but I got cut off.

β€œHis dad is fine.” it came from Seth, a certain hostility in his voice as his eyes stared straight at Fred while everyone looked at him. β€œHe got better and now he’s fine as long as he’s taking his medication.”


β€œAre you okay, Doe?” Fred asked and tilted his head. β€œYour face is weird. You don’t suffer from any condition, do you? I mean, I’m not trying to be offensive, I just want to make sure to I know why you keep looking at me like you want to kill me.”

I tugged at Fred’s jumper to hopefully get him to drop it because I knew that with a comment like that, Seth wouldn’t be able to stand dow–

β€œMaybe I simply want to kill you.”

Here we go...

β€œOh?” Fred raised an eyebrow and shrugged slightly. β€œWhy is that? Because the girl you love loves someone e–”

β€œAnd we’re leaving!” I exclaimed, grabbing Fred’s arm harsh enough for my nails to dig into his skin. β€œC’mon. You too, George.”

I mouthed an apology to Seth before dragging Fred out of the hospital wing, George willingly following behind.

β€œWhat the fuck?!” I yelled as soon as the door closed behind us. I turned to Fred while George leaned against the wall, an amused grin on his face over the fact that we were most likely about to have an argument.


β€œWhat do you mean; what?!” I hissed. β€œWhy did you have to put him on the line like that?!”

Fred’s eyes flicked from my lips to my eyes when I stopped talking and after just looking at my face for a moment, he laughed sarcastically, shaking his head.

β€œYou’re defending him?”

β€œDefe– no one is defending anyone!” I yelled. β€œBut Seth is my best friend and you had no right talking to him like that!”

β€œAnd I’m your boyfriend!” He yelled even louder than me. β€œHe’s been sending me those death glares since we got back together but do you tell him to back off? No! He gets to treat me the way he likes and when I try to defend myself, you get pissed at me!”

I scoffed, taking a step towards him.

β€œThat was not you defending yourself.” I told him. β€œYou were being rude and you were pushing it in his face that I’m with you instead of him.”

β€œIs that what you want?” He asked, being the one to now take a step closer to me. β€œDo you want to be with me instead of him?”

β€œAlright, Freddie.” George pushed himself away from the wall and tried pushing his brother away by his chest. β€œYou need to—”

β€œAre you serious?” I cut George off, my eyes focused on Fred. β€œAre you actually being serious right now?”

β€œGuys, maybe you should—”

β€œShut up George!” We yelled at the same time and in response he held up his hands in surrender, taking a step back and away from us.

β€œYou should be defending me once in a while!” Fred yelled. β€œI’m your bloody boyfr—”

β€œI am defending you!” I screamed. β€œAll the fucking time! I’ve been defending you every time my friends told me it was a bad idea to take you back! What just happened was your fault so shut the fuck up, stop being so insecure and grow up!”

At the last three words, I pushed him in the chest before taking a step back, exhaling the heavy breath that had been stuck in my lungs.

β€œThe only reason you’re insecure about us is because you cheated on me. Cheaters are always looking to catch someone else cheat so they can dodge the blame.”

β€œYou just couldn’t help yourself, could you?” He scoffed. β€œJust had to bring that up.”

β€œWell you know it’s true!” I raised my voice again. β€œAnd right now I don’t need you breathing down my neck and accusing me of loving anyone but you, you fucking asshole!”

His face softened and instead of yelling something back, his eyebrows came together in a small frown.

β€œWhat’s that supposed to mean? Right now?”

I shook my head, refusing to answer that question. I hated fighting with him but I also hated that he spoke like that to Seth.

I knew Seth were struggling with this due to the feelings he had for me and I wanted to help him through it but my boyfriend acting like that sure didn’t help.


In response I raised my hand and flipped him off. β€œPiss off.”

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