His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 45

β€œCan anyone tell me what Amortentia is?” Professor Snape asked as if we didn’t already know. We learned it last year but we went through everything again this year so we could graduate.

β€œAmortentia is a love potion, sir.” Alicia spoke up. β€œThe strongest of them all. You smell what attracts you. Or who attracts you.”

I glanced at Fred who sat next to me, fidgeting with the opening of his robes while staring down at it.

Snape continued to talk but I didn’t listen as my eyes were focused on my boyfriend. It had only been a couple of days since our fight but we hadn’t talked since and I was sad that I hadn’t hugged him or kissed him in those days.

Suddenly he stood up and looked at me when I didn’t. I frowned, looking around to see everyone get up and starting to gather ingredients.

β€œDid you hear what he said?” Fred asked. β€œGet up. We’re working alone today.”

We gathered ingredients and decided to share them so we didn’t have ton of stuff on our table. We had to talk at some point. Maybe after class. I didn’t want to because I didn’t want us to have another fight. We were both stubborn so I had no idea what was going to happen.

Nick was still in the hospital. He had a pretty bad concussion, meaning he had to stay there for some days until he felt better.

β€œYou’re doing it wrong.” Fred’s voice came from beside me when we were both in the middle of brewing the potions.

β€œI’m not doing it wrong.” I scoffed. β€œStop nagging me.”

β€œYou’re supposed toβ€” here, let me.”

He took over and I watched his lips as he explained it to me, looking at my face now and then to see if I was understanding and I simply nodded in response.

When everyone’s potions were finished, we listened to Professor Snape instruct us to individually smell our potions with the people we shared a table with.

Seth was the only of my friends who didn’t sit by the table. He sat with Angelina at a table across the room.

β€œI wanna start!” Callie exclaimed, opening the vial that contained the pink liquid. I placed my elbow on the table, resting my chin in my palm as I looked at her when she smelled it.

Then she smiled sweetly and leaned into Nate who laughed, wrapping his arm around her.

β€œI smell you, of course.”

β€œBut what is Nate?” George asked with a playful grin. He did the same thing last year. He wanted everyone to explain the scents people were smelling because he found it hilarious.

β€œWet grass.” Callie started off, looking at George. β€œMixed with his cologne and then of course cherries from the tree in his garden.”

β€œHow adorable.” I pouted. β€œI’m gonna barf.”

In response, Callie quickly curled up a piece of parchment she had been doodling on, then threw it at me, making me laugh.

β€œGo on then.” She nodded at me. β€œTell us what you smell.”

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my vial, opening it.

β€œYeah, go on.” Fred said with a certain tone in his voice. β€œTell us who you smell. Me or—”

β€œWould you shut up?” I looked at him and he raised a challenging eyebrow. β€œIf this is how you’re gonna playβ€” you go before me. Let’s see if you meant the things you said. If it meant nothing.”

He scoffed in response and quickly grabbed his own vial. He smelled it quickly, then looked at me, his jaw tense.

β€œParchment, quidditch equipment, snow and your perfume.” He almost spat. He was annoyed but I didn’t care because so was I. β€œThere. I just proved myself. Your turn.”

β€œYou guys are acting really childish.” George spoke but he was ignored as I smelled my own Amortentia.

Then I closed the vial and placed it back on the table without saying anything.

β€œSo?” Fred asked and I simply shrugged. β€œI knew it. Smelled him, didn’t you?”

β€œAlright back off.” Melba broke in, pointing a finger at Fred. β€œYou’re a fucking idiot to think she’d ever do to you what you did to her.”

β€œSmoke.” I said all of sudden, turning in my chair to look at Fred. β€œI smelled smoke, I smelled pine which reminds me of the trees near the Burrow where you grew up. I smelled your cologne. The one you have to have because apparently you can’t wear anything else than that. And I also smelled fireworks like the ones you and George always made and then showed me because you were so goddamn proud.”

He let out a breath.

β€œAnd how do I know it’s not George you’re into?” He asked. β€œWe’ve basically got the same scent.”

I laughed sarcastically, shaking my head.

β€œKeyword; basically. George’s scent is more sweet, more sugary from all the candies he eat all the time.”

"What?” It came from George. β€œI don’t eat candy all the time.”

β€œYeah you do.” Nate snickered.

β€œDon’t fucking start acting like that towards me.” I told Fred. β€œJust because you couldn’t keep your lips to yourself in our relationship, doesn’t mean I’ll be doing the same. I would never even consider kissing someone else.”



β€œOkay.” He repeated. β€œI’m sorry. Can we go back to what we’re supposed to do and then have this conversation later?”

I let out a small hum as I turned back around in my chair, my eyes landing on George at the other side of the table.

β€œYour turn.” I said and offered a small smile. Hopefully we could just resume so that the air wasn’t so awkward after Fred and I just argued in front of them.

β€œOh I’m not gonna smell anything.” George shrugged and opened his vial before moving it up to his nose. β€œYep. Nothing.”

β€œWell, I smell campfire smoke, ash, vanilla, green grass, honey and aftershave.” Nick said with a shrug. He had been sitting there, smelling his Amortentia this whole time while Fred and I argued. β€œHave no idea what that means.”

I do.


β€œRight. Melba?” Callie asked but Melba who had been smelling hers as well, shrugged.

β€œI don’t smell anything.”

β€œCan I go now?” Nate raised a hand a little, smiling smugly before his eyes landed on Callie. β€œPerfume and strawberries.”

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