His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 49

I stared at myself in the mirror.

His slap had left a lot of redness. All the way from my cheekbone, to my cheek, to my jaw and a drop of blood had made it’s way down to my chin and dropped onto my white plain t-shirt.

He hurt me.

He had never hurt me before. It only proved what my mother had written. He was violent. He needed to be provoked but he was violent.

I had to get away from here. It had been an hour since he left and I had been in the living room, trying to clean up after the vase that shattered and the ashes on the floor.

The ashes were now in a necklace that hung around my neck. I used a spell to make the ashes to a heart pendant.

I turned away from the mirror, hurrying my way into my bedroom. I needed to pack everything that meant something to me and then I needed to get away. I didn’t know where to go. Callie’s home or Fred’s?

Probably Callie’s. I didn’t want to bother Fred and his family. I knew that not only would his siblings be there, meaning Charlie and he’s always terrified me but Harry Potter and Hermione Granger would most likely also be there and that would just be too many people seeing me cry and seeing me bruised from my own father striking me.

Never have I been happier about having my apparition license when I had finished packing and apparated myself to Callie’s home. I landed outside, the cold air hitting my face and blowing through my hair.

Callie and her family lived in this big mansion in north London. They were a family of five so that had loads of space. It was a light house. The outer walls were a beige color brown it’s white windows and a grey roof and plants growing up the walls.

On the other side of the gate was a path that led up to the stairs to the front door and on ech side of the path was a row of maple trees. Since it was winter, they were quite dead but in the spring and during the summer they would blossom and it would look absolutely beautiful.

The gate has a system so that when a wizard or a witch approaches it, it opens automatically, meaning that it opened for me and closed behind me when I walked through.

I forgot my coat.

Oh well. I weren’t going back there. Never again. There was nothing for me there anymore. Nothing of sentimental in that room anymore, not after I packed it all in my trunk and bags.

β€œJulie?” I heard the familiar sound of Callie’s mum and when I turned I saw her emerge from between two of the trees. β€œOh myβ€” whatever happened to you, darling?”

She put down the dog Jenkins that she was holding and the golden retriever then ran up towards the house.

β€œHi.” I mumbled, my eyes looking everywhere but straight at her. β€œI’m sorry to come unannounced b-but he uhβ€” my dad.”

β€œIt’s okay, love.” She assured me as she rushed over and took my face in her hands, carefully turning my head to look at the bruised and sore side of my face. β€œLet’s get you inside and get you a blanket. You must be freezing.”

She helped me by taking some of my luggage before wrapping an arm around my shoulders and leading me inside of the house. It was as I remembered it. I hadn’t been here for a couple of years but the foyer was as big as I remembered and I was as fascinated.

β€œWe’ll leave your stuff here and go to the kitchen for some tea and a chat, how does that sound?” Olivia sent me a soft smile and I nodded slightly, letting her lead the way to the kitchen after we put my luggage down. β€œThe boys and girls are sleeping but they’ll be happy to see you when they wake up.”

It was early in the morning. Probably not earlier than seven and not later than eight.

I took a seat by the kitchen island and I started to move my finger around in circles on the surface.

He hurt me.

β€œWhere are the stupid wet wipes.” Olivia mumbled to herself as she went through the cabinets under the counter. β€œDo you want to tell me what happened, love? Did something happen with your dad?”

β€œMy dad.” I chuckled, shaking my head. β€œI don’t think you can call him that. He’s my father but he’s not my dad. He struck me when I confronted him about the truth.”

Olivia stopped her actions as she had found the wipes, her eyes on me. β€œOh sweetheart. Here, let me help you clean up the blood while you tell me what happened. Maybe I can help.”

She walked around the table and pulled out a wet wipe before tilting my head back, using her hand. She started carefully cleaning up the line of blood but when she tapped the wipe against my lip, I flinched with a hiss leaving my mouth.

β€œIt’s going to bruise.” She told me. β€œRight now it’s only red but in a day or two the blood that has connected under your skin will turn a bluish or a purple color. Another five to ten days and it’ll turn into a greenish color. In about two weeks, it should turn yellow and then the bruise should start to fade.”

β€œTwo weeks.” I sighed. β€œWell at least it will fade before school starts again.”

My lip felt swollen. It probably was swollen. I wish I could turn back time. I was going to look so ridiculous with half my face bruised.

β€œNow, tell me what happened leading up to it.” Olivia said, offering me a smile before she sat on the chair next to mine.

β€œUhβ€” well, I found my mum’s diary and I found out that she wasn’t a muggle. My father lied to me and then I found out that he used to hit my mum and that’s why she took my brothers and left.

β€œYour brothers?”

β€œMum!” Callie’s voice sounded before she entered the room along with the others. When they saw me, they all froze and the next seconds felt like slow motion.

Everyone rushed to my side when they saw my face but Seth reached me first, grabbing onto my face as gently as he could while the five of them shot millions of questions at me and I tried to answer it my best.

Callie was the only one knowing the truth about the diary and what I read so after the had pulled me up into Callie’s room where they were all staying, I told them everything.

From me finding the diary, to figuring out my life had been a lie to my dad striking me to him kicking me out.

Olivia had offered me to move in and stay with their family here at the mansion when we weren’t in school and then after we graduate too.

I had taken her up on her offer, knowing I had nowhere else to go and she had always been like a mum to me. Treated me like a daughter.

I missed Fred. I wanted to see him but I didn’t want to worry him with my face. I knew he would be worried though. I was just scared he’d do something stupid like confront my father.

That would get himself hurt unfortunately. I didn’t know my father so I didn’t know what he was capable of.

I never knew he’d be capable of hitting me but here we were and my face was bruised from him doing exactly that.

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