His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 5

September first was a Friday, meaning we didn’t have school on the second, neither the third. Classes started on the fourth of September and it was a great morning. I loved school, I honestly did. Though I dreaded it a little bit because I had charms and even though I had it with all five of my best friends, I knew that Fred would be there too. I knew that Charms wasn’t a lesson he’d drop so he was definitely gonna be there. The same with George and probably also Angelina.

The morning started off with Callie, Melba and I getting ready together in our room that we shared with fifth-years Hannah Abbott and Susan Bones. Afterwards we met the boys in the common room and then we left the Hufflepuff basement to go get breakfast. Good thing was that Fred wasn’t there when we got up to the Great Hall. Either he had already eaten or he was going to eat at a later time.

Though it turned out that he had already eaten. When my friends and I walked into class after breakfast, laughing about some stupid thing Nick said, Fred, George and Angelina all sat on the back row on the right side of the classroom. I slid down from Seth’s back to take a seat on the back row in the left side of the room. He had been giving me a piggyback ride, only because I practically begged him.

β€œYou can’t deny it.” Nick continued his argument with Melba. β€œI am the best chaser Hogwarts has ever had.”

β€œAs if.” Melba scoffed once we were all seated, three of us on the back row and the other three on the next one. β€œYou always look like a confused goose when we play and Jules or Seth always have to swoop right in and safe your sorry ass.”

β€œOkay, you don’t have to be so mean about it!” he exclaimed. β€œI am sure if you ask anyone... no, ask Ced. He’ll tell you I’m the best Hogwarts has ever had.”

β€œAlright, Nick. You wanna know who the best chaser in Hogwarts history is?” I asked. β€œThat would most likely be James Potter. The best beater would be fucking George over there. Then there’s the seeker. Everyone knows Charlie Weasley was the best in history and the best keeper was Oliver Wood.”

β€œWait.” Callie said. β€œDo you notice a pattern?”

β€œWhat?” I questioned as she looked at me. She groaned and covered her face with her hands. β€œCallie, what?”

β€œWe are never going to beat Gryffindor.” Seth sighed, sinking into his seat. β€œAll the best in history were on Gryffindor.”

β€œSo?” I raised an eyebrow. β€œWe’ve won over them once before. We can do it again.”

β€œYou know, Jules is right.” Melba said with a smile. β€œWe are going to show everyone at Hogwarts that Hufflepuff is more than just being soft. We might be loyal as fuck. We might be fair but you know what else we are? We are hard working and we are dedicated. We will win against Ravenclaw first, then we’ll smash Gryffindor and lastly we will take the victory from Slytherin.”

β€œDon’t be so sure about that.” it came from the other side of the room and the six of us immediately looked at Angelina who had spoken. β€œAs you just said, Pegas. George is the best beater in history.”

β€œThat’s true.” I nodded, licking my lips. β€œBut we’ve got Diggory. The best of the four seekers that currently play at Hogwarts.”

β€œAnd what about you?” she pressed. β€œI can mention nine chasers that are better than you.”

β€œAngie.” Fred tried to get her to stop but her eyes stayed on mine and I could see the determination in her eyes. She wanted to try and humiliate me.

β€œLet’s see.” she said as she started counting on her fingers. β€œLet’s start with Ravenclaw, shall we? They are the ones you’ll play against first. Who do we have... Roger Davies, Bradley Cooper, David Chambers. Let’s then look at Slytherin as they will be the last you play against. Cassius Warrington, Adrian Pucey and Graham Montague. Now to the best team. Gryffindor. Let’s start with myself, yeah? Then there’s Alicia Spinnet and... Katie Bell.”

The room went quiet. Angelina and I stared at each other. A smirk was plastered on her face and my jaw was all tense as I held my head high and tried not to let her get to me.

β€œCat’s got your tongue?” she pressed and I had to bite the inside of my cheek while grabbing my book tightly to not jump over the table and attack her.

You’re a head girl which means you can’t jump her.

β€œYou shouldn’t sit there and be so cocky about yourself, Pegas.” Angelina told me. β€œI mean. You might be better chasers than Crane and Doe over there but other than that, everyone else is better than you.”

Don’t jump her.

β€œYou’re a bitch.” I told her. Everyone were so quiet. Even the new students that had filled the room. The only one we were waiting for was Professor Flitwick to come and start the lesson.

β€œAm I?” she chuckled. β€œI am just saying what everyone else is afraid to say. You think you’re so much better than everyone else but I think you’re just secretly covering up your insecurities about everyone else being in fact so much better than you.”

β€œQuit it, Angelina.” George broke in. β€œLeave her alone.”

β€œNo. Let her speak.” I said without taking my eyes off of her. β€œGo on. Tell me what you really think about me.”

β€œJules, just let it be.” I heard Seth say from next to me. I ignored him.

β€œWhy do you think Fred fucked me while being with you?” Angelina asked and Fred immediately covered his face as he sighed into his hands. β€œHe obviously wasn’t satisfied by your loose cunt.”

β€œMy—” I inhaled sharply. ”Excuse me?”

β€œYou’ve probably fucked half the guys in school.” Angelina told me. β€œI’m sure if I went down and asked for the Gryffindor guys to raise their hands if they’ve slept with you, only one or two would keep theirs down.”


Angelina ignored Fred as he tried protesting. She kept staring at me as she leaned over her table.

β€œYou’re calling me a slut?” I asked. β€œWow. That’s really original. I’m not the one who slept with someone else’s boyfriend.”

β€œYeah, you’re right. I am guilty of that but he came onto me. He wanted to fuck me.”

I bit onto my tongue so hard that eventually, a metallic taste filled my mouth.

You’re a head girl.

You’re a head girl.

You’re a head girl.

β€œYou’re not as great as you thing, Pegas.” Angelina told me. β€œDidn’t your mum leave?”


β€œIsn’t it true that you never knew her? She left shortly after she gave birth to you. She must’ve found you so repulsive... and poor poor daddy Pegas got stuck with you.”

I slammed my book down against the table, the sound echoing through the room. I got up as quickly as I could and pressed my books to my chest while throwing my bag over my shoulder.

β€œJulie.” Melba called as I made my way down from the row. β€œJules!”

I pushed the door open and left the classroom, hurrying down the corridor as the tears spilled from my eyes. My mum leaving was a touchy subject. I know I’ve never met her and I know I don’t want to ever meet her but she left because she didn’t want to parent a witch. She left because she didn’t want me and Angelina had no right bringing that up.

β€œJules!” I heard Fred call after me and I sighed. I didn’t want him to follow me. He needed to just leave me alone. β€œCan you stop for a moment? I’m sorry—”

β€œYou’re sorry?!” I yelled and turned around to face him. β€œWhat are you sorry for, Fred? It’s not like you said those things. Your girlfriend did and she’s not exactly your responsibility, is she?! Fuck off, Fred. We have nothing to do with each other anymore and I do not need you to come running after me because you feel sorry for me!”

He scoffed and folded his arms over his chest as he stared over my head. β€œFine. You’re right. I do feel sorry for you.”

He looked down at me again, taking a step closer. β€œI feel sorry for you because of how ignorant you are.”

β€œOh shut—”

β€œYou do realize it takes two to fuck up a relationship.”

β€œYes.” I nodded. β€œYou and Johnson!”

β€œJulie, would you just—”

β€œWeasley, Pegas.” It came from Flitwick as he entered the corridor. β€œI would hurry to class if I were you. If you get there after me, you’ll automatically end up in detention.”

I glanced up at Fred before I hurried past him and pack to class, wiping my cheeks right before I entered.

β€œAre you okay?” Callie whispered when I got back in my seat.

I nodded.

β€œYes. Sure.”

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