His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 50

β€œIt looks like my face was used as a punching bag.” I said and looked at myself in the boutique window. It was this empty shop so that no one could look at me from the other side of the window.

β€œYou’re still beautiful though.” Nick commented, making me smile.

β€œKarma will hit him.” Melba said. β€œAnd it will hit him good.”

We were currently in Diagon Alley, spending the day here before Christmas Eve tomorrow which we would just spend at the mansion with Callie’s two brothers.

β€œWhy don’t we have a movie night tonight?” Nate asked and stepped up behind me, playing with my hair while grinning at me through the window, trying to cheer me up.

β€œYeah, we can watch something in the home cinema.” Callie suggested. β€œMake some popcorn and have a really great night together without any worries. Just the six of us.”

β€œNo horror films, right?” Nick asked and Callie chuckled before wrapping an arm around him.

β€œNo horror films.” She confirmed. β€œPerhaps a comedy? What do you say, Jules?”

β€œSounds nice.” I smiled. β€œI could use a movie night. Haven’t watched one in such a long time.”

I ripped my eyes away from Callie to look at my reflection in the window while Nate had started braiding my hair.

Though now I saw someone on the other side of the glass. A man in a suit was walking down a staircase and behind him followed first George and then Fred.

What in the world are they doing in there?

β€œGuys am I daydreaming or is that Fred and George?” I asked, nodding towards the shop we stood in front of.

Melba walked up to the glass and held a hand up to shield her eyes while she stared through it. Then she stepped back and nodded.

β€œIt looks like they’re closing some kind of deal?” She said, raising an eyebrow at me. β€œDo you know anything about that? Have they said anything?”

I shook my head and I heard Seth mutter something under his breath but I didn’t hear it and I didn’t question him further.

β€œOh crap.” I cursed. β€œFred’s gonna see my face.”

β€œAnd why can’t he see your face?” Nate asked. β€œHe won’t judge you.”

β€œNo, but he’ll worry and I just don’t want to have to tell the story again.” I said, grabbing onto his wrist, then Melba’s so I could drag them away from here along with Callie, Nick and Seth.


I froze at the sound of George’s voice and mentally cursed before turning around. George was looking at us, mostly at me while Fred talked to the man in a suit. He glanced towards me and smiled to acknowledge me but then turned back tot he conversation to finish it, though he didn’t get t because he quickly looked at me again, his eyes wide and his lips parted slightly.

A second later he stood right in front of me, hands on either side of my neck, using his thumb to tilt my head back and to the side.

β€œWhat happened?” He asked, studying my face closely. β€œJules, what—”

He shook his head, frowning down at me. β€œWhat the—”

β€œFred.” I muttered under my breath, grabbing a hold of his wrist to lower his hands before I looked over at Callie.

I sent her a look with pleading eyes while biting my lip. She nodded, then turned towards the others.

β€œGuys let’s go. We’ll meet Julie at the leaking cauldron at six so we can go home.” She said, gesturing for our friends to follow her. We exchanged small goodbyes and they said hello to George before they made their way down the street of Diagon Alley.

β€œBabe.” Fred spoke, snapping my eyes back up to look at him. β€œDid someone hit you?”

β€œNo. I did this to myself.” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes before closing them when I realized I wasn’t being very nice. β€œI’m sorry, Freddie. I’m—”

I took a deep breath when Fred cupped my face again, tilting my head back which made me open my eyes.

β€œWho hit you?” Fred asked. β€œWas it any of your friends or—”

β€œMy friends?” I frowned. β€œThey would never lay their hands on me.”

β€œAlright, I’m sorry.” He hurried to say. β€œI know that. Just making sure.”

He bit onto his lip, gently ghosting his thumb over the bruise which chased me to flinch due to the soreness.

β€œShit that looks painful.” It came from George as he walked up next to Fred. β€œDoes it hurt? Is it painful?”

β€œIt’s sore.”

β€œYou confronted your father, didn’t you?” Fred asked. My eyes flicked back to him and I took a step back, his hands dropping from my face.

β€œConfronted her father about what?” George frowned before they both now looked at me. β€œConfronted your father about what?”

I sighed, chewing on my lip again before my eyes moved to the shop they had exited from a moment ago. The man in a suit had left as George had finished the conversation when Fred had seen me.

β€œWhat have you two been up to today?” I asked, nodding towards the shop. β€œLooking to buy that?”

β€œWe might.” Fred muttered. β€œBut don’t change the subject. Did your dad hit you?”


β€œYou know what?” George asked when he could see I had a hard time opening up about it. β€œI’m going to go home. I’ll see you soon, Jules.”

He sent me a cheeky yet warm smile before grabbing his wand and disapparating from here.

β€œHe hit you.” Fred said, a frown plastered on his way while his eyes traced my face, shaking his head slightly. β€œYour dad fucking hit you.”

β€œCan you talk a little louder?” I asked. β€œDon’t
think your brother in Romania heard you.”

β€œCharlie’s home.” He frowned, shaking his head again before stepping closer to me, letting his fingers trace over my shoulders. β€œWhen did it happen? Why didn’t you tell me? Are you okay?”

I closed my eyes but as I took a deep breath, I felt my throat tighten and a sob broke through my lips while I felt a few tears press through my lashes.

β€œI’m sorry.” I hurried to say, wiping them away. β€œI didn’t cry when I told my friends about it but now I’m—”

I clamped a hand over my mouth, resting my forehead against his chest as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders to hug me.

β€œIt’s okay.” He whispered and pressed a kiss to the side of my head. I ran my arms around his back, holding him tightly while I closed my eyes.

β€œHe kicked me out.” I whispered through the tears. β€œSo I’m staying with Callie.”

β€œHe kicked youβ€” fuck okay. I’m glad you have somewhere to stay.” He said, rubbing his hand up and down my back. β€œDid you feel like you couldn’t talk to me?”

β€œWhat?” I tilted my head back to look at him. β€œNo, not at all. I didn’t want to worry you is all.”

He nodded slowly before carefully pressing a kiss to my lips.

β€œWe promised to be honest with each other, remember?” He asked softly, threading through the front of my hair with his fingers. β€œOf course I’ll worry about you, darling. I love you.”

β€œI’m sorry.” I breathed, flashing a small smile. β€œAnd I love you too.”

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