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Chapter 55

β€œYou told me to leave.” I said quiet and softly. I refused to look at him. I sat on the sofa, looking down at my hands while he stood near the fireplace. I was sure he was looking at me and I was almost positive that his arms were folded over his chest.

β€œSometimes we say things out of rage when we’re angry.” He told me. β€œYou’ll learn that when you’re older.”

β€œAnd that includes telling your daughter you want her gone?” I asked and raised my head to look at him. β€œBeing angry isn’t an excuse for either slapping me or kicking me out.”


β€œYou just couldn’t handle that I know you lied to me my whole life.” I raised my voice a little. β€œWhy couldn’t you just tell me that she was a witch? Tell me that I had siblings? I don’t even know who I am!”

My dad sighed and closed his eyes as he punched the bridge of his nose.

β€œStop being so dramatic.”

β€œDramatic?” I scoffed and pulled myself up to stand. β€œYou’re fucking unbelievable.”

Dad called after me as I ran up the stairs and into my room, slamming the door behind me. He had no right calling me dramatic when I just found out that nothing he ever told me was true.

I didn’t know my blood status. Was I still a half-blood? If mum was a muggle-born, I’d still be half-blood but if her parents were wizards, then I’d be of Pureblood. Not knowing, killed me.

Hopefully Fred had found something out that he’d tell me when we got back to school. I wish I could stay at spend the rest of Christmas with my friends but they didn’t deserve to get their Christmas ruined because of my dads drama.

They deserved to have a nice Christmas with people they loved and that loved them. Deserved to be happy today.

Maybe I didn’t. Maybe I did something wrong at any point in my life and maybe I simply didn’t deserve to be happy. Maybe I deserved for my dad to hit me.

I didn’t want that to be the case but I was scared that it was. My whole life I have tried to be the person that I imagine my mother to be but who exactly is my mother?

I know her name and I know the names of my brothers but I don’t know them and I really want to.

The crazy thing is that I don’t remember anyone in my house named Matteo and Ezra. Fred did tell me they were quiet but I should’ve known them. Was I that dumb?

My thoughts were currently racing. I was thinking about everything from the humiliation of my dad showing up at the Dendron’s mansion to my mother and what she would be like, what she looked like.

I decided to go to bed. To take a nap so I could get a break from reality and a break from my thoughts. It had been the worst Christmas whatsoever and I wanted it to be over with.



The sound of Ron screaming with terror filled the house, followed by fast footsteps as George fled the area after deciding to pull a prank on our younger brother. Something revolving spiders. We loved using that on Ron, ever since we figured out that was his biggest fear.

I had decided to distance myself from this prank though. George had looked at me as if I was crazy but I had promised Julie to track down her mum so that’s what I was trying to do. I sat at the dining table, looking through a book that had all British Wizards addresses in it. Dad got the books for us at the Ministry so Hermione and I were both looking through them individually.

I would do anything to get Jules away from that father of hers. He didn’t deserve to know such a lovely person as her. He didn’t deserve to have her as his daughter and Julieβ€” Julie deserved so much more.

She doesn’t know it, but she deserves all the happiness in the world. She was getting better, I knew she was but then she went home for Christmas and he hit her. It made her doubt herself, though I’ll make sure she realizes for the second time that she’s a great person and that she means so much to so many people.

β€œIs that Doe?” Ginny’s voice filled the room, making my head snap up to look in her direction. She stood by the window, looking out at the front of the Burrow.

β€œDoe?” I asked. β€œSeth Doe?”

Ginny looked back at me and nodded while humming in response.

β€œHe’s outside, talking to mum.”

Why was Seth here? Why’d he show up at my home? Unless...

In the split of a second, I had jumped out of my seat and took long steps towards the door. Once I slid into my shoes and summoned my wand, I walked outside and quickly approached where my mum and Seth were standing.

β€œOh there he is.” My mum smiled when she saw me approached. β€œFreddie dear, your friend has come to see you about something. Wouldn’t tell me what but it must be important.”

He’s not my friend.

β€œI’ll go inside and leave you to it.” She added and patted my back as she made her way back inside.

Seth looked up at me for a short moment, then took a long step back while he gulped harshly.

β€œIs Jules alright?” I asked as the first thing. That’s all I wanted to know. The only reason he would be here would be if it had something to do with the girl we both loved so much.

β€œThat’s the thing—” he breathed. β€œI don’t know.”

β€œYou don’t... know?”

β€œHer father came and uh—”

Oh for fuck sake.

β€œ... I think she got embarrassed by the way her dad made a scene so she went with him back home but I know she was scared. I could see it on her face while she packed her stuff.”


β€œI know you and I aren’t exactly on good terms.” He continued and I rolled my eyes in response. That was an understatement. β€œI still hate you and such, but—”

β€œThe feeling is mutual.” I said. Seth snickered at my response, shaking his head with a sarcastic laugh rolling off his tongue.

β€œListen, I came for the sake of my best friend, yeah? Known that girl since we were eleven and the longer she stays with that manipulating piece of shit that calls himself her father, the worse her mental health will get.” Seth started speaking out of anger, probably directed towards me. β€œYou can be a fucking asshole but I know you care about her at least as much as I do so can you please go get her and have her stay with you? Her father knows where all of us live, except from you. He withdrew from the wizarding world many years ago, before Julie was even born. He doesn’t even own a wand, only a broom that he fucking used to show up at Callie’s house. He wouldn’t be able to find her here and she needs to get away from him before he starts abusing her like he abused her mother.”

Seth had been talking so fast with so much anger that he was now panting slightly. The way he looked... he really was in love with Julie.

β€œI’ll go get her.” I assured him. β€œI won’t let her spend another second under that man’s roof.”

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