His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 56


The feeling of someone brushing their knuckles against my cheekbone, made my body jolt a bit as I slowly woke up from my nap. It was a nice feeling from familiar fingers but for a moment I simply thought I was still sleeping, dreaming that he was here.

I groaned softly as I rolled onto my other side, tugging at the duvet to get it up a bit but when it didn’t budge, I opened my eyes to see Fred sitting on the edge of my bed.

His hazel eyes stared down at me, his fingers currently brushing my hair behind my ear while he studied my face. I slowly pulled myself up to sit, looking at him with hesitation.

β€œOh shit.” I cursed. β€œMy dad is going to kill me. You can’t—”

I went to get up from the bed but Fred grasped my jaw to get my attention. He pressed his lips to mine to calm me down and he succeeded as I melted into his lips for a second before he pulled back again.

β€œCalm down for a minute.” He whispered, his eyes roaming over my face for a minute before he went to grab onto my wrists and looked at the inner side of them. β€œAre you okay? You alright?”

I laughed.

β€œYou came here to ask if I’m okay?”

β€œI came here to get you out.” He said, raising his eyebrows at me. β€œSeth came by the burrow and—”

β€œI’m not in prison.” I interrupted him. β€œAnd it’s not like I can actually leave. He kicked me out and I went to Callie’s, but then he showed up and managed to get me back home because I’m so fucking weak.”

I turned my head to look away from him but his other hand came up to grasp that side of my face, forcing me to look at him.

β€œI don’t care how many times you need to hear this for it to sink in, but you are not weak.” He told me. β€œYou’ve had a setback during winter break but that’s okay, you hear me? You’ve come so far already with your mental health and I know that deep down you know that all of these things you are saying about yourself, is not true.”

When I didn’t say anything, he got off the bed and walked to his bag that he had placed by the corner of it.

β€œWhat’re you doing?”

β€œWell, George and I came up with something for the sake of you, but we’re thinking about selling it in the shop as well.”

My eyebrows knitted together as I watched him take out a small jar with some white/yellowish paste in it. He came back towards the bed and sat on the edge again.

β€œI know you wish there was a spell to simply remove the bruise.” He told me. β€œSo I had the brilliant idea to come up with some kind of paste to remove it.”

Now I simply raised an eyebrow at him while a soft laugh rolled off my tongue.

β€œYou came up with the idea?”

He playfully rolled his eyes at me while screwing off the lid. He gently dipped his fingers in it and then used his thumb to turn my head so he could smear the paste on the side of my face that was completely blue and purple from when my dad hit me.

β€œMaybe it was George who came up with it.” He admitted. β€œBut I’m glad he did.”

β€œWhy? Don’t like my face when it’s bruised?” I decided to joke. Fred chuckled softly. He could hear the playfulness in my voice so he knew I weren’t being serious.

β€œI’d always like your face.”

I looked at him but he tutted an β€˜uh-uh’ before turning my head back to the former position.

β€œIt has to sit for an hour and then the bruising should be gone.” He told me when he finished. He screwed the lid back on the paste and walked back to put it in your bag. β€œAre you okay with staying with my family and I until school starts again? I don’t like that you stay here with the man that hurt you.”

Fred turned towards me and folded his arms over his chest, waiting for my response. I had to think about it. Did I want to get out of here? Yes. Was I scared that it would cause even more trouble and embarrass me further? Yes.

β€œIs Charlie there?” I asked softly, looking down at my lap. Fred laughed and walked back to me, sitting down before he went to lie down, his head in my lap. I smiled softly as I threaded my fingers into his hair.

β€œHe doesn’t bite, y’know.”

β€œNo, but he’s scary!” I exclaimed. β€œHe works with dragons, Freddie. What’s more scary than a person who voluntarily works with dragons?”

Fred lifted his hand and brushed his fingers over my throat before he for a quick moment lifted himself so kiss the side of my neck.

β€œYou’re cute.” he grinned, closing his eyes. β€œBut Charlie’s not nearly as scary as you are.”

β€œMe?” I scoffed. β€œHow am I scary?”

While my right hand played with his hair, my left lied on his chest. He placed his own hand on top of mine but his eyes stayed closed.

β€œWhen you’re pissed, you scare the shit out of me.” he admitted, raising his eyebrows for a moment before we both chuckled together. β€œWhen you look at me with those angry eyes, you look like you could spit fire and I just want to curl into a ball and hide in a corner.”

My chuckle turned into a laugh and Fred opened his eyes to look at me as I covered my mouth with a hand so my dad wouldn’t hear. If he came up here and found me on my bed with my boyfriend, he would kill me. Maybe not literally but I had grown scared of the man since he left my face completely bruised.

β€œSo are you coming with me to the burrow?” he asked. I nodded slowly, placing my hand against his jaw, stroking my thumb over his cheek.

β€œYeah.” I nodded. β€œBut can we please wait? I want the bruise to be gone before we leave. I don’t want to attract too much attention from your family.”

He hummed in response and I went to lie down as well. Fred moved off of me so I could lie down but instead he moved on top of me, looking down at my face with a smile.

I didn’t say anything. I wrapped my hand around his neck and pulled him down to my shoulder so that my lips were touching his ear. He planted a kiss on my shoulder and I smiled as I caressed his neck.

β€œThank you.” I whispered into his ear. β€œI love you.”

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