His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 57

Charlie was coming towards me. He was smiling and he was coming towards me to greet me. Was I scared? Yes. Why? Because he’s a fucking giant dragon-lover who’s scary as hell. Fred seemed to notice my tension which only made him laugh as he rubbed my shoulders to try and get me to relax a bit.

β€œJulie.” Charlie smiled warmly. β€œHow’re you? It’s nice seeing you again. Fred’s been talking about you non-stop like usual so hopefully now we can all catch a break.”

β€œOh.” I raised my eyebrows and glanced at Fred who shrugged, seeming annoyed with getting exposed by hiss older brother. I chuckled softly, then looked at Charlie. β€œIt’s nice seeing you again too.”

Don’t show him you’re scared.
Dragons can sense that kind of thing.

Then again, Charlie’s not a dragon.

He’s simply working with them.


Oh no.

George came running down the stairs and before I could hide behind Fred, he had picked me up, making me shriek while he spun around with me over his shoulder.

β€œPut me down!” I ordered him, hitting him in the back with my fists. Surprisingly, he actually put me down and I immediately fixed my hair, brushing it out of my face. β€œGeorge, what did I say about picking me up? I thought you were finally done after doing it nonstop last year.”

β€œIt’s fun.” he grinned. β€œYou weight the same as a feather.”

β€œI highly doubt that.” I snorted before I looked at Fred who now stood alone. Charlie was on his way outside.

β€œWhere’d you get that?” Fred asked, pointing towards my hand. I looked down at my wrist to see the bracelet that Seth gave me. I shrugged as I fidgeted with one of the pendants.

β€œOh that’s cool.” George spoke, grabbing my wrist so he could look at the bracelet. β€œThese are all– they’re all... you.”

β€œIt’s special made.” I chuckled. β€œFrom Seth as a Christmas present.”

β€œOh so now you and Seth are giving presents?” Fred scoffed, causing both George and I to look at him.

β€œWhat’re you on about?” I frowned. β€œSeth and I have always exchanged presents on Christmas and birthdays. Just like we do.”

Fred folded his arms over his chest and looked towards one of the windows while shrugging.

β€œYou have absolutely no reason to be acting like a jealous prick.” I told my boyfriend. β€œIn the end, it’ll only ruin our relationship. Neither of us want that.”

β€œIgnore him.” George sighed. β€œLet’s go upstairs. If Fred can lay aside his jealous mood, we actually have something to show you.”

He grabbed my hand and led me upstairs while Fred slowly followed behind. Fred just couldn’t last two hours without being jealous. We just got here and once again, he gets in that mood over Seth. It’s childish.

β€œWhile Freddie was talking to Seth outside, I took a look in the book and I found something about your family.” George explained when we entered their room.

β€œWhat?” I questioned. β€œYou actually found something?”

George smiled excitedly at me and let go of my hand to grab the book from the desk. Fred sat down on the edge of the bottom bunk, and I joined him, sitting next to him.

β€œWe found out that your mum lives in London.” George said. β€œWell, I found out, seeing as Fred went to go and get you.”

Fred rolled his eyes and I decided to ignore how he was being so instead I put my focus on George so he could explain to me what he found out.

β€œWe asked dad to borrow a book from the ministry.” he continued. β€œThis shows all wizarding families and their tracking history. Your mother took your brothers and moved to America until they came back just before your oldest brother turned eleven. When they returned to England, your mum was remarried to a man named Tanner Evergreen, a pure-blood wizard from New York.”

β€œI’ve got a stepdad?”

β€œAnd a little sister too.” George nodded. β€œEleanor Evergreen.”

What in the Merlin’s beard is going on.

β€œYour mother changed her last name to Evergreen and when Tanner legally adopted your brothers, their surname changed too.”

Oh great.

My family fled my father, my mother remarried and my brothers were adopted by him while my mum and my stepdad happened to get their own daughter.

My mother got herself a daughter again. There’s no way she would actually want to meet me now that she had her family whole again. She has two sons and a daughter. Now I know the truth but there’s no need for me to try and see them.

β€œThe ministry helped your family go into hiding.” George told me. β€œYour mother didn’t want to press charges against your father because you needed to grow up with at least one parent.”

β€œBut–” I took a deep breath. β€œIf she had pressed charges, she could’ve taken me with her.”

Fred took my hand in his and laced our fingers together.

β€œDon’t overthink it.” he told me. β€œYou’re gonna end up beating yourself up about it. Your mum may have had a good reason for letting you stay with your father all these years.”

I took the book out of George’s hands to look at it myself. I ran a finger over the names of my mum and my brothers.

Annie Evergreen, former Pegas - born Rivers.

β€œDid your father know about her?” I asked. β€œHe works for the ministry.”

β€œYeah but he’s not in that department.” Fred told me. β€œMum and dad knew your parents in school and they’ve always known who your father is but no one knew your mum was Annie. She and your dad left the wizarding world behind to live a life without magic in Scotland, no one knew what happened to them after Hogwarts, only that they had two sons. Since she left shortly after your birth, no one knew you were her daughter.”

When he finished explaining it to me, I slammed the book shut and handed it to George. Both boys were watching me carefully. They were trying to read my expression.

β€œAre you gonna go looking for her?” George asked. β€œYour mum?”

β€œNo.” I hurried to say. β€œShe lost her daughter and decided to make a new one. I think she’s got everything that she wants now so me showing up and telling her I’m her long lost daughter – that’s just ridiculous.”

β€œYou know what I think?” George asked, nudging me with his shoulder. β€œThat if your mum doesn’t want to know you, she simply does not deserve to get the chance to.”

I pouted and leaned my head against George’s shoulder while wrapping my arms around him to hug him.

β€œI just have to stay hidden from my dad for another six months, then I turn eighteen and I can continue my life without parents.” I said, looking towards Fred while I still hugged his brother. β€œSounds like a plan, eh?”

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