His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 59

My mind was racing, my head was burning with heat from the rage I felt stream through my entire body. I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry. Not even the first time I saw them together. My feet were carrying me faster than I thought possible. Students were looking at me like I was crazy when I in fact was just angry and really heartbroken once again over the same fucking guy.

I didn’t know where Fred was at during this lesson but I didn’t give a flying fuck. I would search the entire castle if that was the case. I just had to find him and get some fucking answers.

β€œNo running in the hallways, Miss Pegas!” I heard McGonagall’s voice call out and I automatically slowed down until I reached the corner and then sped up again.

When I managed to find him, he was with George in an empty corridor. It looked like they were setting up a prank.

β€œOh hey Jules.” George greeted without looking at me. Fred glanced towards me but then turned his attention back on what they were doing.

β€œBabe can you give me a second?” Fred asked. β€œI just need to finish this and then I’m all yours.”

β€œAll mine, huh?” I scoffed. He and George both froze in their actions before slowly looking at me. George seemed to understand something, glancing at Fred with a roll of his eyes while Fred’s brows were knitted together in a frown of pure confusion. β€œOr am I some shared possession?”

β€œJ, what are you talking about?” Fred asked, straightening up. He dusted gunpowder off his hands, then took a step towards me, but I automatically backed up.

β€œI just had a very nice chat with Angelina.” I informed him. β€œIt seems that I have to keep you satisfied at all times if I want to keep you from cheating on me.”

The confusion expression on his face changed into pure shock and fear while George let out a sigh as he leaned back against the wall.

β€œI can explain that.” Fred told me, taking another step towards me.

β€œSo it’s true?” I asked. My eyes were staring to burn from the pressure of the tears that tried exposing themselves. I didn’t want to cry. I didn’t want to seem weak. β€œOh my god.”

I ran my hands into my hair, tugging at it while I slowly backed up, my eyes focused on Fred.

β€œI spent most of the holidays with you and your family in your home and the first thing you do when we get back to school is to sleep with her.” I raised my voice. β€œWhy do you do that? What’s wrong with you?!”

George pushed himself away from the wall, approaching me. He held an arm out in front of me to try and get me to leave the corridor with him as he pulled the door open.

β€œLet’s go, Jules.” He said in a low voice, but my eyes stayed on Fred. β€œHe’s not worth it.”

β€œYou promised me!” I screamed at Fred, ignoring George and his attempt to stop the situation from turning worse.

β€œI can explain!” Fred raised his voice at me. β€œWhat happened was a mistake but you know I love you, Julie! I do so many things for you, I—”

β€œDon’t you dare!” I yelled. β€œDon’t try and guilt-trip me into forgiving you. Tell me what things you’ve done other than fuck me over!”

He took a deep breath and ran a hand through his red hair before dropping it by his side.

β€œI came to get you out of that house.”

β€œBecause Seth asked you to!”

β€œHow about the paste, eh? I helped you with the bruise he left on your cheeks.”

I let out a laugh, shaking my head.

β€œWe both know that the paste was George’s idea!” I told him. β€œAnd I am so sorry. You made my bruising go away. Go ahead and sleep with someone else!”

β€œJulie.” George whispered. β€œHe’s not worth fighting with.”

β€œI found your family!” Fred continued. I got out from under George’s arm and approached Fred, pushing him back against the wall.

β€œYou didn’t fucking find them!” I yelled. β€œAgain, that was George! You haven’t done shit other than cheat on me you fucking idiot!”

I pushed him in he chest again, then backed up a few steps, the tears pouring from my eyes.

β€œI should’ve known.” I cried. β€œI shouldn’t have trusted you again. I shouldn’t have let you back in because all you do is fucking break me.”

β€œJules.” He sighed, tearing up himself. He tried to reach for me but I pushed his hand away and took another step back. β€œI’m sorryβ€” listen, I love you. We can get through this. I promise I—”

β€œShut up!” I yelled. β€œYou need to shut up and stop with the fucking lies.”

I closed my eyes and wiped my cheeks. I took a deep breath, then looked at him again.

β€œWas she good?”

β€œJulie.” He sighed, shaking his head. β€œDon’t ask that.”

β€œWas she good?” I repeated. β€œBetter than me? She must be better than me at everything revolving a relationship because somehow you always end back with her.”

I sounded pathetic. I was crying and trying to talk through the tears and the sobs but the truth was that I was just really broken. It hurt way more this time than last. He kept choosing her.

I looked down at the promise ring on my finger and starting pulling it off, while sobbing.

β€œWhat’re you doing?” Fred asked. β€œNoβ€” don’t take it off. Please, babe. I’m sorry.”

β€œDon’t call me that.” I cried, shaking my head. With the ring in my hand, I ripped off the necklace and threw both things at him. β€œI’m not your babe. I’m not your love, and I’m not someone for you to call darling anymore. We’re done and this time it’s for good. I’m done.”

I turned around to leave the corridor but Fred grabbed my wrist to keep me from leaving.

β€œLet go of me!” I yelled, ripping my arm away from him. β€œWhat more could you possibly have to say?”

β€œYou don’t get to leave me. Not again.”

β€œI don’t get to leave you?!” I asked. β€œYou’ve cheated on me. Twice. I was stupid enough to forgive you the first time.”

Fred scanned my face, then shook his head, laughing.

β€œWhat’s so funny?” I asked. β€œWhy the fuck are you laughing right now?”

β€œBecause this is fucking ridiculous!” He yelled. β€œYou are mad at me for sleeping with Angie while you’ve probably been doing the same with Seth since the start of our relationship.”


Don’t push it, pretty boy.

"I have been nothing but faithful to you!” I told him. β€œNot even when we were broken up, did I sleep with him because I don’t fucking see him that way. You have no right trying to turn this around and put the blame on me. You decided to cheat, that’s got nothing to do with me or Seth. Take some fucking responsibility for once!”

I turned around, storming out of the corridor. I heard George say something to Fred before he followed me.

β€œJulie, Jules, slow down.” He called out as I hurried my way down the many stairs. He placed a hand on my shoulder and I immediately turned around, wrapping my arms around his back. He hugged me back, letting me cry against his chest. β€œIf it helps anything, he doesn’t deserve you.”

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