His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 6

Ever since we started Hogwarts, my friends and I would always spend our free lessons in the middle courtyard, sitting in the grass while talking about what we want for our futures. It was really cozy and Seth and I would always end up cuddling in the grass. Not that we like each other, because we don’t but all of us cuddle at times.

Seth and I just have that special bond. He’s like a brother to me. They’re all like siblings to me. I don’t have any so they really are all I have. I love my dad and I know he loves me but he’s always working and with no siblings, I’m just happy I have these five amazing friends.

I was lying between Seth’s legs. He was leaned back on his hands and I lied with my back against his front, my near where his heart was.

β€œDo you think aliens exist?” I asked as I stared up at the sky.


β€œAre you high right now?” Seth asked from behind me.

β€œWhaβ€” you don’t believe in aliens?” I asked, then looked at them all. β€œWell I do. Fred and I used to talk about it. Imagining what they’d look like. If they look like us, ordinary human beings or if they are green and have those weird heads with those big eyes.”

β€œMaybe she’s sick.” Nate suggested before Seth placed a hand over my forehead.

β€œOh stop it!” I pushed his hand away as I laughed. β€œI mean, there must be something on one of the other planets.”

β€œMaybe.” Callie shrugged, moving her wand around between her fingers. β€œMaybe not.”

I watched the wand move around in her hands. It was quite pretty. Callie’s wand was a thirteen and a quarter inch Redwood wood with Phoenix feather as core.

I’ve studied wands for years now. I think it’s interesting so even though we don’t exactly have a subject about wands, we tend to learn about them in History of Magic and sometimes I just like to read about them.

The Redwood Wood aren’t very lucky wands. They aren’t good on their own but they grow very close to their owner, have a close bond and the owners they choose are the witches or wizards who make the right choices through life and who can snatch advantage from catastrophe.

Now the Phoenix feather is the rarest core there is. They are capable of a great range of magic though they learn slower than the others. Sometimes they act on their own which is a trait that the witches and wizards don’t like. They are the pickiest when it comes to their owners and they are the hardest to tame.

My own wand is a nine inch vine wood with thestral tail hair and I know the meaning behind that one too.

Vine wood have a very unique and special nature. They are less common and they usually choose witches or wizards who seek a greater purpose and tend to shock the ones around them that thought they knew them the best. Vine wood are also quite sensitive when it comes to choosing its owner and they can do magic just by the owner stepping into the same room.

The thestral tail hair is also quite rare. It’s hair taken from the tail of a thestral obviously and they make a wand pretty unstable, meaning that it takes a special witch or wizard to control it.

Melba’s wand is a twelve inch English Oak Wood with Unicorn hair.

Many people believe that Merlin had an English Oak Wood wand but his grave was never found so it can’t be proven. The wood is as loyal as the person itself. It sticks with you though good and through bad and usually the owners of this wand has both courage, strength and fidelity.

The Unicorn hair are the hardest to turn towards dark magic but it is possible and it has happened. They are the most faithful of all wands and are strongly attached to their owners, though the unicorn hair tend to die quickly and needs replacing.

Seth’s wand is a twelve and a quarter inch Beech Wood with Phoenix feather.

Beech Wood is one of my favorites apart from my own of course. It’s owners are usually the one who are wiser than their year. Rich in both experience and understanding and it’s capable of a big range of magic.

Then there’s Nick. His wand is an eleven and a quarter inch Hornbeam Wood with Unicorn hair. The owners of a Hornbeam Wood wand are usually very talented and passionate in a way that most find obsessive. They adapt so quickly to their owner that if anyone else tries to use it, they’ll find it difficult to even do the most simple spells.

Lastly, we have Nate. His is a twelve and a half inch English Oak Wood with Dragon Heartstring.

I’ve already explained the English Oak Wood but the Dragon Heartstring

The Dragon Heartstring is the core that is the easiest to turn towards dark magic, though only if the owner leads it to it. That’s because they learn more quickly than the other wands and they bond great with every owner it is even if it’s being won over by someone else.

β€œEarth to Julie!” Nick sang, waving a hand over my face which made me snap back to reality.


β€œYou were completely gone.” He laughed. β€œWe were just talking about you and Fred.”

β€œWhy?” I frowned. β€œWe’re over. He cheated. End of story.”

β€œWe know.” Melba said. β€œYou mention it all the time.”

β€œThose two—” Nate motioned between Nick and Melba. β€œWe’re arguing over the sex you and Fred had.”

β€œWhat?” I laughed. β€œWhy? That’s...”

β€œWeird?” Seth asked and I nodded.

β€œWeird.” I confirmed.

β€œNo no, it’s not.” Nick defended. β€œI was saying that I bet the sex was slow and very making-love like.”

This is what I meant by passionate that can come off as obsessive. He’s a passionate guy. Sometimes a tad too much.

β€œAnd I was saying that I think you and Fred were kinky.” Melba said. β€œIt’s no secret that you have some kinks that you’re hiding up your sleeve and such a tall and handsome guy, can’t be all vanilla.”

β€œOh, he was not vanilla.” I laughed, looking up at the sky again. β€œYeah. Angelina definitely got to have some great sex.”

β€œI wanna know!” Callie shrieked as her and Melba scooted closer. β€œYou’ve never wanted to talk about it because you didn’t want us to be invading Fred’s personal space so now that he cheated and you hate him, tell us about the sex.”

β€œI really don’t wanna hear this.” Seth protested but Melba and Callie silenced him violently.

β€œC’mon, Jules.” Callie pouted. β€œI’ve told you and Mel about Nate and I—”

β€œWait what?” Nate frowned.

β€œ... so does Fred have any kinks?” Callie continued and I sighed before I closed my eyes and thought back to one of the many times we had sex.

β€œWe had some of the same kinks.” I said. β€œWe have some of the same kinks. We both like hands. I think I do more than him.”

β€œThat’s not a kink, Jules. That’s a fetish.” Melba said. β€œI think it’s called Quirofilia. I have it too.”

β€œYeah, I know it’s a fetish.” I said before I sat up. β€œAlright. Kinks...sensation play is almost always a hit. Also, orgasm control. He’d edge me a lot to annoy me. Sometimes some mild bondage but not that kind of hanging-from-the-ceiling thing. More like getting your hands and feet tied to the bed.”

β€œHow about choking?” Callie asked. β€œI like it when Nate chokes me.”

β€œI think we’re sharing a bit too much information.” Nate spoke pretty loudly.

β€œFred’s choked me a few times.” I said. β€œI liked it but even though we’re both very kinky, he was always scared he’d hurt me and accidentally choke me to death.”

β€œWhy?” Melba asked. β€œDidn’t he know to press on the sides and now on the actual throat?”

β€œOh he knew.” I nodded. β€œBut it still scared him.”

β€œChrist.” It came from Seth. β€œI need a girlfriend that I can choke.”

Melba and I both laughed as Callie crawled back to apologize to Nate for over sharing their sex life.

β€œWho knew Fred was such a kinky guy?” Melba smirked.

β€œNo, who knew Jules was such a kinky gal?” Callie corrected her.

β€œYeah, well. It’s probably never going to happen again. How many guys would like all of those things?”

β€œA lot of guys.” Callie laughed. β€œLike... a lot.”

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