His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 61


Fuck off.

β€œPlease slow down so we can talk.”

Fuck. Off.

β€œJules!” His voice called out and I felt his hand wrap around my wrist. I froze, though I didn’t turn around. I was trying to control my breathing. I could feel the anger boil inside of me again and I didn’t want to cause a scene in the middle of the hallway. β€œPlease hear me out. I can explain.”

I took a deep breath.

β€œI’m sure you can.” I said, ripping my hand from his grip. I continued to walk and Fred continued to follow me. β€œI don’t want to hear it. Piss off. Go fuck Johnson. Oh wait, you already did.”

I turned a corner and as I did, I felt Fred wrap an arm around my waist. I didn’t get to react before he had pulled me into one of the classrooms that were pretty much empty right now.

β€œWhat the fuck do you want?!” I yelled. I threw my bag on one of the tables before I turned to look at him. My expression faltered and I took a step back.

It looked like his bottom lip had been split from a fracture while his cheekbone was bruised and there was some stained blood underneath his nose.

β€œDid Seth do that?”

β€œOh, no.” He laughed sarcastically. β€œCallie and Melba did. Yeah, I couldn’t exactly hit them back. Melba is awfully strong. She held me back while Callie threw the punches. I can’t wait to see what Seth has in store.”

I snorted in response and rolled my eyes.

β€œI’m not sure Seth even knows yet.” I said. β€œOtherwise you would already be dead.”

Fred took a step towards me, trying to reach out for my hand but I quickly backed away from him as I held up a hand to warn him.

β€œI made a mistake, Jules.” He told me. β€œIt was stupid. Didn’t mean shit and I wish I could take it back.”

β€œBut you can’t!” I raised my voice. β€œAnd cheating is a choice, not a mistake!”

I grabbed my back and went to pull open the door, though Fred was by my side in the matter of a second and slammed the door closed again.

β€œLet me fucking leave.” I said, staring up at him, my eyes full of anger. β€œI am this close to hitting you.”

I held up my thumb and my index, showing them just how close I really was to go crazy on him.

β€œI’m so sorry.” He whispered, placing his hand on my shoulder. I closed my eyes when he brushed his fingers over my neck and threaded them into the back of my hair. ”Please, darling.”

It felt so nice, having him this close. Having his fingers in my hair.

What am I saying?

β€œNo!” I exclaimed, pushing him away while I backed away at the same time. β€œNo!”

I pointed a finger at him, shaking my head while the tears dared to spill again.

β€œYou don’t get to do this!” I cried. β€œYou don’t get to hurt me like this. Why do you hurt me like this?”

He teared up himself, frustratingly running his hands into his hair.

β€œI’m sorry, Julie.” He sobbed gently. β€œI don’t know what else to say. I don’t want to lose you.”

β€œApologies mean nothing if you keep doing what you’re sorry for!” I yelled at him. β€œYou already lost me, Fred. This time it’s for good so stop apologising because we both know you don’t mean it and it won’t get you anywhere. Not this time.”

I threw my bag over my shoulder and made my way towards him. I tried pushing him away to get out of the door but he was stronger than me, blocking my way while pushing me away from it.

β€œLeave me alone, Fred.” I cried. β€œPlease just get out of my way. I can’t deal with this.”

β€œNo!” He yelled. β€œYou need to listen to me. I told you I can explain it!”

β€œThen fucking do so!” I nearly screamed. β€œYou keep saying you can explain it but the only explanation I hear from you is that it was a mistake!”

I was now panting from the anger I was feeling. We were staring at each other and I don’t know who looked the most broken.

Me... or him.

β€œI don’t know how it happened.” He sighed. β€œI can’t even remember the details. I just remember suddenly getting this urge, almost like an obsession towards her and we had sex and then later I snapped out of it. It’s all very foggy but I swear I didn’t mean to and I certainly didn’t want to.”

β€œYou expect me to believe that?” I frowned. β€œYou already cheated on me once. I should’ve known it would happen again, and then you come up with this dumb excuse?”

β€œI’m not fucking lying!”

I was so exhausted. I wish he would just do what I told him to, and leave me alone.

β€œI hate you.” I said. My voice was chilling and calm but it was still echoing through the room.

Fred frowned. He looked hurt but then he knew how I felt. I was more than hurt. He broke my heart all over again.

β€œYou don’tβ€” you don’t mean that.”

β€œI do.” I nodded. β€œI hate you and I wish I never met you. I wish I never let you in.”

β€œDon’t say that.” He inhaled sharply. β€œStop saying that.”

I took a step towards him.

β€œHurts, doesn’t it?” I asked. β€œBeing screwed over by someone you trusted? I hate you, Fred. That’s on you. You made me hate you.”

He leaned back against the wall and let out a heavy breath. He leaned back his head and stared at the ceiling.

I didn’t care that saying it, hurt him. He hurt me first and so was done with him and his little games. I was done trusting him and anything that came out of his mouth.

β€œI’m sorry.” He whispered, closing his eyes. β€œI’m so sorry.”

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