His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 67

I decided to leave the room. Seth, Melba and Callie were now all three asleep against the walls in the corner of the dormitory, Nick was showering and Nate was checking up on him.

When I left the dormitory, Cedric was still talking to my brothers. They were talking about quidditch.

Oh Merlin.

We have to find a new seeker for the team and one of us has to step up as captain.

I looked at my brothers who had yet to notice I had left the dormitory. I nervously fidgeted with the rings on my fingers, staring at the two people that were related to me.

I can’t do this.

I was so scared, yet so angry. Scared of meeting my brothers and angry at Angelina for bringing them here. Even angrier with Fred though. He told her about them so if you think about it, this is all his fault.

β€œJulie!” Ced spoke when he saw me, and I gulped harshly when they all three looked at me. β€œI unquit the team, by the way. I’m sorry about my outburst.”

β€œI uh—” I ended up shrugging and he sent me a smile before walking up to the dormitory, leaving me alone in the common room with my flesh and blood.

β€œWhy is there three passed out people in the dorm?!” Cedric suddenly yelled, causing me to flinch. β€œIt smells like weed in here!”

I noticed the younger brother, most likely Ezra, furrow his brows and glance at Matteo before he looked back to me.

β€œThat’s not me.” I hurried to say. β€œI didn’t smoke, Iβ€” my friends did.”

That was a lie.

I got high as fuck. Why that was the first thing I decided to say to them, I don’t know.

β€œIt’s okay.” Matteo said and shrugged. β€œWe’re not here to scold you for smoking weed.”

I gulped and pulled down the sleeves of my jumper, making sure they covered my hands completely. Then I wrapped my arms around myself and looked away to avoid their gazes.

β€œYou’ve grown.”

I looked at them again as it was a different voice. It wasn’t Matteo. It was Ezra and it was the first time I heard his voice. He looked quite familiar actually. After all, he was the youngest of them, meaning that he graduated the latest.

Fred said in my fifth year, right?

β€œI should’ve recognised you out on the pitch.” Matteo said. β€œYou’ve changed a lot since you were in year two.”

Wait what?

β€œEven year five.” Ezra added, pushing his hands into the pockets of his trousers.

Don’t tell me they knew it was me when they were students here. Don’t tell me they actually knew that their little sister was there, right in front of them, and not once did they reach out.

β€œThat’s what happens in life.” I shrugged. β€œYou grow. And I’m not twelve or fifteen anymore. I’m almost eighteen.”

β€œWe know.” They said in unison, then exchanged awkward glances as Ezra sat down on one of the sofas.

β€œOne of your friends wrote us.” Matteo said, fidgeting with the rings on his own fingers.

Oh hell no.
We do the exact same thing.

β€œShe’s not my friend.” I said, raising my eyebrows.

β€œOβ€”kay, well she wrote us, saying you knew about us and wanted to meet us.” He said. β€œThat you needed some family right now.”

β€œYou’re not my family.” I snapped. I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment, taking a step further away from the boys dormitory. β€œI’m sorry. I’m not mad at you, but I don’t need this right now. I don’t need two brothers to show up in my life right now. I don’t know what Angelina told you but I don’t need you.”

Maybe I was being a bit tough but I told Fred I wasn’t ready for this and then he tells Angelina who gets them here on purpose just to spite me.

β€œI’ll take it you’re not good friends with her?” He asked. I scoffed in response. β€œAlright then. Won’t you come and sit? We’d like to meet you properly.”

I glanced towards the sofa where Ezra said, watching the conversation between Matteo and I.

β€œCan I uhβ€” go change first?” I asked, pointing towards the girls dormitories. β€œI’ve uhβ€” slept in these and they smell like weed. Not that I smoked.”

Why am I lying?

Why do I care what they think of me?

β€œOf course.” Matteo nodded and offered a small smile. I repaid it as good as I could before I hurried to the girls dormitories. I found my room and closed the door behind me before I finally let out a deep breath.

He seemed nice. Matteo seemed nice. I didn’t know about Ezra. I didn’t exactly have an impression of him yet but Matteo... yeah he was nice.

I changed out of my clothes and into a pair of mum jeans and an oversized white t-shirt with a print of California on it. I looked myself in the mirror, making sure I didn’t look like shit, though I did.

I had mascara under my eyes and my hair was messed up, but once I fixed those things, I left the room again, my arms folded over my chest.

There was no harm in getting to know them, right? It’s not like it was their fault that I was left behind with my dad when I was only a baby.

β€œI want to know something.” I said as I stood behind the sofa, resting my hands on the back of it while my brothers sat in the opposite one. β€œIf you knew where I was this entire time. If you knew I was your sister, why didn’t you reach out? We were all students here at the same time at one point.”

β€œWhat did you expect us to do?” Ezra asked. β€œOur mum left for a reason. We would just fuck it all up if we told you.”

β€œEzra.” Matteo sighed as I gulped. I didn’t like the tone Ezra had. Almost as if he was at me.

β€œThis is going worse than I expected.” Ezra sighed before he looked at me. β€œI’m Ezra in case you didn’t know. That’s Matteo, he’s the oldest.”

I inhaled sharply, nodding.

β€œYeah, I know. I found your mum’s diary.” I said. I didn’t refer to her as my mum. They were raised by her, I wasn’t.

β€œHow is uh—” Matteo sighed. β€œHow’s dad?”

I raised my eyebrows at the question and shrugged as I walked around to sit on the sofa.

β€œDo you really want to know that?” I asked. β€œPlus, I wouldn’t know. I don’t live there anymore.”

I pulled my feet up on the sofa and wrapped my arms around my knees.

β€œYou don’t live with dad anymore?” Matteo asked. β€œWhere do you live?”

I sighed, then I realised that all my stuff was at the Burrow. I had moved into Ginny’s room and now Fred and I weren’t together anymore so that was just great.

β€œCan we stop acting like we didn’t just meet?” I asked. β€œIt’s not like we spent a few years apart. I didn’t know you were existed until a month ago. I thought my mother was a Muggle until a month ago. A muggle who left when she found out I was a witch and my dad, a wizard.”

β€œThat was his excuse?” Ezra laughed. β€œThat shit bag couldn’t come up with anything better? That’s fucking laughable.”

β€œYou know what else is fucking laughable?” I asked. β€œMy entire existence. Everything I thought I knew, was one big lie. Now, I don’t have a dad, I’ve never had a mum and I was and still am an only child.”

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