His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 69

My brothers were gone when I got back to my common room. It seemed as they had left the castle completely so I was relieved, yet full of regret and guilt.

George and I spent roughly ten to fifteen seconds on just roughly making out while grasping onto each other. I was grasping his chest and he was grasping onto the flesh of my thighs. We both wanted each other closer, we were both full of lust, though we eventually broke apart and realised what we were doing was wrong.

I went back to my common room and George to his. I didn’t say a word to my friends about it and now it had been about three weeks since it happened.

Fred was still trying to get me to forgive him but now I mostly rejected him because I felt guilty about making out with his brother. I did that only a week after he cheated on me. Sure, Fred cheated on me but that didn’t mean I had the right to go and throw myself at his twin brother.

Nick’s mood hadn’t gotten much better in the last three weeks. He always looked like he had just been crying and he flinched when anyone made any sudden movements. I was really worried about him, we all were but he refused to talk about it.

The only thing he said was that someone knew he was gay and had pushed him to the ground. He said that’s how he got the big bruise on his hip. He told us he was just a little shock up about it but I knew it was something deeper and I was scared of what it was, scared of what someone had done to him.

But I didn’t want to push it either. Nick was gonna talk about it when Nick was ready to talk about it. Pushing it could possibly make it worse.

β€œHey, Julie.” Fred’s voice came from behind me, making my body tense up as I started walking faster. β€œCan we talk?”

β€œWhy is it that you always try to talk to me when I’m trying to get from one place to another?” I asked and glanced at him when he caught up with me pretty quickly.

β€œYour next class is in twenty.” He told me. β€œI know that because I have that class too.”

β€œSo?” I asked. β€œDoesn’t mean I don’t have anywhere to be.”

β€œFor fuck sake, Julie.” He sighed. β€œJust five minutes is all I’m asking.”

β€œI don’t want to speak to you, Fred!” I raised my voice and stopped walking to look at him. β€œWhat is it you don’t understand?!”

β€œI think I can explain it now.” He said with his eyebrows furrowed and a painful expression on his face. β€œI can explain why I slept with her.”

I scoffed, shaking my head at him.

β€œI’m tired of your explanations.” I said. I went to walk away again but he grabbed my hand, tugging me back.

"Please, Jules.” He whispered. β€œIt’s important. It’s really important.”

I looked at him for a moment, considering my options while he held my hand. When I nodded slowly, he guided me with him down the corridor and into an empty classroom.

I let out a sigh and jumped up to sit on one of the tables while Fred dug into his pocket.

β€œI found something in Angelina’s nightstand.” He told me. β€œI was suspecting it so I went through her stuff to see if I could find anything.”

β€œWhat’re you saying?” I frowned. β€œWhatβ€” that she drugged you?”

He pulled out a vial and walked over to me to show it to me. It was a heart shaped pink vial with a label on it.


β€œYou’ve got to be kidding me.” I scoffed and looked up at him. β€œWhat, so you’re saying that Angelina drugged you with this and that’s why you slept with her? What kind of excuse is that?”

β€œOh so you don’t believe me?” He asked. β€œI told you how it felt and now I found this? It’s quite fucking obvious!”

I pushed him in the chest, trying to get him away from me so I could get off the table, but he went straight back over to me and placed a hand on either side of my thighs, blocking my way of getting down.

β€œI fucking love you, Julie.” He whispered and cupped my jaw. β€œYou have to believe me.”


"Please.” He begged, tearing up as he pressed a kiss to my lips. I placed my hand on top of his, pulling away after I let him have a little bit of affection. β€œI justβ€” I-I need you back, my darling.”

I closed my eyes when he rested his forehead against mine. I couldn’t possibly do this. Especially not after I kissed his brother. I didn’t even know if I believed Fred. He seemed genuine but he had lied to me so many times that I didn’t trust him.

β€œI am sorry if what you are saying is true.” I sobbed before I wiped the tears that had spilled from my eyes. β€œBut I can’t know if you’re telling the truth or—”

β€œI’ll take truth serum again!” He exclaimed, taking a step back. β€œI’ll drink it and I won’t be able to lie, please.”

I jumped off the table and wrapped my arms around myself while looking at him through teary eyes.

β€œC’mon, Fred.” I spoke. β€œDo you really think we’d be able to have a healthy relationship? You’re standing here, offering to take truth serum so I’ll know the truth. A relationship won’t work without trust and we don’t trust each other.”

β€œI trust you!”

You shouldn’t.

β€œJust drop it.” I told him. β€œWe’re over.”

I left the room as quickly as I possibly could and started making my way down the corridor again to meet my friends in the courtyard for a break before our lesson started. I could really use a smoke, especially after the small chat with Fred.

Had Angelina really used a love potion on him? An amortentia which is the strongest and the most dangerous one? If she had done that, it was rape. Angelina had raped him.

Fucking bitch.

That was another thing I now had to confront her about. I was so hoping that Fred was lying about the potion. I don’t know what I’d do if I found out he had been raped by her.

Just because we weren’t together anymore, didn’t mean I magically stopped caring for him. He still lied to me and he still acted like a jerk when I confronted him about cheating so I wasn’t gonna get back together with him but if she raped him.

Boy, I was gonna go have a chat with his mother because I know how powerful Molly is when she’s angry or protective of any of her kids.

β€œHi guys.” I smiled softly when I reached the specific corner of the courtyard. Seth already sat with a cigarette between his fingers when I sat down next to him.

Against the opposite wall sat Nate with Callie lying down, her head in his lap, and Melba sat at the end of Callie’s feet.

β€œWhere’s Nick?” I asked and looked around at the four of them.

β€œI just spent thirty minutes looking for him.” Nate told me while I pulled a cigarette out of the pack that had been in my pocket. β€œI don’t know where he is. Hell, I don’t know what’s gotten into him.”

β€œHe experienced his first hate crime.” Melba sighed. β€œNow that he’s out and open about being gayβ€” it was hard the first time I experienced it too.”

No, it’s more than that.

β€œHave you got a lighter?” I asked Seth, motioning with the cigarette in my hand. He dug into his pocket and pulled out his pink lighter, turning it on. I placed the cigarette between my lips, still holding it between my thumb and my index as Seth lightened it. β€œThanks.”

I inhaled sharply, closing my eyes as I enjoyed the feeling of the smoke hitting my lungs.

β€œWhat do you reckon we’ll be doing for charms?” Callie asked. β€œI’m kinda tired of the knitting charm.”

β€œAren’t we supposed to change to the bubble-head charm for the next month or so?” Nate asked, running his fingers through Callie’s hair.

β€œI think Flitwick said something along the lines of that.” Seth nodded as I exhaled the smoke from my lungs.

I was really worried about Nick. I knew what it was like to be in such a dark place where you distance yourself from others, even the people you love. Nick had been doing exactly that for the past three weeks and I was terrified that something else had happened.

β€œI’m tired.” Melba announced. β€œI think I will take a nap after Charms class.”

β€œI’ll just take a nap right now.” Callie mumbled. β€œNate works as my pillow.”

β€œThat’s right.” Nate nodded with a small chuckle rolling off his lips. β€œThat’s what I’m good for. I act as a pillow.”

Stop being a cute couple.

β€œOh, guys!” Callie exclaimed as she suddenly sat up and turned her back to the wall. β€œNate and I will be looking for flats together during the Easter. We’ve both got savings from our parents so we’ll be able to afford it and we want to live together.”

Well it only makes sense. Nate and Callie are the top one couple around Hogwarts that everyone wants to be. They never fight, never anything serious at least. They only bicker or argue and they love each other very much.

They also both come from very rich wizarding families, meaning they’ve got a whole lot of money on their savings. They can afford the best kind of flat, I think even a house if they want that. I on the other hand don’t have any kind of savings. I never had the relationship to my dad that Nate has to his or that Callie has to hers, and most of my life I believed my mother was a muggle and hated me.

Though, I’ll be okay.

I’ll figure something out after Hogwarts.

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