His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 7

β€œJules, Jules, Jules, Jules!” I looked up at the sound of Seth, watching him rush over. He got shushed by the librarian but he ignored it and leaned on the table, a hand on my textbook.

β€œWhat are you doing?” I asked, looking down at his hand. β€œRemove your hand.”

β€œCome with me.” He whispered before he gathered my books and closed them. He proceeded to grab my bag and pushed the books into them before he swung it over his shoulder while moving behind me. He grabbed both of my wrists, guiding me out of my chair before he just grabbed one of my hands and started guiding me out of the library.

β€œWhat’re you doing, Seth?” I asked. β€œWhere’re we going?”

β€œFred and Angelina are fighting. You need to hear this.”

β€œMerlin’s beard.” I sighed. β€œSeth, I really don’t want to—”

β€œOh shush! Yes you do!”

He kept a fast pace, meaning I had to try and keep up the same pace which was exhausting as his legs were slightly longer than mine.

Seth pushed the door open to an empty corridor and the faint voices of Fred and Angelina hit my ears. He guided the both of us behind a wall with me pressed against the wall and him with a hand clamped over my mouth due to my heavy breathing.

β€œWould you just give me a fucking break!” Fred’s voice rang through the corridor. β€œYou slept with him!”

β€œAnd it was fucking good!” She replied. β€œWhy are you getting so riled up! We never agreed to be exclusive!”

β€œWe never agreed to be inclusive either!” He yelled. β€œThis is unbelievable.”

β€œWhat? That you’re getting the exact same medicine as Pegas got when you were with her?”

β€œDon’t bring her into this!” He yelled even louder. β€œBut yeah. You’re right. I cheated on Julie which was a big mistake. A mistake I will hate myself for, for the rest of my life and now I know what it feels like. She was right. Karma’s a bitch.”

Wait... Angelina cheated on him? Well isn’t that ironic.

β€œYou still love her, don’t you?” Angelina asked and then the corridor went silent for a moment. β€œWell, isn’t that just too bad? She doesn’t love you, Freddie. She finds you disgusting. Yeah, I heard her when she found out about us. She thinks you’re a disgusting piece of shit so good luck with that.”

Then footsteps approached and Angelina left, luckily without seeing us against the wall to her side. Then Fred reached the door as well but as he pulled it open, he stopped and a frown appeared on his face as he turned his head and saw us.

His eyes first landed on me, then moved to Seth who had me pressed against the wall with a hand over my mouth and a knee next to my thigh, holding me in place. Then he looked back to me and let out a snicker as he fully walked out of the door.

Seth looked at me and stepped back, his hand dropping from my mouth. β€œThat was awkward.”

β€œOh fuck.” I cursed and ran my hands up over my face and into my hair. β€œHe totally thought we were here to fuck.”

Seth laughed as he backed up against the opposite wall and crossed his arms over his chest. β€œWhy do you care if that’s what he thinks? You’re broken up.”

β€œI don’t care.” I scoffed. β€œHe can think what we want. I just don’t want him to–”

β€œTo what? Hate you?” Seth raised his eyebrows, an amusing grin on his face. β€œLike you hate him?”

I rolled my eyes and let out a chuckle as I walked over to him and grabbed my bag from his shoulder, swinging it over my own. β€œRight. I see your point. Can I go back to studying now?”

β€œNo.” he shook his head and the grin never left his face. β€œC’mon, J. The others are in class. Come have a smoke with me.”

β€œA smoke? Now? Seth, I have homework due for Divination and so do you so maybe we should work on it together. Then Nick can work on his later.”

β€œPlease.” he begged. β€œJust one smoke and then we can go make our Divination homework.”

I sighed and tilted my head as I watched him. I really needed to do my homework but Seth always had a soft spot in my heart and he knew it. He knew it and he was trying to take advantage of it like usual.

β€œPlease, J.” he pouted. β€œPlease, please, please, please.”

β€œFine.” I gave in with a groan. β€œOne smoke and then homework.”

β€œYay!” he cheered and threw his arm around my neck as we made our way out of the corridor. β€œCan we then maybe... talk about what we just heard?”

β€œWhat do you mean?” I asked. β€œFred being cheated on four months after cheating on me?”

He nodded slowly and I shrugged in response. Fred now knew how it felt. Or did he? I love Fred with my whole heart, I still do... but does he love her like I love him? It didn’t sound like it. I didn’t know if there was much of a difference about cheating when it comes to the amount of love you have for the person.

β€œHe got what was coming for him.” I simply told Seth. β€œI wanna say that he deserved it but no one deserves that. Not even if he cheated on me himself.”

What I said was true. Sure, Fred cheated on me four months ago and it absolutely broke my heart. It’s something I have yet to get over but that didn’t mean I wished for him to experience the same. He still didn’t deserve for his girlfriend to cheat on him. He cheated and even though I don’t act like it, I do want him to be happy so if he’s happy with that bitch Angelina Johnson, then great.

β€œWait, Seth... I forgot. I don’t have my cigarettes on me. They’re in my dorm.” I said and Seth looked at me as we walked down the staircase to the ground floor.

β€œYou can just have one of mine.” he shrugged. β€œIt’s no biggie.”

β€œYou’re too lazy to go down to the Hufflepuff basement and then back up to the courtyard, aren’t you?” I asked and he nodded, chuckling lightly. β€œRight. Okay then. Yours are good enough.”

β€œMine are the best.” he told me. β€œWhat you and Nate smoke is crap.”

β€œYou’re crap.” I argued. He glanced at me, his brows grown together into a frown. β€œWhat?”

β€œThat’s not nice.”

β€œYou’re not nice.”

Seth’s face stayed as a frown as we walked out into the paved grounds courtyard where loads of students were hurrying across the ground, either getting to class and getting from it, seeing as it was a few minutes to ten and a lesson had just ended, though our friends had two hours of Herbology, meaning their class didn’t end until in one hour. β€œWould you stop with the insults?”

He wanted to laugh, I knew it. I could see it in his face. I held up my hands in surrender, laughing softly. β€œAlright. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

We found our usual spot in the courtyard. We always chose this one because it was so full of busy students that no one would notice us two smoking in the corner. We had been smoking here for almost two years and never once had we gotten caught. The teachers don’t walk here that often and definitely not in the morning. Plus, we stood hid away in a small hideaway behind one of the towers that had a staircase on the inside.

β€œHere.” Seth pulled a cigarette out of the pack he had pulled from his pocket, and handed it to me. I placed it between my lips and he then handed me his lighter that I used to light it with. I leaned back against he brick wall and inhaled, then removing the cigarette from between my lips. I held it between my index finger and my middle finger as I felt the smoke reach my lungs. That was exactly what I needed. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes and a chuckle came from Seth, but I simply ignored it. β€œAnd you said you didn’t want a smoke.”

I exhaled and looked at him as he lit his own cigarette. When he looked at me, his eyes met mine and he wiggled his eyebrows at me as a smile spread on his lips.

β€œYou’re so weird sometimes.” I told him, guiding the cigarette back to my lips to inhale again, then exhaled seconds later. β€œNot that I hate that about you.”

β€œWould be weird if you did.” he said and leaned a hand on the wall. β€œYou’re equally weird. I guess it’s a Gemini thing... wouldn’t you say?”

β€œOr maybe a Hufflepuff thing.” I shrugged then thought about it and shook my head. β€œNo... definitely a Gemini thing.”

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