His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 71

β€œJulie, you okay in there?” Seth asked and knocked on the door to my dormitory. I walked in there to be alone for a minute but then I broke into tears.

I shouldn’t be crying. I felt so selfish. I wasn’t the one who was raped. Though he’s my best friend, I shouldn’t be crying. I should be supporting him. I’ll write him, tell him I hope he’s doing okay.

β€œJules.” Seth called again, followed by another knock. I grabbed my wand and flicked it in the direction of the door, causing it to open. He looked at me and hurried inside, closing the door behind him. He sat down next to me and reached for my hand, holding it as we sat in silence.

β€œI don’t understand how anyone would do that to him.” I sobbed. β€œNick is nothing but nice. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and then someone goes and do this. Why couldn’t they let him be who he is? Nick wouldn’t have cared one bit if someone else were gay, he doesn’t care. He’s not a fucking homophobe. H-He’s nice.”

Seth wrapped his arm around me, pulling me into his embrace.

β€œI know.” He whispered. β€œThe world works in a fucked up way.”

Seth brushed some hair out of my face and placed a kiss on my temple as he held me, though we both jumped when something crashed out in the common room.

I wiped my cheeks clean from the tears and Seth and I both exchanged a glance before we got up to walk out there.

Callie sat on the sofa, her legs folded and a hand clamped over her mouth while Nate was breathing heavily, his chest rising and falling quickly. A strand of his hair had fallen down in front of his face and he was clenching and unclenching his fists.

The lamp that stood on the side table by one of the sofas, was now on the floor in more than a hundred pieces and students had left their dormitories to see what was going on. The younger kids looked terrified while some of the older ones didn’t give a fuck. They were quite used to someone from our friend group ruining something.

Melba wasn’t in the room.

I didn’t know where she was, but I knew she was the toughest of all of us so she was probably out there, punching some students.

β€œGo back to your dorms, everyone!” Seth called out, waving the others students away before they started to slowly make their way into their dormitories. Seth then flicked his wand, making the lamp repair itself and fly back to stand on the side table.

Though Nate grabbed it again and the lamp broke when he once again threw it against the floor.

β€œSeriously?” Seth asked. He sighed and repaired it again. β€œLet it stay intact, yeah?”

Nate ran a hand frustratingly through his hair before he turned to look at Callie, then at Seth and I.

β€œIt was fucking Pucey!” Nate exclaimed. β€œI swear, it’s fucking him. Who else has been bugging Melba since she came out as gay? And now Nick... I swear it was him and some girl. Probably Patricia Stimpson.”

Patricia Stimpson?

β€œThe girl who fainted during the O.W.L.s?” Callie asked. β€œShe’s not in Slytherin. Ember said a Slytherin guy and a Slytherin girl.”

I needed to smoke. I really needed to smoke. I know Nick didn’t want us to go looking for whoever raped him but he deserved justice for what happened and whoever hurt them, deserved to be hurt badly.

β€œFine—” Nate shrugged. β€œBut I am ninety-nine percent sure that Pucey is the guy involved. When I’m done with him, his parents won’t be able to recognise him. Disgusting pig. Deserves to die. I’ll slice his throat, I—”

β€œNate!” Callie shouted. β€œThreatening to kill him won’t help anything. He still hurt Nick and we can’t change that. Don’t you think we should focus on him right now? He needs to know he’s got our support. Let’s all write him and then we can focus on finding who did it.”

Nate walked over to the sofa and placed his hands on the armrest, leaning towards Callie.

β€œIt’s not just a threat.” He said in a low and chilling voice. β€œI don’t care if I’ll go to Azkaban, not if it means that the people who hurt Nick are buried six feet under.”

I don’t think he’s joking.

β€œNate, baby.” Callie said and got up on her knees to wrap her arms around his neck. She pressed a kiss to his lips before she pulled him in for a hug. β€œI am just as pissed as you are but you need to promise me that you don’t do anything stupid that’ll get you arrested.”


"Promise me, Nathaniel.” She said with a stern tone to her voice. She pulled back and looked at him. He sighed but nodded slowly.

β€œFine.” He shrugged. β€œMelba is probably interrogating the Slytherins right now anyway. You know she’s not gonna take it easy on whoever is guilty.”

β€œI know.” Callie said, forcing a smile. β€œC’mon, babe. Let’s go write Nick.”

She got off the sofa and glanced back at Seth and I with a fake smile before she laced her fingers with Nate’s and pulled him out of the Hufflepuff basement.

I let out a shaky breath, running my hand over my mouth while I wiped the few tears that was currently rolling down one of my cheeks.

β€œDo you wanna write him too?” Seth asked. I simply nodded in response as he reached over to wrap an arm around my shoulder. β€œI think I’ve got some parchment in my drawer.”

He led me into the boys dormitory and I sat down on his bed while he went to get some parchment and a quill for each of us so we could write Nick.

He needed to know that we wouldn’t look at him differently. That he could always talk to us and come to us if he needed to talk.

I experienced sexual assault during the summer. I haven’t talked about it because it’s embarrassing. It was at the same club that I hooked up with that muggle.

Afterwards when I was walking home, this guy was following me and he managed to actually drag me into an alleyway. He pushed his hands up my dress, under my underwear but I kneed him and then ran.

It’s not really in my interest anymore to go out and drink and I know how I felt afterwards but I can’t even start to imagine what it was like for Nick to be raped.

I kept thinking about it. Kept trying to imagine how he was feeling or what he went through while walking around, keeping it to himself.

I just want him to be okay.

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