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Chapter 72

A few days passed and we got no response from Nick. We all sent him letters and we didn’t blame him for not replying. He must be going through so much right now and he probably needed time before he felt comfortable talking to us.

Melba had waited outside the Slytherin dungeons until Malfoy came out. She had pushed him aside before she marched inside and found Pucey.

She told us that he acted like he didn’t know anything but due to the smirk on his face, she knew he was involved in what happened to Nick.

Now it had been a few days and we were all still pretty shock up about the news about him and what he went through. We were trying to focus on school but it was hard because rumors were spreading. Somehow, everyone knew that Nick had been raped and people were talking about it.

I felt sick to my stomach how little respect people had. Some homophobes would make comments to us when we’d walk past them or claim that Melba deserved the same treatment so she could be β€˜fucked straight’. I was disgusted and it made me terrified of officially coming out as bisexual. My friends know I’m into both guys and gals but now that I knew how many homophobes Hogwarts had, I didn’t want to be open about it anymore.

We were called to Dumbledore office after Nick was pulled out of school. He wanted to ask if we had any idea who had done something like that towards Nick. They can’t do anything about it because there is no proof that it was Pucey.

Fred had respected my boundaries. He too heard about what happened to Nick and came to ask if I knew how he was doing. George asked the same question and I had the same answer for both of them.

β€œI don’t know.”

I also told Fred that I’m sorry about what happened with Angelina and the love potion. That no one deserves to be raped. I’m about eighty percent sure that he’s speaking the truth at this point but I’m still skeptical about getting back together.

It wasn’t only the cheating that was toxic in our relationship. It was full of distrust and jealousy and it was unhealthy so I was gonna put my distance to him β€” also George. The only time we’ve talked since we kissed was when he asked about Nick. Other than that, we haven’t said one word to each other or even looked in each other’s directions.

Currently we were also focusing on quidditch. Hannah Abbott had taken Nick’s spot as chaser alongside Seth and I.

I couldn’t start to explain how much I missed Nick. I knew he was in good hands with his parents and his older brother but we missed him so much and I know we all wish we could’ve done something to prevent him from getting assaulted like that.

β€œHas anyone seen Pegas?”

My head shot up at the sound of Professor McGonagall entering the library where Seth Melba and I sat and studied.

β€œThere you are.” She said sternly. β€œDumbledore wants to see you in his office.”

I sighed and ran my hands over my face before I nodded at her. I closed my textbook and pushed it over to Seth so he could hold it until I got back.

I followed McGonagall out of the library. She walked in silence so I walked in silence. Even though it was kinda awkward.

When we entered the office, my eyebrows furrowed at the familiar guy standing in the room.


β€œSit down miss Pegas.” Dumbledore greeted. McGonagall left again after I sat down by Dumbledore’s desk. β€œYou must be wondering why you’re here.”

Yeah no shit.

β€œThe question may have crossed my mind.”

β€œI will leave you and your brother to talk.” Dumbledore continued and nodded at the both of us before he left the office.

I sighed and leaned back, running my hands up over my face and into my hair. I closed my eyes, pinching the bridge of my nose before I looked at him.

β€œI said I didn’t want to have a relationship to you.” I said. β€œWhy’re you here? I’ve got more important stuff to do than worry about some long lost brother who now apparently won’t leave me alone.”

β€œI’ve filed for custody of you.” He blurted. It took me a second to process his words, but then my eyes widened and I let out a sarcastic laugh. β€œWith dad having a history of violence as with him hitting you and kicking you out and with mum’s record of leaving you, I have a good shot of being granted custody rights.”

I stood up quickly, staring at him with a look that could kill.

β€œI told you to leave.” I said. β€œAnd you took that as an invitation to file for custody?”

β€œYou need a legal guardian whom you’re safe with.” He said. β€œYou’re still seventeen and you won’t be eighteen for another five months. I’ve got a well-paying job and a flat with room enough.”

β€œI don’t need your help!” I exclaimed. β€œYou don’t even know me! I don’t even know you!”

He sighed and slowly folded his arms over his chest.

β€œYou don’t trust new people—” he stated. β€œI see that and I understand it. I’m not doing this because I want to control your life or anything. I’m doing this because I remember you as a baby. I remember mum coming home from the hospital with my new little sister and I remember loving you. I was five years old when we left but I’ve never stopped thinking about you. When I was asked about my siblings, I’d always say I had two β€” that was until Eleanor was born, then I’d say I had three. You don’t remember me because you were a newborn but I remember you and now that I look at you, I can see the resemblance. You look like me but you also look a lot like little Eleanor.”

My eyes were glossy at this point and he was blurry as I looked at him through the tears. I hated all the sentimental crap. It always made me cry.

I slowly sat down again and fidgeted with the hem of my skirt. Matteo walked over and sat down next to me while he exhaled deeply.

β€œYou won’t even have to stay with me after Hogwarts.” He told me. β€œI’d just like it if I knew you had someone you could come to. Someone who has never lost your trust. Sure, I’ll have to work on getting you to trust me because you don’t know me yet.”


β€œI heard you tell your friend Nate about a state you’ve been in.” He spoke. β€œDepression? Anxiety?”

I shrugged.

β€œI’ve always struggled with mental health.” I told him softly, avoiding eye contact with him. β€œBut it got better after I met my ex-boyfriend.”

Matteo nodded slowly.

β€œIt runs in the family.” He informed me. β€œMum’s had depression, I’ve had it and Ezra has experienced symptoms of it lately. I know what it feels like to struggle with mental health and with self-esteem. I’m glad to hear you had someone who helped you get better.”

I wiped away the tears that had now found their way down my cheeks.

β€œWe’re not together anymore.” I said. My voice was suddenly weak and I sounded like I was about to completely break into tears.

β€œCan I ask you what happened?”

β€œIt’s complicated.” I shrugged. I wasn’t lying. It was extremely complicated and I didn’t know how to explain it. β€œI justβ€” I don’t really trust him anymore.”

I looked at Matteo for a moment but immediately looked away when I recognized myself in him.

β€œFine.” I sighed. β€œIf you want custody, I guess I won’t stop you.”

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