His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 73

As I went to close the door to my dormitory, a hand slammed against it on the other side, making my heart skip a beat.

I stepped back and the door was pushed fully open by a very angry-looking Fred. He took one step inside, his eyes glued to me while he pushed the door closed behind him with his foot.

β€œYou kissed George.”

My eyes widened at his words and I felt my throat hitch in my throat. How he knew, I had no idea of because George would never tell him. He’d be too scared to get killed.

β€œOf course I didn’t kiss George.”

Why aw you lying?

β€œIt wasn’t a question!” He snapped. β€œYou fucking kissed George.”

Alright who let him into the Hufflepuff basement?

β€œYou are supposed to be the good one here.” He told me. β€œIt was supposed to be my fault for ruining our relationship but maybe you don’t want to take me back because you want my fucking brother!”

He was kinda scaring me. He was speaking very loudly in a tone I had never heard come from him. I took a step back but he only took one towards me to keep the same amount of distance.

β€œWhat do you mean by that?” I asked, trying to keep my voice calm. β€œI was supposed to be the good one? There is no good ones, Fred.”

β€œNo, I can see that now.” He nodded. β€œWho the fuck kisses their ex boyfriend’s brother?!”

The guilt was worse not than ever. Especially because I had no explanation. I didn’t know how George and I had gone from talking to making out so quickly.

β€œHow did you find out?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest.

β€œHow did Iβ€” that’s what you want to focus on?!” He yelled.

β€œWhat else do you want me to say?!” I yelled back. β€œI did it, it happened. I kissed George and George kissed me but I don’t have an explanation so if you’re looking for one, you’re wasting your time.”

Fred raised his arms and ran his hands into his hair, tugging at it as he look up at the ceiling and shook his head in disbelief.

β€œDo you just have a thing for Weasleys?” He asked and looked at me again. β€œWho’s next? Gonna kiss Bill? Charlie? Fucking Percy? What is it that turns you on, huh? The red hair? The freckles—”

I started tearing up at the way he spoke to me. I stepped back again but this time he didn’t step towards me.

β€œ... are you just gonna throw yourself at every single one of us until there’s none left?!” He yelled. β€œGo ahead! Be my guest!”

Is he calling me a slut?

β€œFuck you!” I spat through the tears. β€œYou have no right talking to me like that! I’m not the only one who’s done some fucked up things!”

β€œI was drugged!” He defended himself. β€œI didn’t sleep with her because I wanted to. I slept with her because I wasn’t given a choice!”

β€œI know!”

β€œThen why don’t you want to be with me?!”

I didn’t respond. A sob came from my mouth and I turned my back to him. I ran a hand over my face, wiping the tears. I don’t know why because it didn’t help. I was still actively crying.

I had been crying so much lately. Every time something happened, I’d cry. Though can you blame me? So many things had happened this school year and I was mentally and physically drained.

β€œWhy don’t you—” I heard Fred sob and I closed my eyes, hating that he was upset too. β€œ... why don’t you want me?”

β€œFred.” I cried softly. β€œPlease...”

β€œDo you love George?” He asked, his voice full of sorrow. β€œIs that why? You kissed him and now you don’t want me even though you know I couldn’t control it.”

It was almost like I could feel my heart shattering at the sound of his fragile voice.

β€œI don’t love George.” I told him and turned around to look at him again. β€œNot like that. I don’t know what that kiss was or what it meant but I have never loved anyone like I love you. I just can’t keep doing this.”

β€œDoing what?”

β€œWe’ve broken up twice, Fred. Both of the times were because of her. She’s not going to stop. She’s going to keep getting between us with one of her tricks.” I said. β€œShe drugged you and I hate that that happened to you. I justβ€” she’s not going to stop until she has you and until I’m completely broken and that’s already happening. I am breaking every time one of these things happen.”

Fred sighed and rubbed his eyes before he looked at me again through his blood-shot eyes.

β€œYou’re not broken.”

β€œI’m not?” I laughed. β€œBecause I keep crying all the time. You cheated, then we got back together. My dad hit me, I learned that my mum didn’t want me. I also discovered that I’ve got brothers. You cheated again, then my brothers showed up because Angelina decided to meddle in my life. Then I found out you had been drugged which means that she raped you. That wasn’t enoughβ€” no, then my best friend was raped because he’s gay and now my brother wants custody of me and I don’t really have a say because I’m seventeen and need some kind of guardian until I turn eighteen!”

I took a deep breath.

β€œThe last thing I need right now is having you show up at my dorm and accuse me of being a slut.”

β€œI did not call you a slut.”

β€œNo.” I shrugged. β€œYou just insinuated it β€” insinuating that I’ll throw myself at your brothers because I just have a thing for gingers? You’re a fucking idiot.”

Fred opened his arms, then let them fall down against his sides.

β€œTell me something I don’t know.” He said with a sigh. β€œI didn’t fucking mean to insinuate that you’re a slut. You’re not.”

β€œOh well now I feel so much better.” I gasped sarcastically. β€œCan you justβ€” leave. I’m sorry I kissed your brother but just leave. It won’t happen again.”

Instead of respond, he suddenly took some big steps, causing me to back up until I hit the wall. He grasped my jaw and connected our lips, kissing me eagerly.

My hands pressed to his chest but I kissed him back. Not because I wanted to but because my body didn’t seem to stop it. The spark was still there which made it feel as amazing as always.

When he pulled away after several seconds, I was panting and he was too a little bit. He stared down at me, then turned around and walked out of my dormitory.

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