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Chapter 75

I received a letter from Matteo one Saturday morning. I sat in the owlery, opening it with the feeling of nervous rushing through my veins. I didn’t know why I felt nervous.

I guess I didn’t know what it could be. Maybe he had changed his mind. Maybe he no longer wanted to be my guardian.

I know I wasn’t very happy when he first told me about it, but now I was actually feeling kind of excited. I had never had anyone who genuinely wanted me. Not anyone who was related to me. I had my friends and I was grateful for that, but they had their families and they were cared for which I had never felt.

Matteo seemed to care. He remembered me as a baby and he cared for me. It felt nice to know that he did so yeah, I was excited for him to be my guardian.

I sat with the envelope in my hands that were shaking a little bit. I tried to gather the courage to open it and read it.

Suddenly the door to the owlery opened and my head snapped up to look at Fred who was staring right at me, struggling to decide whether to fully enter or leave again.

β€œAre youβ€” okay?” He asked. I simply nodded before I looked down at the envelope again.

β€œI meanβ€” maybe.” I shrugged. β€œThis is from my brother. I don’t know how to open it.”

Fred stepped inside and slowly closed the door behind him. I heard his shoes against the floor as he approached me and I glanced at him when he sat down next to me.

β€œHe has filed for custody of me.” I told him, rubbing my chin with my hand. β€œAnd I don’t know if I can open this. What if he’s changed his mind?”

β€œAbout getting custody?” he asked. β€œWhy do you think he’s changed his mind?”

I shrugged in response and looked at him. β€œMy dad showed me he doesn’t really care about me. What he cares about is control. And my mother left me, said in her diary she didn’t have a choice but then I found out that she did have a choice, she just decided to continue without me.”

β€œAlright—” Fred breathed. β€œYou’ve been unlucky with some people in your life, but just because your parents hasn’t been there to show you the love you deserve, doesn’t mean your brother will be the same.”

Damn, why do you gotta tell the truth like that?

β€œI actually felt really loved when he talked to me in Dumbledore’s office.” I explained. β€œI felt more loved during that conversation than I’ve done by my dad my entire life.”

Fred wrapped his arm around me and I laid my head against his shoulder while wrapping my arm around his stomach.

β€œYou are loved by a lot of people.” He told me. β€œI wish one of them could’ve been your parents. I mean β€” I am sure both of your parents love you, your dad just doesn’t know how to show it and your mum may believe her excuse for leaving is okay, though it’s not. What I’m trying to say is that you need to stop being so hard on yourself. I know it’s hard but try and listen to your logical thinking instead of your emotional one. Not everyone you’ll meet in your life is going to leave you.”

I let out a sigh against his shoulder before I moved my face up to the skin of his neck, planting a kiss.

β€œI love you.” I whispered, and meant it. I know we weren’t currently together and we were going through some shit with the relationship we did have, but I felt like I had to let him know that I do still love him.

β€œYou do?”

β€œYeah.” I breathed. β€œI really do.”

I planted another kiss against his neck, causing him to close his eyes while he let out a breathy moan.

I laid my head back against his shoulder and he moved his other arm around me as well to hold me.

β€œI love you too.” He whispered against my head and pressed a kiss to my temple. β€œYou know that, right?”



I kicked a leg over his body, straddling his waist while both of my arms went around his back as my head laid against his chest. Fred tightened his arms around me and I felt him press another kiss to my temple.

β€œAre you gonna open the letter from your brother?” He asked. β€œMaybe it’s important.”

I sat up straight and looked down at the envelope I was still holding in my hand.

β€œOkay—” I breathed. I slowly opened the envelope, glancing up at Fred’s face from time to time.

I pulled the piece of part home to from the envelope and unfolded it. The letter didn’t say much but once I finished reading it, I let out a breath of relief and looked at Fred with a small smile.

β€œHe hasn’t changed his mind.” I told him. β€œBut the hearing is already in two weeks. He’s gonna write Dumbledore about it so I can be allowed to attend.”

β€œSee.” Fred smiled. β€œYour brother’s not planning on giving up on you.”

He brushed his fingers through the front of m hair before running them down my face until he rested his hand against the side of my neck.

β€œNeither am I, by the way.” He told me. His hand moved to gently grab around my throat, his eyes locking with mine. My lips parted as my hand grabbed around his wrist but I didn’t try to force his hand away. I rocked my hips against his, earning a groan from him.

My fist closed around his shirt and I lowered myself down, pressing a soft and longing kiss to his lips.

β€œI had a talk with Angelina this morning.” He whispered against me, causing me to pull away quickly.

He’s a fucking professional at ruining the moment.

β€œYou’ve got to be kidding me.” I breathed but when I went to get up, Fred grabbed a hold of my shirt and pulled me straight back down against him.

"Not a friendly chat.” He told me. He had his eyebrows raised at me and kept a hold of my shirt while he grasped my jaw with his other hand to pull me back to his lips, kissing me harshly. β€œI’m done with her, alright? We made a deal.”

I frowned at him but I stayed quiet as he slowly let go of my shirt and instead ran his hand up and under the material of it, resting against my burning hot skin.

β€œI won’t press charges against her and I won’t tell my mum what she did.” He said. β€œAnd in return she’ll leave me alone and she’ll leave you alone. No more Angelina.”

β€œFred—” I sighed. β€œThat’s a fucking dumb deal!”


β€œShe can’t just get away with drugging you into having sex with you.” I told him. β€œShe needs punishment. She needs a sentence. She needs time in Azkaban.”

Fred dug his nails slightly into my skin, causing me to raise my hips in response while I cursed slightly under my breath. The idiot simply smirked at my reaction.

β€œI don’t care.” He shrugged. β€œI just want to be able to be with you and not worry about her trying to ruin it, and now she won’t because she knows that if she do, I’ll go straight to my mum about it and mum’ll make sure she gets what she deserves.”

I sighed and pouted at him before I once again rocked my hips against him. Fred let out a heavy breath and threw his head back against the wall while his eyes screwed shut.

β€œBabe, not here, yeah?” He opened his eyes again and they met mine. β€œNot in front of the owls.”

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