His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 76

I had my legs wrapped around Fred’s waist, his erection pressing against my underwear as he pressed me up against the wall of my dormitory. His lips were leaving my mouth to suck on my neck while I reached for my wand that I had placed on the dresser.

β€œColloportus.” I breathed, pointing at the door, and the sound of the door locking filled the room before I continued with the second spell. β€œMuffliato.”

I then pointed my wand at the drawer in my nightstand, and a moan slipped from my lips when Fred lapped his tongue against the skin of my pulse point.

β€œAberto.” I whispered, watching the drawer pull open. β€œAccio condom.”

Fred laughed against my skin and I could feel the vibrations run through me. Meanwhile a condom from the drawer came flying towards me and I caught it with the hand I held the wand with.

β€œYou’re a sneaky one.” He said and pulled his head back to look at my face. β€œWhen did you start having condoms in your drawer?”

I shrugged and placed my wand on the dresser before I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him in for a soft and lingering kiss.

β€œSince the last time we got back together.” I told him in a whisper against his lips. β€œThis one is lubricated with ribs in it to increase the pleasure.”

I wiggled my eyebrows at him, making him laugh again before he once again captured my lips with his. He placed his hands in mine against the wall and took the condom for me, temporarily placing it on the dresser.

β€œFuck.” I cursed when he thrusted his hips against mine, causing friction between my heat and his bulge. β€œMerlin, Freddie if you keep doing that, I’m gonna cum before you get inside.”

β€œYeah?” He grinned and slid his hand down between my legs, running his fingers over my underwear, causing my legs to tighten around him when he brushed against my bundle of nerves. β€œMaybe I’m trying to make you cum at least twice.”

β€œTrying you might.” I told him, grabbing his jaw in my hand to tilt his head back so I could look directly into his eyes. β€œBut succeeding? I meanβ€” you’re good but you need to be great to do that.”

Fred raised his eyebrows to challenge me and when my lips formed into a wicked smile, he dug his nails into the flesh of my bum, making me hiss in response. I closed my eyes and felt Fred plant a kiss against my shoulder before putting my legs back down.

β€œThat’s how you wanna play?” He asked in a calm and chilling voice. I kept smiling as he pressed himself against me while I stood against the wall. His hands found the hem of my shirt and I lifted my arms to allow him to pull it off.

He pulled his own shirt off, then let his eyes linger on mine before slowly moving them down my body as he lowered himself onto his knees. Knowing what was about to happen, I threw my head back against the wall, breathing heavily while my eyes focused on the ceiling. I felt Fred’s cool hands creep under my skirt and grab a hold of my knickers, moving them down my legs. I stepped out of them and he threw them aside.

I looked down at him when his hands crept back up my thighs and continued up under the waistband of my skirt, running them over the skin of my hips.

β€œSo you don’t think I can make you cum twice?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow. β€œAre you still holding onto that statement?”

I simply shrugged as I smiled smugly at him. In response he hummed softly, grabbing onto the back of my thigh to lift my leg over his shoulder. I watched as his head disappeared under my skirt and the moment his mouth attacked my heat, I threw my head back with a breathy moan escaping from my mouth.

β€œOh shit.” I cursed as he flattened his tongue against my clit, causing my knees to buckle. Fred grabbed onto my thighs, keeping me standing. I grabbed onto his shoulders in a way to keep myself steady which was hard at the pace he was going at down there.

Fucking bitch.

His tongue ran through my folds, collecting the arousal that he was the cause of. He hummed in approval, sending vibrations through me and up to my clit. I squeezed my eyes shut, digging my nails into his shoulders while I pressed my chin to my chest and pathetically moaned into the room.

We had gone so long without each other, and I had gone a while without an orgasm, so this time it felt more intense. The feelings that flooded through my body, overwhelmed me and the only sound that filled the room was the sound of my moans.

β€œOh my–” his tongue flicked over my clit before he sucked it into his mouth, and once again, I felt my knees buckle underneath me. β€œ... fuck.”

I rocked my hips against his mouth but while his right hand stayed on my thigh, his left moved up to rest against my abdomen, pinning me against the wall, but it only made me whine as it killed me that he wanted me to stay still.

My orgasm was slowly building up, forming a knot in my lower abdomen. I tilted my head back against the floor, my eyes closed and my mouth open as moans and whimpers kept coming from it.

Fred nipped at my clit and that was exactly what I needed to be pushed over the edge. Again, I rocked my hips against his face while one long and suffocated moan rushed up my throat and out of my mouth. My eyes rolled back into my skull and Fred kept eating me out, helping me through my orgasm.

β€œOh–” I panted afterwards while Fred stood back up, licking his lips while watching me in amusement. Cheeky bugger.

β€œOne down.” he smirked and pressed a soft kiss to my lips, his tongue meeting mine for just a split second, giving me a taste of myself. β€œOne to go.”

He brushed some hair behind my ear before he pressed his hand to my jaw, keeping his lips hovering over mine.

β€œUndo my belt.” he whispered, his hot breath mixing with mine. My eyes flickered from his lips to his eyes and without objecting, my hands found their way to his belt, unbuckling it. β€œAnd my trousers.”

So demanding.

I undid the one button in his trousers, then pulled down the zipper, my eyes never leaving his as his scanned my face. When I went to pull his trousers down, he placed his hands on mine, and helped me do so, though he had hooked his fingers into his briefs too, making them slide down at the same time, and his erection sprung free.

He was rock hard, needing me as much as I needed him – but I didn’t know what was was more important right now. That I wanted him or that I needed him.

Fred grabbed the foil package from the dresser, and held it up between us with a small smirk. β€œDo you wanna do the honour or shall I?”

β€œIt’s an honour, is it?” I decided to tease him. β€œBut oh well, if you think that highly of yourself, let me do it.”

He rolled his eyes at me and I took the foil package from him, ripping it open before taking out the condom. Fred looked at it with a frown, then looked at me.

β€œWhy is the condom pink?”

β€œOh, it comes in all colours and sizes.” I told him. β€œTastes too. Isn’t it wonderful what Muggles are capable of?”

Fred laughed at my question but his laugh turned into a groan when I rolled the condom onto his length. He let his head rest against my shoulder for a moment and when I let go of him again, he looked at me.

β€œYou sure are sensitive.” I smirked, running my hand up and threading my fingers into his hair. β€œLooked like it hurt.”

β€œOh yeah?” he questioned before his fingers found my deep, diving two of them right in, making me hiss at the surprise of it, and at the same time, he rubbed his thumb against my very sensitive clit.


β€œI’m sensitive?” he laughed, pulling out his fingers to suck them clean. β€œYou humour me, my love.”

He wrapped his hands around the back of my thighs and lifted me up suddenly, causing me to shriek, but then chuckle as he put me on the dresser. I went to say something in response to his words, but Fred thrusted right into me in one sharp motion and all the air got sucked from my lungs as I threw my head back.

Fred cursed under his breath, one hand resting against my waist to help him as he started thrusting in a steady pace. The other hand grasped my jaw in his to force me to look at him before he pressed his lips to mine in a sloppy and open-mouthed kiss. It wasn’t very romantic but neither of us cared as all we wanted was the closeness of the situation.

We moaned into each other’s mouths, my hands founding their way into his hair to pull at it. I knew that was a big turn on for him and he only confirmed it when it made him grunt in response.

Fred’s hands moved down to under my thighs and dug his nails into my skin while he pulled me closer to the edge of the dresser, now completely plunging into me, hitting as deep as he could, also hitting my G-Spot. My legs shook in response of the first time he hit it but as he continued to brush over it with his tip, my legs got used to it an stopped shaking. Though it kept being as pleasurable, making me a moaning mess while the kiss with Fred only got sloppier.

His thrusting got faster and when I felt like he couldn’t hit any deeper inside of me, he did.

What’s next? Is he gonna hit my fucking cervix?

The pleasure was getting so intense that I felt like I could burst into tears at any moment. Fred’s mouth left mine and he hid in his face in the crook of my neck. I threw my head back, my left hand running back into his hair while my right hand rested against his shoulder blade, my nails digging into his skin, dragging downwards.

My hand then left his back to grab the edge of the dresser, trying to keep myself steady as Fred’s thrusting pace caused my body to rock the dresser from side to side, making it creak.

Is this a good time to mention that the dresser is Melba’s?

β€œOh my god.” I moaned when the familiar knot formed in my lower abdomen for the second time. I threw my head back, staring up at the ceiling with my lips parted, but then I closed them to focus on the feeling. β€œI’m gonna– Fred, I’m gonna–”

He shushed me gently and I felt the warm breath against my neck before he sucked my skin in-between his teeth. His nails dug further into the skin of my thighs, the pain mixing with the please.

β€œI know, darling.” he whispered. β€œBe a good girl and cum for me.”

Oh shit.

β€œOh fu– don’t say shit like that.” I breathed. β€œI can’t fucking–”

I cried into the room, biting down on my hand when we came at the same time. My walls clenched around him and at the same time I felt him twitch inside of me as he spilled into the condom. He bit down on my shoulder, suffocating the sounds that wanted to leave his mouths.

We stayed like that for a moment, him still inside of me, his face hidden in my shoulder. We were both sweaty and both a panting mess. My eyes were closed and I knew thats so was his.

Fred recovered quicker than I did. He pulled out and rolled off the condom, using a spell to delete it from existing. Meanwhile I sat on the dresser, my legs hanging over the edge and my hands gripping the edges tightly with my head hanging low and my eyes still closed.

β€œYou okay?” I heard Fred’s voice while I heard the sound of his trousers and then his belt. Afterwards I felt him move in-between my legs, his hands running to the back of my thighs to soothe where he had obviously left marks from his nails. β€œNeed me to do anything?”

β€œIf you could–” I gulped and opened my eyes to look at him. He was wearing his trousers with the belt in but his shirt was still on the floor. He had fucked me in only my skirt and my bra. β€œ... just be quiet for a moment.”

Fred laughed softly and moved his hands from my thighs to my arms. He ran them up over my shoulders and up to rest against the side of my neck. He leaned in and planted a kiss right under my jaw, then nudged hiss nose against my cheek.

β€œThink you can walk.” he asked and grabbed my hands. I didn’t respond. I let go of one of his hands to grab his shoulder as he wrapped his free arm around my waist and helped me down. As soon as my feet hit the world, I hissed at the pain that shot up the lower part of my body and my knees gave in, though Fred held me up with his arm staying around my waist. β€œI’ll take that as a no.”

He helped me get the rest of my clothes on, before I decided I should probably take a shower after that. Once I got my stuff to bring to the prefect bathroom, Fred removed the spells from the door and then opened it. I didn’t hear him walk so I expected that he was waiting for me. I grabbed my small bag of toiletries and turned around, but froze.

Seth and Nate were both standing right outside of the door to the dormitories, leaning against the doorframe on either side of the door.


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