His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 8

β€œNope.” I coughed, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. β€œThat’s terrible.”

β€œNo it’s not.” Nate got all defensive as he grabbed the vodka bottle from my hand. β€œIt’s probably the best muggle invention ever.”

β€œI’m with Julie on this one.” Callie said. β€œPlus, you promised me you hadn’t brought any alcohol to school. You’re gonna get fucking expelled if you get caught.”

β€œWell–” Seth shrugged. β€œIf a students gets caught smoking, they’ll get expelled for that too but the three of us–”

He pointed between Nate, me and himself. β€œ...have been smoking for two years and we haven’t got caught yet. Nate, hand me the bottle. I need to get drunk.”

When Seth got a hold of the bottle, he threw his head back and took a big sip from it, then let out a breath and handed it to Nick who did the same. Nick’s not big on drinking but sometimes he likes to get himself drunk. Especially if he’s stressed out and he has been for the past couple of days.

He realised that this really is our last year before we enter the real world. He’s terrified of the real world. Gets quite anxious about it. He doesn’t like change. It was the same when we started Hogwarts. He had to get used to the new everyday and now he’s scared of leaving school and having to get used to a new everyday.

Nick wants to be a healer at St. Mungos. Nate’s working to become a genealogist who studies the Wizarding families lineage. Seth’s going to be a obliviator, Callie loves dragons and she’s counting on becoming a dragonologist in Sweden, Melba’s plan is to be an auror and I.. I want to play quidditch for a living. To join the English national quidditch team. Fred and I used to talk about it. Our future. He wanted to open a shop with George and I wanted to be a professional quidditch player. We supported each other and we were so excited for a future together.

β€œYou know what? Give me the bottle.” I ordered, holding out my hand towards Nick. β€œI need to get him out of my head.”

He handed over the bottle and I threw my head back, the bottle against my lips as I consumed as much as I could in one go before I had to take a breath for some air.

β€œHoly shit.” Melba cursed. β€œThat’s hot.”

β€œWant some?” I asked, offering her the bottle with a grin on my face. She shook her head as her face scrunched up in disgust and I shrugged. I was about to drink some more when Nate grabbed it out of my hand.

β€œDid no one teach you how to share?” he joked as he himself drank some more. After a while of just sitting on the ground in the courtyard, drinking and talking, I found myself feeling pretty tipsy and when I saw Fred walk past alone, I couldn’t help but wonder.

β€œOi! Weasley!” I called with a grin on my face. He stopped dead in his tracks and I could see he tensed up. He slowly turned around, taking in my friend group as we were all sitting on the ground, most of us tipsy from drinking. β€œWhere’s George?”

His eyes landed on me and he licked his lips before shrugging. β€œLibrary. Why?”

β€œAnd Jordan?”

β€œLee’s...” he sighed. β€œHe’s got class.”

β€œTowler?” I then asked as I pulled myself up to stand on my knees. β€œDo you know where he’s at?”

β€œWhat’re you on about, Julie?” he asked. β€œWhy are you asking about my roommates?”

β€œI’m just curious.” I shrugged, biting my bottom lip as I eyed him up and down. He looked good. So bloody good.

β€œKenneth and Lee have class together during this time a day, remember?” he asked, then shook his head. β€œI gotta go.”

β€œWait!” I called when he turned back around. β€œGo where?”

β€œI’m supposed to be getting something for George in the dorm.” he simply said before he continued walking inside. I pulled myself up to my feet to follow him.

β€œWhere’re you going?” Callie asked, causing me to look at her. I leaned down and grabbed the bottle out of her hand, taking a sip from it, then handed it back.

β€œI’m gonna go fuck my ex.”

Melba and Callie both cheered me on while Seth started to object while I made my way towards the entrance that Fred entered through, trying my best to look sober.

β€œWha– Jules, do you think that’s a good idea?!” Seth called but I ignored him and continued through the doors. I kept a distance to Fred but followed him up to the Gryffindor tower. I knew the password so after I said it, I was let in.

He wasn’t in the common room, meaning he was in his dormitory. The thing about the Gryffindor common room is that if a boy gets near the stairs to the girls dormitory, the stairs turn into a slide and the boy falls back down but that’s not the case with the boys dormitory.

When I entered the dorm, I saw him. His back was turned to me as he went through George’s stuff. We were the only ones in here and when I closed the door behind me, locking it, he turned around in confusion, eyes landing on me. β€œWhat’re you doing here?”

β€œI miss you.” I cooed, pulling my wand out of my back pocket. Though I had locked the door, I still used a locking charm on it, then put my wand on the dresser next to the door which I knew was Kenneth Towlers.

β€œJule–” his voice stopped as his eyes dropped to my hands that grabbed the hem of my skirt while I kicked off my shoes. I ran my fingers along the inside of the waistband, then let the material slap back against my skin and I let out a heavy breath which made his eyes flicker back up to mine. β€œAre you drunk?”

β€œNo.” I giggled. My hands went up and quickly undid my robes. I let them slide down my arms, hitting the floor before I pulled off my jumper. Fred inhaled sharply and I smiled in satisfaction. I wasn’t wearing a bra under my shirt button-up dress and I knew it was visible. Especially because my nipples had hardened against the material. His eyes followed my hands again when they went up and started loosening my tie. Then I pulled the collar of my shirt out from under it while pulling it out of my skirt as well. I unbuttoned every single button, letting the shirt hang around my torsos, only just covering my nipples with my tie hanging in between them.

β€œIsn’t this how you like me?” I asked softly as I pulled my skirt down, stepping out of them so that I only stood in my knickers, my opened shirt, a school tie and the grey socks that went to under my knees. β€œInnocent looking?”

β€œTrust me.” he breathed. His pupils were madly dilated. β€œYou don’t have the slightest of innocence in the way you look right now.”

I reached up to pull the hair tie out of my hair and I felt the cool air against my nipples as the shirt moved to the sides, revealing them. I moaned in response and Fred dropped the things he was holding, grabbing onto the nightstand to steady himself.

β€œYou’re drunk, Julie.” he said, through his heavy breathing. β€œYou should get your clothes back on.”

I walked closer to him and he backed up, hitting the wall between the nightstand George’s nightstand and his bed.

β€œKiss me.” I whispered as I stood right in front of him. I ran a hand up his chest and behind his neck. He straightened up, cleaning his throat as he looked over my head.

β€œI’m with Angelina.” he told me. β€œYou know this.”

I sighed and rested my head against his chest, taking in his scent. β€œBeing in a relationship hasn’t stopped you before.”

He grabbed onto my wrists, forcing me away from him and he looked at me with this angry and deadly glance in his eyes.

β€œI am trying to not make the same mistakes.” he told me as he pushed me towards his own bed where he forced me to sit down. β€œThis. Your little game. It’s not working.”

He walked over to pick up my clothes, then came back to me and put it next to me. β€œFirst of all. I do not want to be known as a cheater. Second of all, you are drunk and I don’t want to take advantage of you. Lastly, you’d hate me again when you sober up.”

β€œI’m not drunk.” I told him. β€œI’m tipsy.”

β€œWell.” He breathed as his fingers found the buttons of my shirt. β€œNo matter what you are, I’m not taking advantage of it.”

I tilted my head back and looked up at him, watching his expression as he buttoned my shirt. His eyebrows were slightly grown together in a frown and the tip of his tongue was between his lips as he bit down on it.

β€œYou used to want me.” I said and I realised how pathetic I sounded. He let out a breath but he didn’t respond. Instead he just undid the tie, then wrapped it around the collar of my shirt and tied it again, tightening it before folding the collar down over it. β€œUsed to love me.”

He grabbed my jumper and helped me get it back on before he grabbed my skirt and crouched in front of me, holding it open. He glanced up at me, waiting for me to step into it and I sighed as I did. Then I stood up, placing my hands on his shoulders as he pulled it up and around my bum, letting go of them when the waistband sat around my waist.

He placed his hands on either side of my jaw and forced me to look at him. β€œI do love you, Jules. You dumped me.”

β€œBecause you cheated.” I said. β€œYou don’t love me. You love her. Otherwise you wouldn’t have... fucked her.”

He guided me to lie down on his bed before he crouched down next to me. β€œSleep it out here. I’ll be back soon.”

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