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Chapter 81

2 months later

β€œHonestly Nate, you look ridiculous.” Callie said when Nate danced his way onto the train. He turned around and grinned as he extended his hand towards her, helping her onto the train before kissing her. β€œI can’t believe I’m dating you.”

β€œBelieve it.” Nate laughed. β€œYou chose me. You chose to get with such a mad man.”

β€œMan?” Callie laughing, leading the way towards a compartment as the rest of us got onto the train. β€œYou are nothing but a little boy, Nathaniel.”

I was walking behind the two with Seth right behind me and Melba at the back.

β€œIf I’m a little boy, that makes you a predator.” Nate said. Callie flicked him off in response and he simply laughed as the five of us entered an empty compartment. I threw my bag up on the luggage rack above one of the seats, before throwing my ass down next to the window.

I wasn’t feeling very feel. I wasn’t in the mood for any fun and I hadn’t been for a while. The day after the trial was great. We celebrated Melba’s eighteenths birthday but then two days after her birthday, I received a letter from my mother.

She told me she wants me to come home for Easter and spend it there with her and β€œour family” like she decided to put it, otherwise she would have to get the Ministry involved. Since she’s got full custody, she makes the decisions until I’m eighteen in two months.

Then Fred told me that he and George decided to leave Hogwarts. They didn’t want their exam, they just wanted to focus on their shop. They left a few days ago and I already missed Fred a lot.

I still haven’t told him what happened between George and I when we were fourteen I know I need to tell him if we’re gonna have a chance at actually having a healthy relationship. Fred is not gonna like it but it’s not like I ever cheated on him, because we weren’t together. I also have to talk to George about it first. He deserves to be warned about it so he can hide if that’s what it comes to.

When I finished Hogwarts, I was going to travel the world. I was gonna visit different countries and just take break from it all. Though I was gonna be home from time to time to see Fred and my friends.

We just celebrated Callie. She turned eighteen on April 7th which is twenty days ago. Next is Nate in the start of May, then Nick at the end of May. Seth and I are the last to celebrate our birthdays. Mine is on the 12th of June and Seth’s is on the 13th.

Since the trial, we had been trying to get Pucey to speak by slipping him some veritaserum but we never managed to get close enough. We may not have succeeded yet but we sure will because we simply have to find out who raped our Nick.

We were gonna visit Nick during Easter. The five of us were gonna write together and one of us would then write Nick to talk about a day we’d visit. I didn’t know apparition but Seth and Nate did so one of those two would have to pick the rest of us up and bring us with them.

β€œIsn’t it crazy?” Callie asked as she lied there in Nate’s arms as he was playing with her blonde curls. β€œWe’re almost fully adults, out of school and into the world of careers.”

Don’t remind me.

I’m scared of the future. We had a Quidditch match against Gryffindor in early March. Our team actually won even though Hannah Abbott had replaced Nick as our third chaser. There was some agents at the match and afterwards, one of them came to talk to me. He was the agent of the Scottish National Quidditch team and he wants me to be their new chaser as one of them quit. I have until I graduate to answer on whether or now I want the position.

I mean, I had hoped for the Scottish team so I can represent my own country but it’s still professional Quidditch and apparently I’m good enough to join the national team. It’s a good career and it’s what I love, so I’m strongly considering it. It just scared me a little. Everything is about to change, and I really don’t want that right now. Everything has been so odd this year. I want things to be stable for just a little while. Good thing is I have two more months to think about it and their agent even offered for me to come meet the team before I make my decision. He said he could write Dumbledore to give me a pass to take a day off school and come meet them. Maybe I’ll take him up on that.

It’s rare that a school student gets chosen for something like that. Usually I’d have to play on other teams and then eventually I might be offered the shot of playing on the National Team so I know it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance and that’s why I am strongly considering it.

My thoughts were interrupted and my body flinched a little at the sound of the train’s whistle, followed by the carriages staring to move. I let my body melt into the seat as I rested my head against the wall, my eyes studying the nature outside as we slowly rode out of Hogsmeade, speeding up little by little.

All of my friends were in deep conversation about some stuff but I just couldn’t stop thinking about the future and what it had in store for each one of us. Melba’s grades were really good and she had already been offered a spot in Auror training when she finishes school here. Callie has been offered a job by Charlie, Fred’s brother. She wants to go the same way so he offered she come and work with him in Romania after school and Nate is gonna move with her so they can be together. Down there he’s gonna try and get a job at their Ministry in the Genealogy department. Seth is currently waiting on an answer from our Ministry on whether or not he can work as an Obliviator for them... then there’s Nick. None of us know if he’s planning on continuing with his dream as a Healer. Maybe he’ll wait a while, maybe he wants to start right away. I know he had a deal with Madam Pomfrey that he can work as her assistant for a while at the school, though I’m not sure that Nick wants to ever set foot on Hogwarts again.

Two months.

That’s how long away we are from change.

Everything is about to change.

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