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Chapter 89

β€œI’ve missed this.” Callie said with a smile as we sat in the living room of Seth and his girlfriend Violet’s flat. β€œHow long has it been? Six months? Eight?”

β€œNine.” Melba said, lifting the bottle of fire whisky to her lips, taking a large step before she passed it to Seth. β€œNine long months without seeing each other. You all have your partners but Iβ€” I’m fucking single.”

β€œYou’re always single, Mel.” I joked with a laugh rolling off my lips. β€œNot everyone is lucky enough to be in a relationship.”

Melba went to punch me in the stomach, but I shrieked and grabbed her wrist.

"Not in the stomach!”

She furrowed her eyebrows at me but then rolled her eyes and scoffed.

β€œYou’ve gotten soft.”

I’ve gotten pregnant.

The bottle reached Nate, and he took one large sip before handing it to Callie who sat between his legs.

β€œHey, how’s it going in Romania?” Seth asked them while Callie took a sip and passed on the bottle to me. I simply shook my head before I continued to pass it back to Melba. She frowned at me, keeping her eyes on me with a curious, yet confused look.

β€œIt’s going well, actually!” Callie said. β€œWorking with Charlie is a lot of fun and then at night I get to go home to this handsome guy.”

She reached up to grab Nate’s jaw before she leaned her head back to kiss him under the chin.

β€œIt’s actually kinda difficult to work as a Genealogist in another country.” Nate explained. β€œI’m trying to learn their language. Charlie’s been teaching Cal and she’s trying to each me.”

β€œHe’s horrible at it.” Callie laughed, shaking her head. β€œYou should hear him. It sounds like he’s choking on a banana or something.”

β€œCan we talk about something else here?” Melba asked and held up a hand, earning everyone’s attention, though her eyes stayed on me. β€œJules, babe. You haven’t touched the whisky.”

I shrugged, leaning back on my hands. My mind was going over my secret and all the details about it, while I kept my eyes to Melba. I was a shit liar, but Fred didn’t even know yet and I wanted him to know first.

β€œI’m just not thirsty.”

β€œYou don’t need to be thirsty to get drunk.” Melba said. β€œAnd Julie Pegas never says no to getting drunk.”

β€œMelba.” I sighed. β€œAlright, I don’t drink anymore. I realised it’s a bad habit so I stopped.”

β€œYouβ€” stopped.” She laughed, taking a sip. β€œAre you pregnant or something?”

I could tell she was asking that as a joke, but I didn’t know how to respond to it, so I laughed awkwardly before pressing my lips together.

β€œWait—” Callie said, sitting up straight. I removed my eyes from Melba and looked straight ahead to avoid any eye contact. β€œJules, are you pregnant?”

β€œNo she’s not.” Nate laughed but I could tell his eyes widened when he saw my face. β€œHoly shit! You totally are!”

β€œWhen did that happen?” Seth asked as he slowly got up from the sofa he was sharing with Melba. β€œHow far along are you? Does Fred know? What are you—”

β€œSeth.” I interrupted him, looking up at him. β€œOh fuck. No, Fred doesn’t know. That’s why I haven’t said anything because I want him to know first.”

My friends all looked around at each other before they looked at me again.

β€œWell, how far along are you?” Melba asked.

β€œOnly seven weeks.” I breathed. β€œBut I’m already starting to not fit in my pants anymore. I have to suck in my stomach. I don’t even know how to tell Fred. We’re nineteen and it’s justβ€” I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m on the national quidditch team. Now I most likely have to quit.”

β€œNo—” Nate shook his head. β€œ... I don’t think that’s how it works. Didn’t the Irish team have a pregnant player a few years ago? She had to take a break and someone would take over, but once she was ready after giving birth, she got her old spot back.”

Hopefully that would be the case here too. I wouldn’t want to quit my career when it’s only just begun.

β€œThis is great news, J.” Seth smiled before he came over and joined me on the floor so that he could hug me. β€œI’m sure Fred will be thrilled, and you’ll figure it out.”

β€œYeah.” I breathed. I simply wasn’t 100 percent sure if I should keep it or not. If it was a good idea.

We used a fucking condom. It was birthday sex. Fred woke me up in the morning on my nineteenth birthday last month and I just found out a few weeks ago that I was knocked up.

β€œIf it’s a girl, you should totally call her Melba.” Mel said with a grin as she leaned back on the sofa. I laughed, shaking my head at her.

β€œNo, but if it’s a boy, I would name him Nick.” I said. The room went quiet and we all sat in silence, thinking about our deceased friend.

β€œI miss that fucking idiot.” Melba sighed and took another big sip of the whisky. β€œHow’s it going with plan Pucey?”

She looked to Seth who shrugged, sighing.

β€œThis is really fucking dumb.” I said. β€œMel, you’re an Auror for Christ sake. You can’t just be on board with kidnapping someone.”

Melba shrugged and Seth grabbed the whisky bottle from her hand.

β€œWe need to know the truth about what happened to Nick.” Melba said. β€œIt’s not like we’ll kill him. We’re just gonna kidnap him. No big deal.”

β€œThank god we’re in Romania for that.” Callie said. β€œYou three will get in trouble if you get caught but Nate and I have an alibi.”

β€œNuh-uh.” I shook my head. β€œNo. I’m not getting involved. Seth and Mel can do whatever the hell they want, but they’re not dragging me into it. If I’m keeping this baby, Fred and I will be starting a family and I don’t want to jeopardise that.”

"If you’re keeping it?” Nate asked. β€œYou don’t know if you want to keep it?”

I shook my head.

β€œWe’re still so young.” I said. β€œFred just asked me to move in with him and now I have to drop this bomb on him. I don’t know if I can see myself as a young mum. Nineteen years old with a newborn.”

β€œDoes it make you happy?” Seth asked. β€œThe thought of starting a family with Fred?”

I looked at him and sighed softly before I nodded.

β€œMaybe take that as a sign then.” He smiled. ”Butβ€” in the end, it’s your decision. Though if you want an abortion, go get it before the baby can feel pain. I think that’s around week twenty, but I’d suggest earlier if you do decide to get an abortion.”

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