His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 9

I woke up on Fred’s bed later that night. I felt more sober but I felt nauseous. Chatter hit my ears. It was the voice of George and Kenneth Towler. I sat up with a groan, running a hand through my messy hair and the room went quiet. After I rubbed my eyes, I opened them and then looked around. Fred was standing by George’s bed, a hand up on the frame. George was sitting on his bed with his wand in his hand. Towler was sitting on the floor for some reason and Lee was leaned against his dresser.

β€œWell this is awkward.” I muttered.

β€œWhat? A Hufflepuff girl waking up in a Gryffindor dorm? No... not at all.”

β€œShut it, Towler.” Fred told him before he approached his bed where I sat. β€œHow’re you feeling?”

I glanced up at him before I looked down at my hands. I felt so embarrassed, remembering how I acted earlier. Got myself half-naked because I wanted sex from him while I was under the influence of alcohol.

β€œI feel like I should probably get back to my own common room.” I said as I got up. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and grabbed my robes that Fred had hung over the frame of the bed. I pulled it on and closed the one button over my chest.

β€œSo you two did absolutely nothing?” George asked, causing Fred and I to both look at him. β€œLike... nothing at all?”

β€œNo.” I hurried to say. β€œNo... and drop that smile, George.”

George’s smile immediately faded and Lee let out a laugh but quit it when I looked at him.

β€œRight.” I breathed, sliding into my shoes before hurrying over to grab my wand from where I left it earlier. I then turned towards Fred. β€œI’m sorry about what... happened.”

β€œSo something did happen!” George explained, earning a glare from both Fred and I.

β€œAll that happened, was that I was tipsy—”

β€œDrunk.” Fred corrected me but I ignored him as I continued.

β€œ... and I got naked. Well, half-naked.” I said. β€œThere. Now you know and now... I’ll go because it’s dark outside, meaning it’s probably really late and my friends might be worried.”

I pulled open the door and hurried out, closing it behind me. I froze when I saw who was in the common room.

On the sofa sat Ron, Harry and Hermione and by the homework table sat Angelina and Alicia.

All five were looking right at me as I stood at the top of the stairs in the Gryffindor common in my Hufflepuff uniform.

β€œWhat the hell are you doing coming out of my boyfriends dorm?” Angelina asked as I slowly made my way down the stairs.

β€œYou mean, what I’m doing coming out of my ex boyfriends dorm?” I asked, then sighed. β€œYou know what. I’m not in the mood for this. You don’t have to worry about this. I was the one trying to seduce him but he didn’t do anything so don’t take it out on him.”

β€œTake what out on him? What happened in that room?” She raised her voice.

β€œI slept.” I shrugged.

β€œIn his bed?”

β€œNo. On the fucking floor.” I rolled my eyes. β€œStop getting so upset. You know, he saw me naked and he kept his hands to himself. It’s obvious that he wants to stay loyal to you. Not that the same can be said about you.”

β€œExcuse me?” She scoffed as I made my way towards the painting.

β€œPegas.” Hermione called and I sighed as I stopped, turning around. β€œYou do realize you’re not allowed in the Gryffindor common room, and that you can get your head girl badge taken away if anyone finds out.”

β€œWell—” I let out a breath. β€œWho’s gonna tell on me? Ron won’t because his mother loves me. You and Harry won’t because you love Ron. Angelina won’t because she knows I’ll just deny it and Fred will back me up. No... George will definitely back me up, I don’t know about Fred. So no ones saying anything? Thanks.”

I hurried out of the common room and down the moving staircases before anyone could see that I came from a common room that wasn’t mine.

The castle was quiet at this time. It was probably past curfew and I didn’t have rounds tonight so I had no excuse to be out of the basement. I walked with fast steps, making sure they were as large as possible.

When I reached the stairs to the dungeon, I felt relieved. I hurried down and over to the bring wall that led to the Hufflepuff basement.

I tapped the bricks in the right rhythm and the door opened. I walked through and down the stairs, continuing into the room that was dark due to it being late.

Though my friends were all sat around the fire. They looked cozy. Nate and Callie were cuddled up on one sofa with a blanket covering them. Seth and Nick sat in a second sofa and Melba sat alone in the last.

The painting of Helga Hufflepuff that hung above the fireplace was lit up by the fire and made the common room even cozier.

β€œHey.” I breathed as I approached them. Heads turned and eyes landed on me as I slumped down next to Melba. β€œI think I managed to make Angelina hate me even more.”

β€œOh no.” It came from Callie. β€œDid she catch you and Fred in the sheets?”

β€œNo.” I scoffed and sat up straight. β€œWe didn’t have sex. I got naked, he rejected me, then dressed me and let me sleep the alcohol off in his bed.”

The room went silent for a moment before the five of them broke into laughter while trying to stay quiet since most students, especially the young ones were sleeping.

β€œIt’s not funny!” I argued. β€œIt’s embarrassing. I woke up and George, Lee and Towler were in the room. I had been sleeping in his room among his roommates.”

β€œYou’ve done that before, haven’t you?” Nate laughed.

β€œYes but this time was different. This time it was after I got harshly rejected by my ex boyfriend.” I said, then sighed. β€œI’m a horrible person. I tried to get him to cheat on his girlfriend.”

Melba scooted closer to me and wrapped an arm around me, causing me to lie down with my head in her lap.

β€œAw, don’t be sad.” She pouted and played with my hair.

β€œYeah. You’re not a horrible person.” Nick said as he leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and his hands folded between them. β€œYou’re in love. How long did you date him for? Eighteen months?”


β€œNineteen months.” He nodded. β€œIt’s been four months since you broke up. Obviously it will take a while to get over, though you won’t actually get over it.”

β€œDude.” Seth swatted his arm. β€œI don’t think that’s what she needs to hear.”

β€œDon’t hit me.” Nick frowned as he rubbed his arm.

β€œWhat do you mean that I may not get over it?” I questioned. Nick looked at me again and shrugged.

β€œWell, he was your first love, right?” He asked and I nodded in response. β€œWell then you won’t get over it. You don’t get over your first love. That’s the person who introduced you to the things you were unfamiliar to. The person who showed you what true love is. You can’t get over your true love. They’ll always have a special place in your heart. They’re the person you’ll always compare everything else to. I bet that if you went out and started dating again, you would compare every kiss, every hug, every little thing he did... to the things Fred did, to the hugs you and Fred shared... the kisses. You will never stop being in love with your first love. You’ll be forced to move on but even in forty years when you think back, you’ll still have that same love for him.”

The room went quiet as everyone had listened to Nick’s speech. Then I sat up and swung my legs onto the floor.

β€œYep.” I breathed and pulled myself up to stand. β€œExcuse me. I’ll just go... cry.”

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