His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 92

I’m not leaving Fred.

I can’t leave Fred.

Finally, I enjoy my life. I enjoy waking up to Fred and we’re now planning on moving in together. I am having this baby. I want this baby. This can’t be happening. Why is this happening?

I had sat down, leaning against a wall while I watched my four friends try to figure out what to do.

There was absolutely no way that I was gonna let this ruin my life. I didn’t do shit. I didn’t kidnap him. I didn’t kill him, and I’m definitely not helping get rid of him.

No, I’m staying with Fred and I’m having his baby. We’ll be happy, raising a little boy or a girl together and maybe one day, we’ll have more children.

Maximum four.

I am not leaving him. Nope, not gonna happen. Never.

Seth made his way towards me and got down to sit next to me, with a heavy breath leaving his mouth. He looked at me, then placed a hand on my knee as I had pulled them up to my chest.

β€œI don’t think you should come with us.” he said. β€œYou’re right. You should stay here with Fred.”

I looked at him, seeing him smile comfortably at me, though his eyes were teary and I knew what he was thinking. If they left and I stayed, I would never get to see them again. But if I left with them, I wouldn’t get to see Fred anymore and our baby wouldn’t have a father.

I knew what the right solution was. I knew I needed to prioritise my baby, but it was gonna be so hard to say goodbye when my friends decided to leave.

β€œHow did they kill him?” I asked softly, staring back at where Pucey laid on the floor, with Nate, Callie and Melba talking over his body.

β€œThe uhβ€” killing curse.”

β€œThey used the—” I inhaled sharply and covered my face with my hands. β€œ... the most illegal curse. Theyβ€” fuck!”

Our three friends snapped their heads up to look at me before they slowly went back to discussing.

β€œNate, what were you thinking?” I asked, causing my blonde friend to sigh. β€œYou can’t just kill someone. We’re all fucking angry at what happened but—”

β€œI don’t fucking know how it happened!” He snapped. β€œOne minute he was confessing everyone with the veritaserum we forced him to take β€” the next I had said the curse and he stopped breathing.”

I pulled myself up to stand as I slowly made my way over to where the stood, my eyes focused on the body.

β€œHow am I supposed to go home to Fred and George and act like this didn’t happen?” I asked. β€œHow am I supposed to act like everything is fine?”

β€œJustβ€” don’t go home.” Melba said. β€œStay at your own flat for tonight and in the morning, we can leave the country.”

β€œI’m not leaving!” I yelled out of frustration. β€œI am not fucking leaving.”

Melba and Nate both took deep breaths as they both looked at me.

β€œSo you’d rather drag Fred down with you?” Melba asked. β€œBecause you do realise, that if the four of us leave and you stay, the aurors will come and talk to you, ask you ton and ton of questions and you’re a shit liar, Julie. Then they’ll blame Fred and George for trying to hide an accomplice to the murder of Adrian Pucey and you’ll go to Azkaban and receive the dementors kiss.”

β€œThat’s bullshit!” I told her.

β€œOr—” she continued. β€œ... the aurors will have you drink veritaserum.”

β€œYou know what, Mel?” I asked. β€œYou and Nate were together while this happened, right? Why didn’t you stop him? You could’ve stopped this from happening!”

β€œWell maybe I didn’t want to stop it!” She yelled. β€œThat guy forced a girl to rape our Nick because he wasn’t straight! He deserved what happened to him! He did such a fucking cruel thing. It’s not like we can control our sexualities.”

I took a deep breath as I started laughing, taking a step back.

β€œNo fucking shit.” I cursed. β€œYou’re right. We can’t control our sexuality, but don’t talk to me like I don’t know that. You’ve been joking for years about me swinging both ways β€” I bet you never expected that you were actually right, huh?”

Seth had joined us as well, the three listening as Melba and I were fighting.

β€œThen why didn’t you come out?” Melba scoffed, folding her arms over her chest.

β€œWhy the fuck do you think?!” I yelled. β€œLook at what happened to Nick! That scared the shit out of me!”

β€œOh, so you just hid in the shadows while I was forced to be out and open because when I came out, I was too naive that I didn’t know how this world was? You’re a coward.”

β€œA coward?” I laughed. β€œYou don’t get to tell me what I am! You can’t be fucking mad at me for not being ready to come out as bisexual!”

Melba stepped closer to me, staring down at me with eyes full of anger.

β€œI’m not mad at you for still being closeted.” She said in a chilling voice. β€œI am mad at you for wanting to stay in London. We’re your family, Jules. You do know what this means right? We’ll never see each other again.”

β€œI know.”

β€œThen why the fuck—”

β€œBecause Fred’s my family too.” I started to cry. β€œAnd we’re starting a family. I need to prioritise my baby.”

β€œFucking baby.” She cursed and turned away from me, wiping her own cheeks as she walked a few steps away from me.

β€œJules, why don’t I get you back to your flat?” Seth asked. β€œYou don’t have to be involved. Get some sleep and we’ll talk again in the morning.”

I nodded slowly and kept my eyes on Melba’s back before I turned to hug Callie. She hugged me back as I sobbed.

Then I hugged Nate, tightening my arms around him as hard as I could.

β€œI love you.” I whispered. β€œI’ll always do, no matter what happens or what you do.”

He didn’t say anything. When I pulled back, he looked down, pushing his hands into the pockets of his trousers.

I looked towards Melba again before Seth grabbed my hand and apparated the two of us to my own flat which was located in the Muggle world in London.

When we landed in my living room, I let myself plump down on the sofa. Seth crouched down in front of me, placing his hands on my knees.

β€œHow can you leave?” I asked. β€œLeave Violet?”

β€œI don’tβ€” I don’t know.” He stammered. β€œI understand why you’re staying, but I need to help them with this.”

He stood up and leaned down to hug me while he pressed a kiss to my temple.

β€œI’ll come get you in the morning.” He told me. β€œI’ll drop by Fred and George’s flat and tell them you got drunk and crashed at my place.”

With that, he disapparated from my flat, and as soon as I was alone, I broke into loud and heartbreaking sobs.

Everything was changing and it wasn’t for the good. I had already lost one friend last year, and now I was gonna lose the rest.

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