His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 93

I woke up when I felt the bed dip next to me. I groaned softly and opened my eyes slightly to see Seth. He was in the same clothes as yesterday and he looked absolutely exhausted.

There was a moment just as I woke, when I forget about everything that was going on, but then it hit me and I remembered the events of yesterday.

β€œMorning.” He said in a whisper, rubbing his hand up and down my arm. β€œHow’d you sleep?”

β€œLike shit.” I mumbled. β€œI can’t believe all of this is happening.”

Seth sighed and then ran his hand up and down my back while he looked at the wall.

β€œWe uhβ€” we got rid of the body.” He said with a blank expression. β€œPulled out his teeth, soaked him in acid, then used the deletrius spell on the teeth.”

At his description, I nearly jumped out of bed and sprinted to the bathroom. I held my hair back as I dropped to my knees and threw up into the toilet.

I could hear Seth’s footsteps before he showed up in the doorway.

β€œI’m sorry.” He said. β€œI shouldn’t have told you that. Uhβ€” they’re all in the living room right now. Came to say goodbye.”

I immediately looked up at him.

Say goodbye? Already?

I gulped, hating the taste of puke. I reached over, grabbed some toilet paper and wiped my mouth, then flushed the toilet. I pulled myself to my feet without saying a word and my mind went over everything as I brushed my teeth.

β€œI can’t do this, Seth.” I breathed when I finished brushing my teeth. I looked at him through the mirror, seeing him lean against the frame. β€œI can’tβ€” how am I supposed to go to practice today and act like everything is okay? Or go see Fred? It’s going to be too hard. I don’t want to lose you too.”

I turned around and walked over, wrapping my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my back.

β€œI know.” He whispered. β€œI’ll miss you too, J. So much, but maybe one day we’ll see each other again, yeah?”

I couldn’t cry. I guess it hadn’t really hit me yet that today would be the last time I’d see my friends. Seth and I hugged for a while, before we joined the rest of our friends in the living room.

I was wearing the shirt I sometimes wore to bed, along with a pair of shorts, but each one of them were wearing the same clothes as yesterday.


The goodbye was hard... heartbreaking. The four of us who were leaving to Mexico, had agreed that since I work as an obliviator, I’ll do just that to Julie.

I really don’t want to, but we all agreed it’s for the best. I won’t completely erase us from her memory. I’ll just erase what happened in the warehouse. She won’t know what Nate did and she will just think we disappeared.

She’ll figure out that we’re gone and she’ll go through heartbreak but this is the only way she won’t be tormented by this murder her entire life. The only way she won’t be able to tell the aurors and get herself thrown in Azkaban. She needs to be a mother to her baby.

I never loved Violet. I know this isn’t fair on her, but it will be easy to leave her because I never had those feelings for her that I had and still have. Julie will always be the love of my life β€” leaving her will ruin me, but we’re doing this for our sake and for hers as well.

I sat on the sofa with Julie, hugging her tightly as she cried. She cried more than the rest of usc but after all, she was the one being left behind. She chose it herself and I understand why. I just want her to be happy, and she will be happy. She’s gonna have a baby and grow her family with Fred.

She doesn’t need us. She had Fred, she has George, she has their entire family who all love her to death so she doesn’t really need us when she gets through the grief and the heartbreak.

β€œIt won’t be that horrible, y’know.” I tried to comfort her. β€œYou can always think about us. Or have five children in total and name them after us. Then you’ll have us back.”

I know that was a horrible joke, but it got her to let out a chuckle through her sobs.

β€œWe need to go.” Callie announced, wiping her cheeks as she looked at Julie. β€œYou have to be at practice in a couple of hours anyway.”

This was the hardest part. We said goodbye a last time, and when we walked towards the door together, I looked back at Julie who had her face buried in her hands as she sat on the sofa.

I looked at my three other friends who waited for me to do what we had agreed on. I sighed and pulled out my wand, pointing it at Jules as I felt myself start to cry again.

β€œObliviate.” I whispered, thinking of the memories I wanted deleted from her mind. She continued to sit there for a while before her crying stopped and she looked completely unaffected, though the four of us hurried to disapparate so she didn’t see us.

We landed back in the warehouse where we’d get ready to leave. We just needed to get rid of all evidence of a dead body, all evidence of us being in there, and then we were leaving for Mexico.

This was it. This was the end. The end of knowing Julie. The love of my life.

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