His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 96

July 29th of 1997

β€œJules?” Fred asked, closing the door to the bedroom. β€œYou asleep?”

I hummed in response, nodding my head against the pillow. I felt the bed dip as Fred crawled over to me, throwing a leg over my body to hover over me.

I felt his hands run up my bare back to my shoulders, giving them a squeeze as he massages them.

β€œMaybe not so much.” I then whispered, hearing his soft laugh fill the room. β€œYou know what they sayβ€” the way to a girls heart is through her shoulders.”

His laugh got a little louder and he leaned down to rest his forehead against my shoulder blade.

β€œI’ve never heard anyone say that.” He told me before he sat up straight again.

β€œNeither have I.” I chuckled into the pillow, groaning when he resumed the shoulder massage.

Fred’s hands ran back down my back and when he ran them to my sides, I giggled at the tickling sensation.

β€œFred.” I whined, grabbing onto his hand which laid on my side. β€œC’mon, let go to bed so we can both get some sleep.”

I heard him groan as he let himself drop down next to me, laying on his bed with his eyes staring up at the ceiling.

β€œYou good?” I asked with a smile as I placed my hand on his chest. He hummed, placing his hand on top of mine. He slowly turned his head and smiled at me.

β€œI’m great.”


β€œYeah.” He grinned, scrunching his nose as he spoke. He rolled onto his side, wiggling his way closer to me, which made us both laugh at how ridiculous he looked. He kissed my cheek, then got off the bed to get out of his clothes.

β€œFreddie?” I asked, rolling onto my back before sitting up. β€œDon’t you think it’s weird that my friends haven’t contacted me at all?”

Fred looked at me as he pulled his shirt off and put it on top of the dresser before he started unbuckling his belt.

β€œMaybe they didn’t think of it.” He said. β€œI’m sure they’re fine, Jules. When we wake up in the morning, I’m sure there will be a letter from one of them.”

I sighed and scooted closer to the headboard, pulling the duvet up to cover my chest.

β€œI’m really worried.” I told him. β€œThey’ve never not told me where they were going and definitely not for this long β€” but they haven’t left without asking me to come with either.”

I watched Fred as he pulled down his trousers and stepped out of them before he threw both those and his shirt into the laundry basket next to the drawer.

β€œWhat if something happened to them?” I asked. β€œIf they’re hurt?”

Fred crawled back onto the bed, placing his hands on either side of my body as he pressed a kiss to my lips.

β€œListen, if they still haven’t written you tomorrow, we’ll go visit Violet and then the rest of their families. If no one has seen them, we can visit the Ministry and file for a missing person’s report.”

I sighed, but ended up agreeing as Fred crawled under the duvet to join me. I laid down and he wrapped an arm around me, moving it up and down my side.

β€œI know I might just be stupid.” I said. β€œI justβ€” I need to remind myself what you once told me. Not everyone is going to leave me.”

Fred brought his hand up to the side of my face, cupping it with his thumb brushing and caressing my skin.

β€œYou’re not being stupid.” He assured me. β€œOf course you’re gonna worry. Especially with everything you’ve been through and all the people whom you’ve unfortunately had in your life.”

I pressed my lips together and closed my eyes while moving even closer to him so that our bodies were touching.

I think the main reason I was this scared, is because the last time one of my friends went M.I.A on us and didn’t write us for months, he ended up dead.

I could feel my heart beat rapidly as I thought about the possibility of the rest of my friends laying dead in a ditch somewhere. What if someone had murdered them?

β€œHere, turn around.” Fred said, causing me to open my eyes. I frowned at him, but then did what he told me to. He brought his hand up between us and I felt him scratch up and down my back. β€œThis always seem to calm your nerves, yeah? You could use that right now.”

He’s not wrong.

β€œI’m sure they’re okay, J.” He told me softly. β€œIt’s going to be fine.”

β€œYou’re probably right.” I breathed. β€œI’m just overthinking it.”

July 30th of 1997

β€œThat’s it.” I said. β€œI’m gonna stop by the ministry and I am going to file a missing persons report on all four of them.”

The entire morning, I had been visiting my friends families but no one had seen them so now I was officially worried, because Seth still hadn’t been home in his and Violet’s flat, but his stuff are there. He hadn’t grabbed anything so that suggests something has happened.

β€œBabe.” Fred told me softly and pulled me aside in the shop. β€œThere is two aurors upstairs. To be specific, it’s your brother and your stepfather.”

Oh, right. That’s something I figured out at one point. Matteo and Tanner are both aurors that worked with Melba.

Normally you’d have to go through three years of Auror training, but they thought Melba was too talented and could skip the whole training part, so she worked alongside the two.

β€œWhy are they—” I didn’t finish my own question before I rushed up the stairs and barged into the flat.

Tanner was standing by the window in the kitchen, looking out at diagon alley while Matteo was standing with his arms folded over his chest.

β€œJulie.” Matteo spoke when he saw me, earning Tanner’s attention.

β€œWhat’re you doing here?” I asked and closed the door behind me. β€œListen, I don’t have time for whatever it is that you want. I—”

β€œWe’re here as aurors.” Tanner spoke. β€œNot as family.”

You aren’t my family.

β€œOn the night to Sunday, a killing spell was used.” Matteo explained. β€œWe tracked it down to a warehouse in London.”

β€œOkay?” I frowned. β€œI don’t know anything about that.”

β€œWe tracked the spell to one of your friends wands.” Tanner said. β€œNate Twig.”


I looked at him before I laughed and shook my head.

β€œThat’s a good one.” I laughed. β€œYeah, Nate killed someone. I could totally see him doing that.”

β€œDo you have any idea where he is hiding?” Tanner asked. β€œWe can’t find him.”

I sighed, running a hand over my face as the door opened and Fred joined us, placing himself behind me.

β€œYeah, well neither can I.” I said. β€œI was actually on my way to the ministry to file a missing persons report. Orβ€” four of them, because I can’t seem to find my fucking friends. You knowβ€” maybe instead of accusing one of my best friends of committing murder, maybe you should try and turn it around and look for the person who has harmed him, and Callie and Melba and Seth.”

Fred placed his hands on my shoulders to show me he was there for me.

β€œWe tried tracking down all of your friends.” Matteo said, completely ignoring my small outburst. β€œDon’t you find it weird how all four of them suddenly disappears and you’re still here?”

β€œMaybe they’re hurt.” I shrugged. β€œWhich is exactly why I was gonna report itβ€” because I’m worried, then you just show up here and accuse my friend of using the killing curse.”

Matteo looked at the man he calls dad, who apparently also is his partner in crime.

β€œWe tracked the spell to his wand, Julie.” Matteo then continued.

β€œAnd maybe someone took his wand!” I exclaimed. β€œNate wouldn’t kill anyone.”

β€œOkay.” Matteo said, raising his eyebrows. β€œBut we need to find him so we can prove it, because right now it looks like he did kill someone and your friends helped cover it up. They’ve all disappeared, Julie. They’re nowhere to be found and you being the only one left behind is a little too suspicious, meaning that if you know anything, you need to tell us.”

β€œI don’t.” I assured him. β€œOnly that none of my friends are capable of killing anyone.”

That’s not true. I know for a fact that both Nate, Melba and perhaps Callie would be capable of killing someone, though they would never do that.

I was starting to miss them, not knowing where they were at. I just needed them to come back, then everything would be alright.

Where are you guys?

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